Friday, April 12, 2013

Why US Health Care Sucks

The Truth About Health Care In America 

The criminal corporate thugs who run the American health care system would like you to believe that the reason health care is so expensive in the United States is because it is your fault. Criminals who run the American health care system are the same criminals who run the health insurance companies, drug companies, medical device companies, labs and hospitals.

It is not your fault that Americans pay three times the world average for health care. The American health care system is run by vile contemptible treasonous criminal corporatists.

Breast Implant Surgery Gone Wrong?!

Obesity in the short term does cost the health care system more but in the long term because fat people die sooner obesity actually costs the health care system less. This is an example of criminals doing that what criminals do best and that is blame the victim.

Don't believe their lies!


  1. Oink oink oink!!

    This hits it right on the head. We need to reform our healthcare system and transition towards it being like, not for profit, the way fire departments are. We need more doctors, and price caps, and we need to recognize that healthcare is not some privilege only for the well-to-do, but that it is a human right. Also, it ends up costing MORE if you deny people access to preventative care, because then the hospital has to give them a triple bypass for free when they could have just given them statin drugs and blood pressure pills instead of doing a $400,000 operation.

    Also, why do prisoners get universal free healthcare but not regular law-abiding Americans? Yes the top doctors of the world are mostly Americans, but that doesn't mean the average American gets good healthcare.

    On the plus side, I did get a nice BJ from my Asian gf. I've got her completely off of the spray paint, and she's in a 12-step program getting her life back together. She still smokes cigarettes but that's ok.

    Belly Boy, going through some rough times

    1. Belly Boy, you said a mouthful and I hope you had a mouthful of pizza and wings.

      Monetizing sick care is immoral.

      Good news about the BJ. Confucius say: You can beat egg, you can beat drum, you can beat wife but you can't beat a blow job.

      Sorry about the rough times BB.

    2. BTW, I clicked you name and saw that Crazy Cheese Pizza and I came in my pants.



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