Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Rachael Ray Fat

As a fat man I don't want some fat woman cooking or serving me my food! Fat women are often unsanitary and they also snack while cooking.

Today one of my main sources of masturbatory fantasies, Rachael Ray, is now a fatling and a huge boner buzz kill. When Rachael was basting the turkey I would be vigorously choking the chicken but now when I see Rachael Ray I wouldn't get it up even if I had a crane!

Rachael Ray in the midst of a foodgasm!

Sandra Lee To the Rescue!

Sure she's really fucking hot but can she cook? YES SHE CAN! This hottie can cook! Not only can she put a kink in your dink she can make your tummy rumble with anticipation.

Sandra Lee is the exception that proves the rule, "Never trust a skinny Chef."

Sandra Lee is now my Rachael Ray alternative!

Start wanking fat boys!
To see more of Sandra Lee... CLICK HERE!


  1. Sandra Lee is a fucking skanky alcoholic with a plastic face that only an old Nazi square head could love. Rachel Ray is waaaaay hotter.

  2. Sandra Lee makes my dick hard and she cooks FAST! Fat guys what good food fast.


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