Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Fat Tax Debate

The Fat Tax Debate: Point Counter Point with CG Brady and Fat Bastard

Many people are advocating a fat tax or a junk food tax. The following is a debate between leader of the New Fat Acceptance Movement Fat Bastard and reknowned weight loss guru CG Brady.

Is a fat tax a good idea?

CG Brady: I would support a fat tax and possibly a junk food tax. With deaths from obesity reaching nearly 500,000 per year combined with the staggering costs of obesity something clearly needs to happen.

Fat Bastard: I oppose a fat and junk food tax. Fatlings love junk food and there is no reason to tax people based on their body weight. In fact fat people are an economic stimulus and good for the economy. We consume more food, gas and medical treatment and that is good for the economy. Gluttony is good.

CG Brady: Unfortunately most of the massive consumerism does little to stimulate small businesses which are the backbone of a strong economy. The restaurants frequented by fat people for example are owned by huge corporations and they pay their employees low wages. The oil companies who benefit from the gass guzzlers that fat people drive are not good corporate citizens and seek to squash small enterprenurial energy firms. The medical industry is a mostly owned by big corporations whose way of paying taxes is to simply pass it on to the consumer. Hospital workers are poorly paid which in part accounts for the poor medical care in the US that ends up costing the consumer nearly 3 times what medical consumers pay in Europe.

Fat Bastard: This is about more than economics. Food is what America is all about. It is part of our culture. I am proud that the USA is the fattest nation on earth. A tax on what you call junk food and what I call comfort food could devistate the fragile psyches of the great American glutton. When asked about a fast food tax look what happened to this SSBBW.
The very thought of eating salads turned this SSBBW's stomach!

Gluttony is a choice and taxing comfort food or body weight limits choice and it is clearly unconstitutional.

CG Brady: Are you serious Fat Bastard about a fat tax being unconstitutional?

Fat Bastard: Gluttony is like a religion and being fat and malodorous is a form of expression. The musk of fat people says, "I'm fat and fuck you" Also we gluttons have certain dietary customs and taxing the food we customarily eat is a clear infringement on fat rights, the promotion and normalization of gluttony and obesity. A fat tax is un-American.

Fat Bastard went on to quote the following article from Slate Magazine to illustrate the economic benefits of hyper gluttony.

The United States clearly has a head start in fatonomics. Obesity is a byproduct of many complex factors, ranging from genetics to psychology. But fast-food restaurants, sugar-laden drinks, and the availability of massive quantities of cheap food have all played important roles in making Americans heavier. So with any luck, the rest of the world will be porking up soon. After all, which American companies have been forging ahead aggressively in foreign markets? McDonald's, Coca-Cola, and Wal-Mart. Their expansion should not only fatten the pockets of U.S. investors, they should also help fatten the local populations. It's only a matter of decades before China and India start to lose their battles with the bulge. And where will they look for quack potions and expensive surgeries?

CG Brady: Come now Fat Bastard. You wrote an article on Bigger Fatter Blog called Save the Thinlings. In that article you explained how and why by 2020 the US will be too fat bound to function. You pointed out how out military and public safety is compromised. You are worried about who's going to service all the fatlings. Your fantasy girlfriend MeMe Roth rightly pointed out that by 2020 the US will be so fat bound that we will be too fat to function. Former US Surgeon General Dr Richard Carmona sees obesity as a greater threat to the national security of the US than Islamic terrorism.
Would you want some fat cop like this guy protecting you?

Fat Bastard: Fatlings make great cops. So what they can't run? That's why they have police dogs. More importantly fat cops are more intimidating.
Who would strike more fear in the mind of a criminal? The cop in the left or the one on the right?

Moderator: If they do pass a fat tax of weight how do you think it will work?

CG Brady: I suppose it will be based on BMI and start at a 25 BMI or higher. I don't think that would go far enough because millions fat people are disabled due to their weight so I think a junk food tax would create revenue and maybe keep the morbidly obese a bit healthier. I think a dollar per pound on the federal tax would generate revenue and I think that it should extend to the children of fatlings. Let's say we have a family whose combined weight is 300 pounds over the limit then their tax bill should be three hundred dollars but perhaps a better way would be to provide a tax cut to thinlings who keep their BMI under 25.

Fat Bastard: If Dr Brady's proposals were ever instituted there would be riots in cyberspace. The fatosphere would be ablaze with outrage.

Moderator: Would a junk food tax promote healthy eating?

CG Brady: It might but I suspect in the long run fatlings would breakdown and pay a little extra for their usual kibble. A better solution would be to restrict that foods can be purchased with food stamps to non junk food foods.,-you-can-stop-looking-at-it.jpg
Gratuitous images of SSBBWs  for Proud FA.

Fat Bastard: Leave it to a socialist like CG Brady to allow the government to dictate what people can or cannot eat. Eliminating comfort food purchases with food stamps is another step towards socialism. It could tear at the very fabric of our society. Keep government's hands off my social security disability and my food stamps.
Fat people soon will be joining the tea party movement.

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  1. I think athletes should have to pay a RAPE TAX on sporting equipment. Also, professional football, basketball, and hockey players should have 75% percent of their incomes taxed to cover the cost of the mental, emotional, and physical damages done to their rape victims!

    Hey CG Brady!!! Ya moronic fuck-tard!!!

    When I was 17 years old, I was sexually molested by an older man, and when I tried to report it, I got a severe beating from the guy I had reported!

    So! Suck on that!!! Mutha fucka!!!

    It's a well known fact, that there is a higher rate of obesity among those of us who have been abused while growing up, which is why we tend to take comfort in food.

    Don't deprive us of of our source of comfort, by taxing us for every pound we are overweight.

    If that's the case, then anorexics should be taxed for every pound underweight.

    But, that wouldn't be fair either . . . It's like taxing people for having an emotional or mental illness. Next, you'll be wanting to tax people who are physically handicapped!

    Leave us fatties AND thinlings alone!

    Also, those of us who have depression, or anxiety, or bi-polar disorder, the medications we need to take for those can cause weight gain.

    And as for taxing sodas or candy, and not allowing them to be purchased with food stamps, well . . . suppose you are an insulin dependent diabetic. Sometimes your blood sugars will go way too low.

    I know what that's like. I have had low blood sugars down between the 30 to 40 range. And let me tell you, it's no fun. You can go into shock. So, in an emergency situation like that, a can of soda or a candy bar can save your life. Low blood sugars are very dangerous and nothing to fool around with. You can die from it if not given some sugar immediately.

    High blood sugars are not good either. But, if your blood sugars levels are a little too high, it's not as immediately dangerous as low blood sugars.

    So, lets say a diabetic is having a low blood sugar episode, and all he/she has is a food stamp card after paying bills. And he/she need to have a soda. Are you gonna say . . . sorry, but you can't buy a soda with food stamps, and then . . . let that person lapse into a comma and die???

    Ever thought of that? Ya fuckin' MORON???

    Teddy Bear

    1. Teddy, I think your argument is a bit off. All fatlings I know carry a stash of yummy sweets especially the the BBWs with diabetes and that was most of them. The wise fatling always carries candy and insulin.

  2. Teddy, I understand your anger and frustration but CG if a friend of mine. He and I disagree without being disagreeable. You can say anything you want on this blog as we have a no censorship policy but these comments are beneath a man of your stature and standing.

    CG and I had a civil debate and most people think that I Fat Bastard won the debate.

    As you know, the old man hating NAAFA style FA movement in a shambles because they angry fat girls cannot control their emotion and lash out at folks like MeMe Roth and in the process end up looking stupid. While CG and I have some fundamental differences in our view of obesity and gluttony we also have mutual respect. Perhaps you recall that it was CG who talked me out of having WLS after my third heart attack. I was all doped up and the doctors nearly had me talked into it. That probably saved my life.

    As you know, I Fat Bastards am a sports fan. I am a huge fat of Butter Bean, Roy Big Country Nelson, John Daley before he lost weight and many other fat athletes. I know that sometimes jocks can be real assholes but a lot are really OK, I played high school football and I was known as the Bulldozer. I steam rolled a lot of skinny flit boys with my massive girth. Proud FA lettered in 4 sports.

    I have talked to CG and he feels your pain and it is his sincerest hope that you can recover for the hurt you have suffered. No hard feelings on his part.

    1. Good afternoon Fat Bastardo:

      Well, I'm mad!!!

      When I was a kid going to school, I paid what I call a Cripple Tax! By that I mean, I once got suspended from school, simply because I failed to climb a stupid rope in the gymnasium.

      Oh! But never mind that I had a crippled up left knee, the result of having been in a car accident, and never mind that I was passing all my other academic subjects, like SCIENCE AND MATH!!!


      Sports and athletics was more important than academics!

      So, I got punished for having a physical handicap.

      Now, according to CG Brady I should have to pay a Fat Tax for every pound overweight!

      FUCK THAT!

      How about we make stupid people pay a Stupid Tax, and make them pay $1000 dollars per month for every IQ point they score below the normal range.

      That means someone like Mitt Romney would have to pay $100,000 dollars every month on a Stupid Tax.

      Yeah! That would certainly wipe out all of the Republicans, and Christard Funny-mentalist, and evil tele-phony evangelists!

      Yeah! I call that, a Tard Tax!

      OK, I've been in a bad mood ever since I learned that Georgia Republican representative, Paul Broun, during a speech he gave to a Sports Mans Club at a Baptist church, had made the comment that everything he had learned in embryology, evolution, and the big bang were all lies from the pit of Hell.

      And he was appointed head of the House Science Committee? And he's a doctor???

      He should have been appointed the ass-end of the single-axle trailer house pseudo-science committee!

      That's why, in this midterm 2014 election year, we have to vote all of these moronic fuck-tards out of office!

      Teddy Bear

  3. While I like sports I have always said that reading scores are more important than football scores.

    CG thinks that we fatties who can't fit in one seat should pay for two and actually I agree. We have to be fair to the thinlings and we are bigger than them. He equates paying for two seat with paying your fair share and sees that the extra cost out gluttony causes society as unfair whereas I see our gluttony as an economic stimulus. I have to admit that he has a point but because gluttony is my point prevails.

  4. Teddy,

    Your argument is dishonest at best. Stupid people don't choose to be stupid but obesity and gluttony is a choice. You are fat because you choose to eat more than you should. You can eat in a responsible manner but you CHOOSE not to do so. Behavior has consequences. You have mobility issues and I bet that you have more health issues than you are will to admit.

    The pejoratives you tossed out at me are uncalled for and only make your argument the stupid ramblings of a desperate man. You'd make a splendid Republican.

    I am sorry that you were abused and picked when you were a kid but my advice to you is grow up and get over it. Man up and deal with it like an adult! You are morbidly obese because of choices. Fat Bastard on the other hand readily admits that he's a glutton and he's accepted the good with the bad. Fat Bastard and I have discussed what he terms, "fat people who can't handle the fat". Clearly, you can't handle the fat so you have two choices, you can either learn to handle the fat and stop making excuses for your gluttony or you can eat responsibly and get to and attain a healthy weight.

  5. Well, bottom line . . . . .

    I don't think that I should have to pay a tax for every pound overweight as you have proposed.

    OK, stupid people can't help being stupid. I get that!

    I was only being cynical. OK? I like being cynical. I'm a 62 year old coot! So, I think I have earned the right to be cynical.

    But, here's what gets my goat. Some football player or basketball player who can't read or write beyond the second or third grade level is making millions of dollars every year just for chasing balls.

    But a physics professor, or an astronomy professor, or any science professor only gets paid between $80,000 to $120,000 dollars per year depending on how long they have been teaching.

    OK, I don't expect them to get paid millions either. But, professional jocks are actually overpaid.

    And then, we have some fucking retard, a rich retard, like Republican representative, Paul Broun, of Georgia who says everything he learned in science was lies from the pit of Hell, and he gets appointed head of the House Science Committee. And he's a doctor???

    So, I guess all the books I have ever read by Carl Sagan, and Isaac Asimov, and many others are all lies from the pit of Hell??? Eh?

    See . . . what I can't abide, is how some really STUPID people are getting rich, while the science nerds and techno-geeks are getting the crap beaten out of them, and their sisters getting raped by the jocks in our high schools.

    As for my health . . . my blood pressure is normal, sometimes it gets a little too low, and my cholesterol levels and triglycerides levels are actually below normal.

    I have a younger brother who is tall and skinny, he has high blood pressure, and high cholesterol level, and he hates my guts! He even once said to me during one of our arguments, "Yeah fat-ass! You'll probably outlive me"!

    My brother became a catholic. So, every Sunday he stands in line and he gets to eat God! And my sister became a Mormon (Moron) and she wears magic underwear!!!


    Anyway . . . . .

    To be continued below . . . . . . .

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Teddy, Families can be fucked up. Only a complete idiot or pedophile would become a Catholic and only a complete and total idiot would become a Mormon.

      My Cholesterol numbers are high in all levels but I Fat Bastardo will not take statin drugs for two two reasons. 1st their is no correlation between so called bad cholesterol and artery disease and no proof that the prevent strokes or heart attacks. The only blood thinner I take is aspirin because it is safer and better than Plavix. Statin drugs are a scam,

      I eat/ate everything and I think it was the red meats and process foods that caused my heart attacks along with genetics but thanks to CG I have changed my diet and I can tell that it is working because I can walk up a flight of stair without huffing and puffing and having chest pains. My arteries are clearing and my bonners are raging.

      I may get into my dietary changes and weight loss in another post. All I can say now is that I am no longer a hedonistic glutton and I am rapidly becoming and Epicurian. I am learning to appreciate the more subtle flavors in fresh foods though a process CG calls palate reeducation. Volume wise I am eating more and what piggy doesn't like that?

      Another motivating factor is Proud FA and Thinnette. Proud has moved about 200 miles away so I don't see him and Thinnette on a regular basis. I stayed with them for a week and asked Thinnette not to cook any of my glutton favorites. She's a hell of a cook. While I was visiting all the did was fuck and I mean FUCK! Proud FA is famous for porking multiple fat girls in a day. Skinny guys can really throw the dick. I know that If I was in better shape I'd be able to really throw the dick too.That is another motivating factor. I have always loved boning skinny chicks and I was instrumental in getting Proud over his fat fetish. In fact we debated Boning Skinny Chicks vs Porking Fat Girls and I clearly won that debate. That also convinced Proud to quit porking fat girls. Fat girls are like the junk food of sex. They are cheap, easy and readily available. In order for Proud to get into Thinnette's pants he had to romance, court and woe her.

      As too the Rethuglicans, what can I say other than I wish they would all die of cancer. That said, I with that pussy in the Whitehouse would go on the attack and give those cocksuckers hell!

  7. . . . . . Continued from above . . . . .

    (I had to correct a typing error so I deleted, and posted again)

    Anyway . . . . .

    Getting back to my own health . . .

    I don't eat a lot of junk foods. Every day I get plenty of vegetables.

    Yeah! I like anything that Republicans hate. Papa Bush hated broccoli, Baby Bush, that moron, almost choked to death while eating a small bag of pretzels, and Michele Bachmann hates red beets.

    Oh! And some Republican retard, from the dairy state of Wisconsin once made a comment that extra-sharp cheddar cheese is junk food, and people on food stamps should NOT be allowed to buy it.

    Republicans are infantile retards in diapers eating baby food! Yeah! I bet Mitt Romney wears diapers under his magic underwear!

    Well . . . . . I love anything Republican hate!

    I love broccoli, especially with melted butter and melted cheddar cheese, and I love red beets, and I like to drink the red juice. And I like peanuts. I prefer those to jelly beans. Let the Republicans have those.

    Right now, I even have a big pot of cooked vegetables in my fridge, cabbage, cauliflower, potatoes, carrots, onions, and canned tomatoes.

    So, I eat mostly healthy foods.

    Yeah, I do like sour cream on my potatoes, and whipped cream on my strawberries. OK?

    Yes, I admit I'm a glutton, and I prefer being fat.

    But, I don't think I should have to pay a tax on being overweight.

    Especially since, rich people, and big corporations, and crooked bankers have been getting their taxes cut, thanks to the Republicans!

    So, why should a poor person like me have my taxes increased just for being fat? OK?

    NO! Rich people need to start paying their fair share of taxes again, and also, churches should lose their tax exempt status if they get political, and donating big money to election campaigns.

    Taxing people for being fat is like increasing taxes on poor people.

    If eating makes me happy, and being fat makes me happy, then, don't take that away from me. OK?

    Anyway . . . . . I like anything republicans hate, whether it be food items, or READING BOOKS!!!

    So, people should just keep their bloody hands out of my fridge, and their bloody hands off of my bookshelf!

    Got it? JIMBO??? Okey dokey, Smokey?

    Teddy Bear

  8. Hi all. Fat Bastardo asked me to chime in. Fat Bastardo clearly won the fat tax debate on points. His point that gluttony is an economic stimulus pretty much clinched the win. My only questions is is it sustainable. Fat Bastardo clearly pointed out in this article Save the Thinlings that we need at least 35% thinlings to have sustained economic growth. That said, I would have to reject his idea for a tax rebate to fatlings.

    In my system fat people would initially pay more and I would eliminate ALL taxes except for a national consumer 25% sales tax. Initially fatlings would pay more because they are the biggest consumers but through ingenuity fatlings would figure out how to drive down the price of food and then we would have economic stability.

    With a 25% sales tax the filthy rich would end up paying their fair share.

  9. Well, I only have this to say to Mr. CG Brady. OK?

    I am 62 years old. I'm fat and bald. I like being fat. I also smoke a pipe, and cigars, which I have been smoking since I was only 19 years old.

    At 62 years old, I have earned the right to be fat.

    Some really great historical figures were fat! And bald! I might add.

    Benjamin Franklin was fat and bald, and lived into his 80 back when the average life expectancy was in the 40s.

    Winston Churchill was fat and bald, drank Bourbon, smoked cigars, and lived into his 80s.

    And finally . . . another historical figure, whom I admire very much, was a Civil War Colonial, Robert Green Ingersoll, who fought for the north. He was fat and bald, a liberal political activists who spoke out against slavery, supported science education in public schools, and spoke out against attempts to insert religion into tax payer funded public schools.

    Yes, he was agnostic.

    He was an intellectual, and tonight, I will be adding another new Playlist on my YouTube channel devoted to audio book readings from RG Ingersoll.

    Oh! I've even been told by some of my friends, that if I were to take off my hat and my eye glasses, that my face looks just like the fat round face of Colonial RG Ingersoll.

    Of course, I'm much fatter than he was, but he was chubby, and had a nice round face and a bald head. Yeah! I think a bald head looks much better with a plump round face than on a skinny guy. A skinny guy with a bald head, looks more like a skull. But fat guys with bald heads look more baby-faced.

    Anyway, if RG Ingersoll were alive today, and if I stood next to him, I would look like his shorter, fatter twin. We both have the same round face and bald head.

    Yeah! I think we middle-aged and older bald fat guys look really cool. Also, being fat, with a fat face make us look a little younger than our actual age.

    Anyway . . . . .

    After I'm done posting here, I'm going to my YouTube channel. I now have more than 300 Playlists. I'll be up all night listening to audio book readings from The Colonial, to favor to another new Playlist tonight.

    My YouTube user name is BigFatHeretic

    In the meantime . . . . .

    Catch ya gators later!

    Anyway . . . . . Mr. CG Brady . . . . .

    I'm 62 years old. I'm fat and bald. I like being fat. I smoke cigars, and I like a little Old Crow Whiskey once in a while.

    So, bugger off!!!

    Teddy Bear

  10. Rights come with responsibilities. At what point do you place your "rights" over your responsibility to your health and to society Teddy?

    John Candy died before his time as did Nell Carter, Chris Farley, Luther Vandross, John Belushi, Jackie Gleason, Sam Kinison, Mama Cass, Pavarotti, Tony Soprano aka James Gandolfini, Elvis ect..

    You are OK with being to fat to work and being on the public dole? Can you explain why you think that is OK?

    1. Can you explain why it was OK for me to be suspended from school because I failed to climb a rope in the gymnasium, when I was passing all of my other academic subjects? I had a crippled up left knee, the result of a car accident which was why I could not climb the stupid rope.

      Can you explain why it was OK for a sports obsessed teacher to punch me in the stomach with a basketball, and nearly fracturing some ribs? And can you explain why, it was OK for that same sports obsessed teacher to bash my head against a brick wall in an argument over an Astronomy book he would not allow me to check out from the school library?

      I had a severe head concussion as a result, and through out my teenaged years, I had dizzy spells and headaches. When I came home from school, Alka Seltzer on the rocks with a slice of lemon was my favorite drink.

      I wasn't overweight yet, until after I was 13 years old. Also, because of my head injuries, I had difficulty controlling my emotions, which cause me to get into trouble. So, there has been some permanent damage.

      When I was 17 years old, I was beaten and raped by an older man. It was during the time I spent 3 weeks in a state mental hospital, after one of my emotional breakdowns.

      When I turned 18, I was in no condition to look for work. I didn't even want to go out of the house. I became withdrawn and stayed in my bedroom most of the time. So, my mother helped me to apply for my SSI disability checks. Yeah! My crazy check! OK?

      Then, a year later, we moved out of Las Cruses, New Mexico, when we bought 2 acres of land out at Moon Gate. I was happy there, and started going outside again, and bringing back cactus for a cactus garden I was starting. I wanted to fix the place up.

      My brother was in the high school school marching band at the time, and played the trumpet. My mother worked her butt off for him! There were times when I needed new clothes, but we couldn't always afford it.

      Then one day, I ordered a kit from the Edmond Scientific company for about $30 dollars to build an 8 inch reflector telescope.

      Well, my dear sweet brother felt that it was a disruption of our family. So, he tried to steal a shot gun from a neighbor, to blow me away! But the neighbor took it away from him.

      After my stepfather died, we couldn't afford to stay out at Moon Gate anymore and moved back into Las Cruces.

      I did have some part time jobs, working in the ice factory next to the trailer park. I even helped to lay concrete slabs for the 70 80 Truck Stop not far from the trailer park. The guy who owned the place was a Mormon, a millionaire, but he paid me less than minimum wage.

      From 1975 to 1978 I had three years of college at NMSU, but was unable to complete my degree. At the time, my mother and I were living in public housing. It was a bad neighborhood, and I was under a lot of mental and emotional stress, and I had another breakdown.

      All my life, I have had difficulty coping with stress. In resent years, I have been diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder, and my doctor suspects I might be bi-polar.

      Last year, I was on medications for it, but I had to quit because of some side effects. I felt like a zombie. So, I quit taking the medications. I like to keep my mind active, reading books, and doing stuff on the internet. I told my doctor, I had to stop the medications, that I can put up with the mood swings. I've had those most of my life. So, I'm use to that. Well, my doctor understood.

      Oh! But, people like you, just love to bitch because I'm getting about $750 dollars per month and food stamps.

      People should just shut the fuck up about that!

      Can you tell me why it's OK for a professional rapist to get millions of dollars every year, and a brand new Hummer for FREE, just for chasing a ball around?

      Can you explain why that's OK??? JIMBO???

      So, you can just fuck off, and bugger off! OK?

      Teddy Bear

  11. Like I said before, I have a tough time believing you were suspended for not being able to climb a rope. Most kids can't climb a rope especially these days. Back when you were in school probably about 1/3 of the kids could not do a rope climb and I doubt that any of them were suspended for it. I think you are trying to bullshit me.

    You probably mouthed off to the gym coach and that got you a shot in the gut with the basketball. You should thank that coach for trying to get you to man up. A basketball is not going to break your ribs, stop being such a drama queen.

    You got slammed against the wall for mouthing off to an elder and unless you lost consciousness you did not have a concussion.

    Clearly you refused to control yourself before you got your head slammed into the wall. Coaches don't like girly boys. Had you actually been injured that coach would have been arrested, I think you were a trouble maker and that's how they dealt with trouble makers back then. I have seen many mouthy kids slammed against a locker by a caring coach.

    As to the alleged assault and sexual assault I am guessing that you may have imagined that because once again there was not even a police investigation let alone an arrest. Cops hate rapists.

    You allege an attempted murder plot by your brother and once again no arrest.

    You are alleging a violation of labor laws yet no arrest. BTW, Texas was not what it is today back then. They followed the law then.

    I believe that part about the mental breakdowns. Clearly you were mollycoddled and you never manned up. This is why you act like histrionic fat female and food has become your drug of choice. You play the victim very well. You would rather play the victim and give power to all the people who you feel victimized you so that you don't have to stand up and take responsibility. You are such a marshmallow!!

    General Patton slapped the shit out of a soldier in a hospital who had battle fatigue. He sent the guy back to the front and into combat. Had he mollycoddled him and had some of today's full of shit shrinks been there that poor soldier would be drugged up today and whining about having the phony disease called PTSD. PTSD is total bullshit.

    Stop playing the victim Teddy. What do you think your hero Fat Bastard would do in your case? I'll tell you what he'd do. Fat Bastard would kick ass and take names. There is no way Fat Bastard or Proud FA would allow themselves to be victims.

    If you are damaged as you claim you may want to consider stopping the whining and dealing with it like a mature human being. Stop the pathetic self pity and woe is me crap. You have allowed some punks and bullies to control your life. Why have you given them that power?

    Bottom line is, YOU need to MAN UP and put the past in the past.

    If you are so inclined ask Fat Bastard for my contact information and maybe I can help you man up and get past all this BS.

    1. CG, you sound like a typical "blame the victim" type of Republican.

      Everything I said was true!

      No, I did not "mouth off" to my teacher, but merely inquired why the other kids in the class were allowed to check out any book they wanted from the library, while I was not!

      Also, when I got my head bashed against the brick wall, I did have a memory black out. I remember falling forward toward the teacher, and grabbing his shirt. Then the next thing I knew, I was sitting in the principal's office. I had no idea how I got there.

      And I did have headaches and dizzy spells during my teenage years as a result. The following year, that teacher was fired.

      And for the gymnasium incidents, I was the only one who could not climb the rope because of my crippled up left knee. Most of the kids were able to climb at leas a fourth or a third away up, while only a couple were able to climb all the way.

      And no! I did not "mouth off" at the coach!

      And I was punched in the stomach with the basketball so hard, it seem like forever before I could breath again. My ribs were sore for a week.

      Things have actually gotten worse since I had been in school.

      Remember Penn State and coach Sanduskey? All the sports fans sided with Sanduskey, and the victims who came out and reported him were harassed.

      Are you going to tell them to "man up"???

      FUCK YOU CG!

      You remind me to the Republican Richard Murdock, whom Mitt Romney endorsed for Senator back in 2012. Richard Murdock made a comment that when a woman gets raped, it is "Gods will" and if she gets pregnant, then the baby is a "gift from God"!

      You can go suck Mitt Romney's cock and kiss his ass!

      Anyway . . . . .

      Thanks for your response! It reveals to me just what kind of sanctimonious, scumbag piece of dog shit you really are!

      Keep it up CG!

      Teddy Bear

    2. Truth hurts huh Teddy? Your sophomoric pejoratives only make you lose even more credibility with anyone reading this. Sorry Teddy, I am not a Republican nor am I a Christian but you are acting like a Christian Republican with your play the victim crap and your revisionist history along with your hyperbole and fact free statements.

      You know damn well the sports media and fans crucified Sandusky and Paterno so you can stop lying about that. Nobody in sports defended Sandusky or Penn State. Drop that lie because it doesn't even pass the giggle test.

      BTW, Teddy the red states are the fattest states and most fatties are Republicans. Harry Reid is lean and mean but Newt Gingrich, Limbaugh, Mike Huckabee, Chris Christie, Carl Rove and Dick Morris are fat fuck lying Republicans. You are the quintessential Republican. The hard workers are the Democrat and the welfare types are Republicans.

      Do you think maybe all that belly fat has crushed your nuts and has made you unmanly? I think it has. You act like a the jealous angry fat girls Fat Bastard describes.

      OOOO Poor Teddy got hit in the tum tum with a basketball. POOOOOR baby! WAAAAAAA! And he is still whining about it.

      You claim that your brother stole a shotgun so that he could shoot you with it yet there was no police action.

      You claim that you got a "head concussion" from an assault by a teacher and still no arrest and no lawsuit.

      You claiming that you were expelled from school because you could not climb a rope and you claim every other kid could. Fat kids can't climb ropes and you claiming that you were the only fat kid in your school.

      If you actually had a gimpy leg as you claim you would have been exempt form phys ed. You could have easily gotten a doctor's excuse.

      You come to Fat Bastard's blog with pathetic school yard insults that make you look like a total idiot. Not only do you need to man up you need to grow up you big baby.

      You remind me of Republican diaper wearing senator David Vitter. I just think that Republicans and Christians are assholes but you have a maniacal hatred for them. Could it be that your hatred for them is something you see in yourself?

    3. I, Fat Bastardo feel the need to moderate this discussion. As you all know I don't censor but I would ask that this discussion remain civil. The potty mouth insults really are diminishing your position Teddy Bear. You disappoint me.

      Let's face it Teddy your fired the first shot and CG is remaining polite and dignified. I always figured that you were much smarter than I, Fat Bastardo and I still believe that but I am not seeing it here.

      As you all know I am an unapologetic glutton and the reason I am is because I love food but food has not loved me. My health has suffered for my greedy gluttony and thanks to the help of CG I am regaining my health and actually reversing my heart disease something that doctors said was impossible.

      Teddy, you may not want to hear it but I think that CG is on to something here. You may want to tone down the heat and add some light to this discussion.

      I started out with an adversarial relationship with CG but he turned out to be right and he got my fattitude under control. He saved me from the horror of weight loss surgery and he got me off insulin and he is now advising me on how to reverse the damage my gluttony has done to my heart. Soon I will be going into clinical trials for stem cell regeneration therapy thanks to CG. Don't look a gift horse in the mouth.

      I would ask both of you to shake hands and show some respect. Do it for the belly god.

    4. Good evening Fat Bastardo:

      Well, I have to strongly disagree with CG and his idea of a "fat tax" on people who are overweight!

      I have already been taxed for being physically handicapped! No, not necessarily money-wise, but in other ways.

      My parents were factory workers when I lived up in Minnesota. We had a two-story house, and my parents paid property taxes, and SCHOOL TAXES. Yeah! My parent's tax dollars paid for books I was NOT allowed to read, and paid the salary of the teacher who bashed my head against the wall.

      And then, CG calls me a liar, and then, I get subjected to CG's cliché festival of right-wing rhetoric!

      Like, I had been "mouthing off" and that I needed to "man up" when at an early age I was already twice the man that any one of those low-life scum-licking gutter-thugs were. Yeah! It takes a really brave man to bash a kid's head against a brick wall!

      I did not "mouth off" to the teacher who bash my head against the wall. I merely ask a question as to why I didn't have the same right to check out any book I wanted from the library as the other students had. I merely asked a question. I did not "mouth off" as CG had suggested, but only asked a question.

      Oh! But I keep forgetting! America is a Christian nation, and we're not suppose to question authority! Stupid me! DUH!!!

      My mother taught me how to read and write before I even started school. So, by the time I was only in grade school, I could already read at high school and adult level.

      Also, when I was a kid, I knew when adults were lying to me. I was raised a Presbyterian, but even when I was only 9 years old, I could not buy into the Genesis account. I believed that natural selection, and evolution was the method that God used, or simply allowed to occur naturally. And when I told my Sunday school teacher that, she said I was going to Hell. Yeah! Nice thing to say to a kid. Well, I'm an agnostic now.

      CG said that I needed to "man up" but I was already manning up when I stood up for my rights.

      I'm sick and tired of idiots and bed-wetting ignoramuses who want to regulate every aspect of my life when they can't even control their own bladder and bowels.

      Some people have tried to control what kind of books I read, what kind of music I listen to, and now, some idiot like CG says that my own body should be regulated and taxed by the pound!

      And also, the housing authority wants to make the apartment complex where I live, nonsmoking.


      I refuse be told that I can't smoke my pipe, or light up a cigar in the privacy of my own home! Next they'll be telling me not to burn incense in my home.


      I'm 62 years old, and I don't have to take any bullshit from wet-behind-the-ears little punks half my age!

      I want these self-appointed granny nannies to stay out of my home, and keep their bloody hands off of my body!

      My home is my castle, and my own body is my own private property, NOT to be subject to any state regulations!

      After regulating or bodies, then . . . what next? Regulating our minds and our thoughts? Well, good luck with that!

      If I have to pay a "fat tax" on my body, as CG advocates, then muscle-bound athletes should have to pay a BULLY TAX and a RAPE TAX on their bodies!

      Also, multi-millionaires and and billionaires should go back to paying their fair share of taxes again.

      And finally, churches should lose their tax exempt status.


      CG wants poor people who are overweight, who can ill afford it, to pay a "fat tax" on their bodies.

      I feel like pushing teeth down throats!

      Teddy Bear

    5. CG is a very left leaning. The righties are anti sin tax. As you know, I think that we fatlings should be given and tax rebate for our stimulating effect on the economy. CG thinks that we should pay because he thinks that the fact that so many are on the public dole that we should prepay for our gluttony which is kinda like the insurance mandates in Obamacare. Sure we use a huge about of medical resources compared to the thinglings but that is short term. In the long term we cost the medical system less because we die sooner.

      CG is one of those personal and social responsibility nuts. His socialist leanings makes him see the world a a collective. He believes that we are our brother's keeper. Most fatlings are hedonistic gluttons and greedy gluttony is the driving force of capitalism so in fact CG is much further to the left than most.

      Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction and I also have to admit that your story about school sound incredible. I am not saying that I don't believe you but have to admit its kinda out there.

      You gotta understand where CG is coming from. Most of his clients are angry fat girls who are angry because they can't handle the fat so they lie about why the are fat. They eat like pigs same as you and I but they lie about it. Also, you know that I am a manly fat man and as you have said you are a Nancy boy so you present to CG as an angry fat girl.

      I also think that you are painting athlete with a very broad brush. I live vicariously through athletes such as Butter Bean, big fat NFL linemen and Roy Big Country Nelson. If you want to see muscular guys getting the crap beat out of them by a fat guy You Tube Roy Big Country Nelson. He uses his huge belly as a weapon. I think you could live vicariously through big country and guys like the Butter Bean,

      As to taxes, the only fair tax would be a 25% national sales tax but the truth is we fatlings would probably end up paying more but fair is fair. I was pissed that Walmart charges 25% more for XXL sizes and up but they make up for it by providing us with a great selection of glutton food and free scooters to fetch it.

      CG, says that our rights end where another person's rights begin so knowing that tobacco smoke is a known carcinogen do your right to smoke your pipe supersede the rights for people to breath fresh air? The housing authority thinks not. Maybe you and the neighbors should organize and start a petition?

      There is a reason that I Fat Bastard didn't get shit in school. I don't take shit. Proud had my back and I had his back. If anyone fucked with me they fucked with Proud FA and if anyone fucked with Proud FA they fucked with me. My size was intimidating but people were scared shittless of Proud. When Proud cut loose on some punk if was like watching a windmill in a hurricane.

      As you know Teddy, I too have encouraged you from going from a Teddy Bear to a bit of a Grizzly bear when punks fuck with you. Did you ever get revenge on the people who abused you? Maybe CG can help you find closure?

    6. Good evening Fat Bastardo:

      OK, first of all, I think a 25% sales tax on food is outrageous! It would hit poor families, fat or thin, the hardest.

      It would mean, kids from poor families would go to school hungry. That would make it harder for them to concentrate on their academic subjects, increasing the odds of failing grades.

      Oh! Recently, in the holier than thou state of Mitt Romney's Utah, 40 Salt Lake City elementary school students had their lunches, which they'd already received from the cafeteria, seized and thrown in the trash in front of their classmates because their parents were behind on lunch payments. Can you imagine the psychological damage something like that does to a little kid?

      A 25% sales tax on food, as CG proposes, would only make the situation even worse for poor kids! To feed their minds with education, you must first feed their bodies with food, so that they can become more receptive to education.

      Also, if I had to pay a 25% sales tax on food, I would not have money enough to do other worth while things.

      As you know, Fat Bastardo, I'm a Democrat, and every month, I donate about $20 dollars on average to my favorite charities, like, People For The American Way, Union of Concerned Scientists, and I've been donating to the Wendy Davis campaign here in Texas. I want people in office who will support science education in our public schools. I want young people today to have the opportunities that I had been denied when I was a kid.

      Anyway . . . . .

      Yeah! I understand why clothing in larger sizes cost more. I get that! Well, clothing for adults cost more than clothing for children anyway. I don't have a problem with that. As for me, I can buy shirts in a size 2XL at any Walmart, or K Mart. But when I need to get pants, I have to order a size 6XL from a King Size, or Casual Male catalogue. I get that! OK? So, I'm not pissed because extra large pants cost more. That would be like getting pissed because clothes for adults cost more than children's clothing.

      To be continued below . . . . . . .

  12. I rarely comment on blogs and perhaps I should. I do read Bigger Fatter Politics for the wit and wisdom of Fat Bastard and his team. I have read the debate and the comment with great interest and I think that when all things are considered CG won the debate.

    I have also read some of Teddy Bear's comment on religion and I like his term Christard. That said, I think Teddy is acting very much like a Christian in that he is playing the victim. This is a residual defense mechanism caused by living in a Christian society. Christians are victims of themselves and based only on what I have read here, Teddy is his own worst enemy but I am not blaming him.

    Teddy you would be wise to take CG's help if not for the obesity but for your own mental health. It looks to me based on what you have written, the medical, mental health and educational system has failed you but as CG said, don't continue to be a victim by giving them your power.

    If you want to be a fat glutton that's your business but it quite clear that you are salving your wounds with food and the wounds are not healing. CG gave you a cold hard slap of logic and reality and I hope you see the value in it.

    Your unnatural hatred for athletics and athlete is disturbing. Most athletes, even the pros are good guys. Jocks are another story. The can be assholes and there are some highschool football coaches who think they are the second coming of Vince Lombardi.Vince had some great sayings and I would like to share a few with you.

    When the going gets tough the tough get going.

    Winners never quit and quitters never win.

    Football is like life - it requires perseverance, self-denial, hard work, sacrifice, dedication and respect for authority.

    It's not whether you get knocked down, it's whether you get up.

    Show me a good loser and I'll show YOU a loser.

    Here are some quotes from one of my coaches.

    If it feels the game is lost, don't give up at any cost. Keep on diggin!

    It's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog.

    Let CG coach you up Teddy. The shrinks have let you down so why not go with someone who has a better chance of helping you?

  13. . . . . . . . Continued from above . . . . .

    As for smoking . . . . .

    [Quote:] CG, says that our rights end where another person's rights begin so knowing that tobacco smoke is a known carcinogen do your right to smoke your pipe supersede the rights for people to breath fresh air? The housing authority thinks not. Maybe you and the neighbors should organize and start a petition? [: End Quote]

    First of all, nobody has a right to tell me what I can or can not do in the privacy of my own home. OK, in an apartment building, I understand why no smoking is allowed in the hallways, or in the elevators. I get that!

    But, once I'm in my own apartment, what I do has no effect on anyone else.

    OK, I had been asking around, and most people here agree with me, that people should have the right to smoke in the privacy of their own rooms. Even the nonsmokers here agree with me on that.

    Of course, now I'm not living in a high rise anymore as I did over a year ago. I'm now living in a ground level cottage.

    Back in 2012, I had been living on the 6th floor of a nine story high rise since mid October of 2001 and I had been perfectly happy there, until the middle of 2011 up to February of last year, 2013.

    Then, one day, Three new neighbors moved into apartments on my 6th floor. Most of the people in the building were older people. But the three new tenants, one woman and two men, were younger in their mid 50s, and they tried to take over the whole floor bossing the rest of us around.

    Now, the older people were cool. I would be up late at night watching movies, or playing YouTube videos. Then, someone would bang on my door, and when I answered the door, there was no one there, like mischievous retarded brats ringing doorbells and running away.

    OK, I did not have my videos too loud. To make sure, when a video was playing, I would step out into the hallway, close the door behind me, and I could barely hear anything, unless I put my ear to the door.

    I guess these retards thought, that because the apartment building was for senior citizens and/or people on disability, that people should be in bed by 8:00 PM, like it was a nursing home, or something. Yeah! I had to go beddy-by by 8 O' fickin' clock! GA GA GOO GOO!

    NO! I like to stay up late at night. One night I was only talking to someone on my phone, about 8:30 PM, and BANG BANG BANG on my door.

    To be continued below . . . . . . .

    1. The Housing Authority has every right to make smoking illegal. Most fires are started by smokers, As you well know, a lot of you fatties are diabetic and you are always going into comas and if you have a lit cigarette, pipe or cigar you are putting all the resident in danger.

      Smoker pay more for health insurance and so should fatlings. It's only fair. Responsible people should pay less than irresponsible ones. Lean non smoker should not have to foot the bill for the irresponsible freeloaders. Gluttony is a choice and choices have consequences. Fat Bastard knows that better than anyone.

      Personal responsibility is a liberal and progressive concept. If a person is not pulling his weight and paying his freight he's a Republican. It's that simple.

      Fat Bastard and Proud FA know how to deal with noisy neighbors. You get a large waste basket and fill it with shit and piss. Lean it up against their apartment door. Knock on the door and run. Fat Bastard provided the shit and piss and Proud did the rest.

  14. . . . . . Continued from above.

    Another night, I was up late reading a book. I had no music playing, no videos playing, it was quite while I was reading book, when all of a sudden, BANG BANG BANG on my door.

    Whenever I had encountered these retards out in the hallway, they were ready for a confrontation.

    I had been assaulted, I had been spit on, and I even had scalding hot water thrown on me, out in the hallway.

    The night I was up late reading a book, when someone banged on my door, I answered it, and this one guy came in trying to assault me. A closet door was opened, so I reached in, and took out a golf club to defend myself.

    I called the cops. I told him, I was being quiet, minding my own business, and I didn't have the TV or anything on, that I was only reading a book.

    The officer asked, what kind of books I was reading.

    I wanted to say . . . that it was none of his God damn fucking business what kind of books I read!!!

    But, no . . . instead, I said, "Here's what kind of books I read." and I showed him Carl Sagan's COSMOS, Idiot America by Charles Pierce, The Republican Brain, The Science of Why They Deny Science and Reality by Chris Mooney. The Republican War on Science, also by Cris Mooney, and Attack of The Theocrats by Sean Faircloth.

    Then, just to be cynical, I held my hands out in front of me, saying "Well . . . I guess the jig is up! You might as well slap the handcuffs on me, and haul me off to the slammer!" and the cop warned me that I really shouldn't be saying that, not even as a joke.

    Well, anyway . . . as he left my apartment, he confiscated my golf club.

    The three retards, I called the the 6th Floor Tard Gang, or the Three MacBeth Tards.

    Yeah! The tard lady across the hall from me, even called the cops on her next door neighbor just for flushing the toilet!!! So, I wasn't the only one being harassed.

    I wasn't allowed to have an alarm clock, I wasn't allowed to use after-shave cologne, and when I would go out into the hallway, there was the distinct smell of urine and feces coming from the three rooms of the three MacBeth Tards!

    I had to burn a lot of incense to keep the smell from coming into my room. I also much prefer the sweet aroma of my Black Cavendish pipe tobacco, and the smell of a good cigar.

    To me, the smell of urine and feces, that retard smell, is far worse than tobacco smoke.

    I had an emotional breakdown from the stress, and I spent 1s at UBH, University Behavioral Health, from December 11 to December 21,2012.

    Then, in February of 2013, Adult Protective Services helped me to move out of the high rise into an really nice ground level cottage, and I'm much happier here.

    I'm going to decorate my cottage to look like a coffee house.

    Now, I get to live like an adult again.

    To be continued below . . . . . . .

  15. . . . . . Continued from above . . . . .

    [Quote:] Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction and I also have to admit that your story about school sound incredible. I am not saying that I don't believe you but have to admit its kinda out there.[: End Quote]

    OK! If you think that what I had said of my own school experiences sounds incredible, well . . . . . it gets even better!!!

    Things had actually gotten worse since I was in school.

    Recently, I read in an article from AlterNet about a black teenage girl in a Florida high school.

    She was a straight A student, making straight A grades in science and math. She liked doing her own science experiments.

    OK, one day she had combined some household chemicals in an 8 ounce water bottle and screwed the cape on tight. She was across the street form her high school, and something went wrong with her experiment.

    The cap blew off from the bottle with a really loud POP!

    No damage was done. None what-so-ever.

    But guess what . . . . .

    She was charged with domestic terrorism and was facing a possible two years in prison if found guilty.

    And, she was expelled from school, her life being ruined!

    But, her science teacher came to her defense, saying that she was one of his best and brightest students.

    Yeah! In one of my E-mails, there was a petition to sign, that charges against her should be dropped. Every day, I sign petitions in my E-mails.

    Anyway . . . . . after many thousands of people signed, all charges against her were dropped. But, the principal still won't allow her back in school.

    Well, you gotta remember, she's black, and this was in Florida.

    Anyway . . . . .

    When I was in school, during my first 4 grades, I did have some good teachers who encouraged my interest in science.

    When ever my teacher said that she wanted me to stay after school, it was not because I was in any trouble. It was because she had something for me, usually a bunch of science articles slipped out from magazines in a manilla folder. So, my first four teachers were cool.

    It was only after I was in the 5th grade, having my first male teacher who was a sports obsessed tyrant, when things started going down hill.

    But getting back to my earlier teachers.

    When I was in the 3rd grade, for Christmas I got a really cool steam engine that burned these solid white fuel pallets ad the boiler was to be filled with distilled water. I would bring it to school for show and tell, and I was allowed to demonstrate it to the class, filling the boiler from a bottle of distilled water, and sliding in the fuel pallets, striking a match to light them, and when the water came to a boil, the little piston went back and fourth causing the red fly-wheel to spin around really fast, It was fairly noisy running at full speed.

    I also had these REMCO science kits, and one of the kits had a red rocket with a black rubber tip. The rocket was to be filled with distilled vinegar and baking soda, then clamped down to an 8 sided octagonal base, shaken really good, and set down on the ground. Then you step away and wait for the pressure to build up, and it would rise up into the air about 300 feet on a stream of vinegar and baking soda.

    I would take it to school, and during recess after lunch, I would go out into the field to play around with my little red rocked.

    Well, one day, after many uses, it exploded on the octagonal launch pad with a really loud POP!!! My forearm got hit by a piece of plastic shrapnel, and I had a small cut. But I was more upset over the loss of my little red rocket. I didn't have it anymore.

    This was back in the early 1960 when I was in the 2ed or 3rd grade.

    If I had been a kid going to school now, in 2013, in the 21st century, I probably would have been charged with domestic terrorism, and facing a possible 2 years in prison.

    Yeah! You see how far America has advanced since we stopped putting astronauts on the moon!!!

    That's because, America has become more Christianized and more anti-science.

    To be continued below . . . . . . .

  16. . . . . . Continued from above . . . . .

    In response to CG Brady:

    First of all, I don't smoke in bed. Also, I don't like cigarettes, because they suck!

    I have been smoking a pipe, and cigars since I was 19 years old.

    I love the sweet aroma and the sweet taste of a good Black Cavendish pipe tobacco, and the taste and smell of a good cigar.

    And when I'm smoking in the privacy of my own home, I'm not hurting anybody else. And, I have never caused a fire.

    Oh! But my SKINNY brother once burned a hole in his mattress while smoking, and we had to drag the mattress outside before it started burning up.

    But then, my brother is a moron!

    Remember: In an earlier post, I mentioned how my dear sweet brother tried to steal a shotgun from a neighbor to blow me away, because he felt that my wanting to build an 8 inch Newtonian reflector telescope was being disruptive of our family.

    When we were living out at Moon Gate, I always liked going out into the desert to bring back cactus for my desert garden.

    My bother hated cactus plants. He believed the cactus were a curse on the earth by God. Yeah! He is a Christard Fundamentalist, and my sister is a Mormon (moron) in magic underwear!

    Oh! And during the years of the Apollo moon missions, there was one time when on the NEWS they talked about astronauts sometimes getting nauseous because of floating around in zero gravity.

    My brother said that it was the weight of God's finger on them. He was against space exploration.

    My brother even sucks at being Catholic, because, even the Pope accepts Darwinian Evolution. Of course the Poop is against stem cell research or any attempt to find a cure for AIDS. So, the church is still not exactly a friend to science, but only grudgingly accepting some of the findings of modern science.

    Anyway . . . . .

    You see, what I had to put up with in my family!!!

    My SKINNY brother was a moron, and he nearly set his bed of fire while smoking, while I NEVER had any accidents while smoking a pipe or cigar.

    And again, CG, I want you to shut the fuck up about my getting a lousy little check and food stamps, while professional rapists get paid millions of dollars every year, and their FREE Hummers just for chasing balls!



    Anyway . . . . . . . getting back to my topic concerning school.

    As I have mentioned earlier of my experiences in school . . .

    During the first 4 grades, everything was fine. My teachers were cool. It was only after the 5th grade, having my first male teacher who was a sports obsessed tyrant, when things began going south.

    My earlier teachers allowed me to bring my steam engine to demonstrate during science class. I also had a Gilbert Microscope & Lab Kit which I would bring to school.

    But, in the 5th grade, my sports obsessed teacher, that fascist tyrant, would not allow me to bring my steam engine nor my microscope and lab kit to science class.

    He wanted to shove sports down my throat. I guess he wanted me to "man up" and put away my "sissy" science kits, and play with balls!

    I guess, to "man up" means to dumb down!!!

    Well, let me say this about those muscle bound athletes who bully and rape! They are NOT real men! They are cowards who bully those unable to defend themselves. They're the real wusses!!!

    And let me say this . . . . .

    A female scientist, a woman astronomer, a woman physicist, a woman geologist, etc. etc, she is a better man than any big strong muscle-bound jock who rapes women and bullies smaller and weaker people around.

    Well, it's getting late, about 1:45 AM here where I'm at.

    I need to log some sack time.

    Later gators!

    Teddy Bear

    1. First of all many fatlings are type two diabetics who go into diabetic comas. That's no stereo type that's a fact. The fact is over 1000 Americans are killed in fires caused by smokers.

      Based on a worldwide study of smoking-related fire and disaster data, UC Davis epidemiologists show smoking is a leading cause of fires and death from fires globally, resulting in an estimated cost of nearly $7 billion in the United States and $27.2 billion worldwide in 1998. The study is published in the August issue of Preventive Medicine.

      In spite of the clear data Teddy thinks that his right to wrecks his lungs and put innocent people in harm supersedes the rights of the majority and his Republican sounding excuse is, "I've smoked since I was 19"

      Teddy like to trash athletes but the truth is athletes do a lot of charity and disabled children. For every Ben Rothlisberger there are 50 Mookie Wilsons.

      Here is a list of charitable foundations set up by athletes.

      How much do you give to charity Teddy?

      BOO HOO! Teddy had a strict teacher. Notice that he was the only victim. If his teachers and gym coach were as bad as he says parents would have complained and they would have been fired back then. Most principals don't put up with abusive teachers.

      Teddy is whining because some teacher would not allow him to bring his toy microscope to class. EARTH TO TEDDY... teachers have lesson plans to follow and complete. Then again this is an example of Teddy thinking the rules don't apply to him. This is another Republican trait. Republicans thwart the rule of law and they hate government.

      For someone who says he hates Christians and Republicans Teddy is acting just like them by thwarting the rules and whining.

    2. Uh, excuse me motha fucka!

      In school, I had more "rules" applied to me than the other students. The other students in my 5th grade class were allowed to check out any book they wanted, while I was not.

      My earlier teachers encouraged my interest in science, while my first male teacher tried to do all he could to discourage me.

      And you did not have anything to say in response to the incident I had mentioned about the black teenage girl at a high school in Florida who was facing a felony charge because something went wrong during a science experiment.

      Oh! And you completely ignored in one of my earlier comments that have been donating money to my favorite charities while signing petitions on line. You completely ignore that.

      No, you want to have me taxed for every pound overweight, so that I would have less money to do much of anything else.

      Why do you ignore most of what I have said?

      Or do you lac reading comprehension?

      When Fat Bastardo reads my comments, he does respond to most of my points, while you just ignore most of what I have said, and only focus on what will place further restrictions on my personal freedom.

      OK, yes, the reason for so many fires is because of stupid people.

      I have NEVER in all my life had an accident while smoking my pipe and cigars.

      OK, let me give you an example of how stupid people cause the rest of us to lose our rights.

      Many years ago, here in El Paso, Texas, where I live, we once had a nice big recreational park. There was a man made lake where people could go swimming, boating, and fishing.

      Oh! But sometimes some stupid people would get out into the lake in a boat to go fishing, and they would get really drunk, have an accident and drown.

      So, the recreational park was eventually closed down.

      During my life, when our family went on camping trips, I would rent a row boat, and go out, by myself for a couple of hours. I never had an accident. I have even been out in a boat with a couple of beers in a Styrofoam ice chest with some sandwiches while fishing. Of course, I didn't drink enough to get drunk. Since I was alone, I only had 2 cans.

      Yes, some of us can go out onto a lake in a boat without having any accidents. And some of us can smoke pipes or cigars without any accidents. Stupid people can not.

      So, those of us who can use boats, and partake of tobacco, we must have our freedoms taken away because of stupid people?

      No! I say, keep the recreational parks open, and let the stupid retards sink to the bottom into the silt to become fossilized and eventually discovered by future paleontologists a million years hence! What will they think of our species?

      And don't let stupid people live in apartment complexes. Keep them in zoos instead.

      Why should I have any of my personal freedoms taken away to protect stupid people.

      Elbert Einstein smoked a pipe.

      When I was living in Las Cruces New Mexico, I personally knew Dr. Clyde Tombaugh, the astronomer who discovered Pluto back in the 1930s. He was a pipe smoker. When ever I met him, he always had his pipe. It was a beautiful pipe, the dark briar inlaid with silver flower patterns. He lived until his late 90s.

      Did Elbert Einstein aver cause a fire while smoking his pipe? NO!

      Did Dr. Clyde Tombaugh ever cause a fire while smoking his pipe? NO!

      I'm 62 years old, and I have never caused a fire while smoking my pipe or a cigar.

      I'm sick and tired of stupid people wanting to control every aspect of my life when they can't even control your own bladder and bowels!

      No, I guess were all suppose to look alike and think alike.

      To be continued below . . . . .

  17. Oh! I have one more thing to say to CG Brady . . . . .

    [quote]"As you well know, a lot of you fatties are diabetic and you are always going into comas and if you have a lit cigarette, pipe or cigar you are putting all the resident in danger."[: End Quote]

    WOW! You really like to stereo-type people, don't ya!

    NO! I'm not always going into comas! You make it sound like ALL diabetics are ALWAYS going into comas.

    Oh! Really? Like, I go into a coma twice each day, the thrice on Sundays???


    In all the years, I have NEVER gone into a coma. I have never slipped into unconsciousness. I'm not one of those, what is called "brittle" diabetics who have wildly fluctuating blood sugar levels.

    I have had some low blood sugar episodes, and I know exactly what to do when I begin to feel one coming on.

    I keep fruit juices in my fridge. So, I know how to prevent going into a coma or shock.

    When I start to feel a little bit hungry, I eat something.

    Controlling blood sugars is a kind of science. You know science, don't ya!

    You know, as opposed to Biblical anti-science fairy tales.

    I'm not like those retarded Republican anti-science morons who believe they can control diabetes by getting down on their knees and praying to JEEEEEZZZASS!!!

    So, just fuck off, and bugger off! OK?

    Okey dokey, smokey?

    Teddy Bear.

  18. . . . . . Continued from above . . . . . .

    Yeah! I guess we're all supposed to look alike and think alike.

    And to that end, art must be destroyed.

    I started my YouTube channel (user name BigFatHeretic) a few years ago, back when we were still able to create our own background designs and select the text colors.

    My channel was beautiful. The background was a dark sky with all kinds of galaxies. As you scrolled down the page there was a large half moon than the black sky stated to fade into a dark blue, and to a gradually lighter blue, until at ground level I had a railroad yard with BNSF locomotives.

    The links on my Playlists to other videos was magenta colored text and I had bright green text on the dark background.

    Well, YouTube changed it's format, against our wishes.

    Now, our channels all look pretty much alike.

    When I was in high school, some jock bullies destroyed some oil paintings I had been working on.

    Yeah! In the name of conformity we must all look alike and think alike!

    That's why CG Brady wants to even regulate the size of our bodies, taxing us by the pound.


    Teddy Bear

  19. CG Brady likes to point out statistics.

    OK, I have been to this website at:

    All statistics are from 2007 to 2011

    Causes of residential fires is as follows . . .

    Residential Cooking Building Fires.

    The numbers rose from 161,700 up to 166,600

    Residential Building Electrical Malfunction Fires.

    Numbers went down from 30,600 to 26,800

    Residential Building Heating Fires.

    Numbers went down from 54,400 to 43,700

    Residential Building Smoking Fires

    Numbers went down from 8,900 to 7,800

    OK, CG Brady sites some statistics claiming that smoking is a leading cause of fires and death from fires.

    But I have found some statistics that show the exact opposite.

    Residential cooking was at the top and smoking was at the bottom.

    Should we get rid of our electric or gas stoves, and stop cooking our food and eat everything raw?

    I keep a box of Arm & Hammer Baking Soda next to my stove. You NEVER try to put out a grease fire with water. Oil floats on top of water, and putting water on a grease fire causes it to spread out even further.

    Baking soda puts out the fire, because it releases CO2, carbon dioxide that smothers a fire.

    Well, in all the years I've been cooking, I NEVER had a grease fire. When oil starts boiling, I turn the heat down because the vapor from the boiling oil can ignite and POOF!

    OK, how many people get killed in car accidents every year?

    Should we stop driving cars?

    What about sports?

    Maybe we should ban football because of the high rate of brain injuries. There are doctors (neurologists) who say that they almost never see a healthy brain in a retired football player.

    If I had a kid going to school, I would not want him to play football because of the risk of brain damage. Maybe I'll let him play basketball, but not football. Also, if he started bullying the other kids around in school, he would have to answer to me. No, I won't discipline by beating him, I don't believe any kid should get a beating. I'm against corporal punishment. But I would restrict his privileges until he changes some of his ways.

    I would encourage my kids to be free thinkers, and to question authority, but I would not tolerate bullying.

    Anyway . . . if we were to ban everything because it carries some risk, then we would have to ban almost everything.

    So, CG Brady . . . . .

    You're a God damn liar by the town clock!!!

    Teddy Bear

  20. In typical Republican style Teddy makes fact free statements and won't include a link to back up his drivel. Teddy refuses to admit that smoking cause fires.

    Smoking is the most deadly cause of house fire fatalities! Did you miss that Teddy?

    Smoking is the most deadly cause of house fire fatalities!
    Smoking is the most deadly cause of house fire fatalities!
    Smoking is the most deadly cause of house fire fatalities!
    Smoking is the most deadly cause of house fire fatalities!
    Smoking is the most deadly cause of house fire fatalities!
    Smoking is the most deadly cause of house fire fatalities!
    Smoking is the most deadly cause of house fire fatalities!

    Stop fudging the facts Teddy.

    Your arguments are SOOOOO dishonest. Smoking KILLS 100's of thousands of people a year and 2nd hand smoke kills thousands. How many deaths from football this year? I think it's ZERO. Smoking is a FILTHY habit like gluttony and it is costing us billions.

    Why should I have to pay for your cancer treatment Teddy? Here you are on the public dole and yet you can afford to smoke. Why is that OK?

    You also went on to say that the school had special punitive rules for you and you are calling me a liar. Teddy anyone reading this knows that you are FULL OF SHIT! I recall Fat Bastard telling me that this blog gets over 2000 page views a day. If you can't lie any better than this Teddy you may as well tell the truth.

    You got shit in school from students and staff because you earned it. Judging by your demeanor her it is clear that you mouthed off to students and staff and it came back to bite you. There's and old saying is Texas, if you fuck with the bull you get the horns. Do you think now it's maybe time for you to man up and grow up?

  21. Excuse me CG Brady, but I posted the link.

    Here is is again!!! It was near the top of my previous comment.

    So, I'm not "fudging" the facts.

    Either you were too blind to see it, because you're so full of shit that even the whites of your eyes are brown!

    Or else, you are a fucking retard who lacks reading comprehension!

    Or, perhaps both!

    I would say that it's both!

    [quote:] You got shit in school from students and staff because you earned it. [End Quote]

    No! Let me tell your something . . .

    During my first four years in school, my teachers encouraged my interest in science, and asked me to bring my steam engine and my Gilbert Microscope & Lab Kit to school for science class. I didn't even have to ask. I was simply told to bring it.

    I lived in a small town up in Minnesota where the elementary and high schools were both in the same building.

    After demonstrating my steam engine in science class, I was even invited to demonstrate it to a high school science class on the third floor. My teacher even wrote me out a hall pass to show to the hall monitors on the way up.

    So, during my first 4 years, everything was pretty good. Not perfect, but then, nothing ever is. But it was cool.

    But, it was after I was in the 5th grade, having my first male teacher, who was a sports obsessed tyrant, when things started going south.

    During the summer months, I spent much of my time in the public library, and I was already reading and checking out books that were at adult reading level when I was only still in grade school.

    And NO kid deserves to have his/her head bashed against a brick wall under NO circumstances!!! You got that JIMBO???

    And I'm getting bloody sick and tired of your right-wing cliché festival. It's a real suck-fest!!!

    And you have yet to respond on a subject I had mentioned in one of my earlier posts, about a black teenage girl in a Polk County Florida high school who was a straight A student, and she ended up facing felony charges of "domestic terrorism" because a cap popped off an 8 ounce water bottle during a science experiment the went wrong.

    Well, the charges were eventually dropped, after many on line petitions were signed. My signature being among those signed in the petitions.

    Her science teacher came to her defense, but last year, the principal still would not allow her to return to school.

    This was from a NEWS article originally posted at AlterNet.

    Here's a link to another web site article at:

    Just so you know, I'm not making shit up!

    Her experiment was conducted outdoors and no damage was done

    So, our schools have become worse over the years since I was a kid.

    When I was a kid, I had a REMCO science kit that included a rocket powered by baking soda and distilled vinegar. I use to take it to school with me, and during recess after lunch, I would play with it out in the field. One day, after many uses it exploded with a loud POP!

    That was back in the 1960s. But now, in the 21st century, if I were a kid in school playing with the same rocket, and it it exploded, I would probably be charged with a felony.

    Yeah! Things have gotten worse since I was in school.

    And again, mutha fucka!!!

    As to my smoking, in the privacy of my own home . . . . .

    I will NOT be told what I can or can not do in the privacy of my own home!


    Again I say, fuck off and bugger off!

    Teddy Bear.

    1. The fact remains most deadly fires are created by trash that smoke. Why are you defending the indefensible? You are so ego centric that you would put others at risk so that you can suck on a pipe or a cigar. PATHETIC!

      If you were injured by getting your head slammed into a wall that teacher would have been arrested. He wasn't! You are not telling the truth and even if it did GROW THE FUCK UP!

      Your lack of responsibility and your playing the victim is right out of the Christian Right playbook. FYI, Obama and Clinton are about personal responsibility. The Republicans are the freeloaders and YOU are a freeloader. You live in a red state and all the red states are full of whining CHRISTIAN Republicans. The red states are the parasite states and you are the poster boy for parasites.

      Start telling the truth because nobody is believing you.

      BOO FUCKING HOO somebody treated you unfairly and now you are using that as an excuse to be a freeloader and then you whine about your FREE housing. GROW UP!

      BOO HOO some mean teacher banged my head into a wall. Guess I'll eat like a pig and live off the public dole.

      BOO HOO They would not let me bring my telescope to school. Give me a fatty scooter and a free bus pass.

      I couldn't climb a rope so I will lie and say I got kicked out of school. BOO HOO

      Maybe you should take that baking soda and vinegar rocket and use it for an enema because you are full of shit.

    2. OK, CG Brady, I think you're concealing your own criminal past.

      In that small town where I lived, an arsonist could get a job as a teacher, and a rapist could get a job as a cop.

      No, I'm not lying! Everything I have said is the truth.

      The teacher who bashed my head against the wall, the following year he was fired, and could not get a teaching job anywhere else.

      He lived in Michigan before he came to my town in Minnesota. In Michigan he taught in a 2 room school house out in the country. The school had a wood burning stove, and the teachers took turns taking care of it. One night when it was his turn, he left the school, but neglected to take proper care of the wood burning stove, and the school burned down.

      Yet, he was able to get a teaching job in my home town.

      We had a sheriff, one deputy, and one cop, being a small town. He had been kicked off the police force in St. Cloud Minnesota, because he had beaten and raped a 12 year old girl.

      And yet, he was able to get a job in my home town as a cop.

      It's been my experience that those who have bullied around, have done so to take the heat off from their own criminal past.

      So, you must be a pedophile! Right?

      How many little kids have you buggered?

      How many dead kids do you have buried under the basement of your home?

      Go fuck yourself! Eat shit and DIE!

      Teddy Bear

    3. Teddy, You can say anything you want here and I will not delete it. That said, making accusations out of whole cloth about a friend of mine does not fly with me but still I will let your posts remain.I know for a fact that CG's family is in law enforcement and not only that, CG has had my back on more than a few occasions.

      As to the smoking debate I am in agreement with him. Rules are rules and your right to smoke does end where other people's rights begin. Proud FA's little nephew has asthma and even the tiniest whiff of tobacco smoke will cause as asthma attack. I know that in some apt complexes bathroom and dryer vents share the same stack and smoke does permeate into other people spaces.

      As you know I Fat Bastardo have fought long and hard for fatlings and it has been an uphill battle. I have seen so many MeMe Roth debates where she sweetly and politely slices and dices the NAAFA type angry fat girls that I cringe. I, Fat Bastardo could clobber MeMe Roth in a debate. I'd spank her soundly. That would be fun. I am battling the Michael Karolchycks and the MeMe Roths of the world and the angry fat girls with their silly blogs making their factless and hateful ad hominems, absurd statements and straw man arguments have managed to derail the fat acceptance movement. Joy Nash the only fat girl who made even a lick of sense has been co opted by the likes of Kelly Bliss and others.

      The biggest victims of fat hate are the men. We fat men are jolly and perhaps we let a bit too much roll off our thick hides but then again, men of all sizes have more integrity than an angry fat girls who make a life out of playing the victim and lack the intellectual honesty to admit that they are fat by choice.

      Our motto is fat by choice proud by nature. The Chef put is well when he said, "The Chef is a big man with a big appetite and he ain't makin no apologies for it."

      We embrace not only the fat but we also embrace and endorse glorious glorious gluttony. True fat acceptors take full responsibility for their fat. We are in complete control. We are not fat because of some childhood trauma. We are fat because we love to eat. Gluttony is Good. That's our motto.

      You have insulted and made false accusations against a friend of mine. You called him a member of the fanatical right when in fact he is further to the left than most Democrats. You implied that he was a Christard when in fact he's a Buddhist.

      You insulted all athletes and that would include sumo wrestlers, Butter Bean and Roy Big Country Nelson who are heroes to fat men everywhere. Even WC Fields and Jackie Gleason were great pool players and don't forget Minnesota Fats. Every NFL lineman is fat. That's almost 1/2 of all football players. Mark Henry the world's strongest man is fat. The Big Show is fat! In your zeal to attack CG you have insulted many great fat men by insulting athletes many of whom are fat like William The Refrigerator Perry.

      Fat Athletes have done great things for fat acceptance. Hell, even Charles Barkley is fat and people love him but we also have traitors like Chris Christie and all the other fat Republicans.

      You can do what you want and say what you want but I would strongly suggest that you rethink some of what you said to CG and at least think about apologizing to him for the school yard insults that are so beneath a man of your stature.

      I was thinking that you would wreck him in a debate but quite honestly and I hate to say it, CG is winning. Let's see if you can rally and redeem yourself and redeem yourself as a strong voice in the fat rights/civil rights movement.

  22. The Chef is here to pontificate on the taxin of fat folks. The Chef is against an extra tax on fat folks. Fat folks consume more so they already is paying more in taxes than skinny folks so in point of fact there already is a fat tax.

    While the Chef disagrees with CG Brady on the implementation of a fat tax on fat folks, the Chef be bummin about the recent behavior of Dr Bear who in many ways is a hero to the Chef. The Chef loves Dr Bear's cartooning.

    The Chef loves the ladies and the ladies love the Chef but the Chef ain't got no wood for them SSBBWs God bless em. Them fat girls are always fussin and fightin about something and while the Chef is packing more than enough meat to pork a really fat girl, The Chef prefers his ladies like a thin crust pizza to a thick steak that's pink in the middle when it comes to makin sweet love.

    The Chef would advise Dr Bear to stop smoking the the pipe tobacco and to fill that mother fucka up with some of the sticky green and chill like a real Nigga.... For medicinal purposes only.

  23. Thank you Chef and Fat Bastard for having my back. The three of us disagree without being disagreeable. I think that our discussions because of their honesty and civility have brought light to the fat acceptance debate. Many members of the FA community are dishonest. I like the fact that Fat Bastard's fat acceptance movement honestly acknowledges the fact that fatlings are willful gluttons.

    1. CG, Dr Bear is very passionate about things and like of of us sometimes his passion can get the best of him. Being greedy gluttonists we sometimes act like sharks during a feeding frenzy. Dr Bear's passion to defend his gluttony tend to keep him fired up. I hope that reason prevail and that you two can continue this discussion with the proper decorum we have come to expect at Bigger Fatter Politics.

    2. Good evening Fat Bastardo:

      Well, I'm getting sick and tired of what sounds to me like CG Brady's right-wing cliché festival.

      He has also been bullying me around!

      I have only told the truth about my life experiences, and he keeps calling me a liar!

      And he implies I'm just a parasite living on the dole, and he uses all the other right-wing terminologies, like "man up" and says I got what I deserve for "mouthing off" to my school teachers.

      NO, I did not "mouth off " to the teacher who bashed my head against the brick wall.

      I merely asked a question, why I was not allowed check out an Astronomy book I wanted, while the other students were allowed to check out any book they wanted. I didn't "mouth off", I only asked a perfectly valid question.

      Gee! I though school was a place to read books, and to ask questions. How else does one learn anything?

      But CG Brady says the I deserved what happened to me!

      No kid in school deserves to have his head bashed against the wall. My parents were tax payers, and paid school taxes on our property. So, my parent paid for books I was not allowed to read.

      I'm glad I'm not a parent with kids of my own. I don't know exactly how I would react if something like that happened to one of my kids. I would probably be out for blood! And if anyone were to tell me that my kid deserved it, he would get my cane across his teeth!

      As for my smoking . . . . .

      I'm not living in a high rise apartment anymore. I'm now living in a nice ground level cottage. And no one has complained about my pipe and cigars.

      And the residents here all agree that we have a right to smoke in the privacy of our own apartments. Even the non-smokers agree with me on that issue.

      I have a right to privacy in my own home.

      When I was living in the high rise, sometimes when I went out into the hall way on my way to the elevators, there would be the smell of urine and feces out in the hall, and it would even come into my room.

      So, I was always burning incense and I much preferred the smell of my sweet Black Cavendish pipe tobacco, and my cigars.

      The smell of urine and feces is much more harmful

      Yeah! The retard woman across the hall from me would even call the cops on her next door neighbor just for flushing the toilet! And I could not use aftershave cologne, or deodorant without some retard crying boo hoo!

      Also, last year, on September 30 when I celebrated my 62ed birthday, I had friends over, and we had a barbeque on my front patio. Humans have been on this planet for at least 200,000 years, and for at least 150,000 humans have been using fire.

      And no retard has the right to complain about my barbeque. I am not going to eat food that has been steamed or boiled like hospital food.

      As for the FAT TAX as Brady proposes . . . . .

      A 25% percent sales tax on food, and being taxed for how many pounds overweight would financially wipe out poor families who have kids going to school.

      CG Brady says I think like a Republican?

      Nothing could be further from the truth!

      I favor government regulations on big corporations and industry to protect our environment. I favor USDA regulations to insure that our food is safe. Some things need to be regulated.

      But, CG Brady is proposing that the size of our bodies should be regulated. Now, that sound awfully Republican and right-wing to me. They want to regulate what we do in our bedrooms.

      Absolutely NO! My body is my private property!


      Teddy Bear

    3. Teddy let's be honest here. You have thrown out a litany of vulgar insults at CG. He's not the one doing the bullying IMO. I debated CG and I was polite and I won the debate. The Chef made the best point by saying that fat folks, because they consume more are already taxed at a higher rate.

      I have debated many neo CONS and because they are reactionaries they always resort to vulgar and hateful insults. Can't you see that you are doing the exact same things?

      Insurance companies can and do charge fat people more as they do with smokers. They seem to think that it's fair.

      We have always had sin taxes. Tobacco is highly taxed because of the detrimental effect it has on human health. CG's point is this: Since it has been shown that obesity is a driver of health care costs, labor costs and fuel costs ect,,, CG proposes a fax based on weight or BMI. That's it. That's all there is to his argument and I defeated that argument by showing that gluttony is an economic stimulant. I won the debate so I don't see why you felt the need to attack CG with the vulgarity and threats. It is so unbecoming of you.

      CG and I may have part 2 of the debate and I would like your input but please be professional and courteous.

      I have to admit that it is even hard for me to swallow that you school had specific rules for you and you alone and as you know I am your biggest fan. Some of your other claims do sound hard to believe but truth is stranger than fiction so I believe you. CG, thinks you are a bullshitter and I can see why he may think that. He called you on it.

      Some of the greatest debater are Bill "the big dog" Clinton, Obama and Shotgun Joe Biden. The clobber the righties because they keep their cool and trap their opponents. CG did that to you. You got personal and he trapped you.

      He is not actually calling you a liar but he has called your claims into question and when he did you lost it. You went on the attack from the first post on and CG, destroyed you credibility. He was not being a meany. He showed you far more respect that you have shown him and he ends up looking like the good guy and you look out of control.

      Body size regulation would effect far more Republicans and red staters in general. The Red states are the parasite states and the Blue states are the donor states.

      As you may know millions of Americans are receiving disability payments because they are too fat to work and I have revealed many disability secrets on Bigger Fatter Blog that have helped fatlings get a check and continue their gluttony. CG has a real problem with people collecting a check simply because they have gotten too fat to work. I have no problem with using gluttony to get free money. Do you?

    4. Good evening Fat Bastardo:

      Well, in my last post, I didn't call CG any names, but had merely shown how he compares to Republicans.

      Also, as for my school experiences . . . I know it sounds strange, but these things do happen in our schools.

      I have mentioned a NEWS article I read from AlterNet in one of my previous comments.

      OK, here is a link to the article to another NEWS source.

      Please do check it out.

      A black teenage girl who attended a high school in Polk County, Florida, was charged with "domestic terrorism" and was facing a possible 2 years, all because of something that went wrong with a science experiment when the cap blew off from an 8 ounce water bottle with a loud POP!

      Her science teacher came to her defense, saying that she was one of his best and brightest students. She was a straight A student.

      Also, after thousands of people signed online petitions (and I was one of those signers) charges were eventually dropped.

      But the school principal, being a douche-bag still would not allow her to return to school.

      Well, when I was a kid, I had a REMCO science kit with a rocket that used distilled vinegar and baking soda, and after many uses, it exploded, and my forearm was even cut by a piece of flying red plastic shrapnel. Yeah, it exploded with a really loud POP!

      This was back in the 1960's before schools had the "zero tolerance policy" but actually, schools have never been very tolerant.

      So, if I was once suspended from school because I failed to climb a rope in the gymnasium, due to my crippled up left knee, as I had mentioned in an earlier comment, then . . . . . is it any stretch of the imagination that a black student gets expelled and facing a possible prison sentence, just because a cap blew off from a plastic bottle?

      Her failed experiment actually did far less damage than the damage caused by my exploding rocket.

      So, bizarre things really do happen in American schools.

      Of course, she was black, and lived in Florida. So, what can we expect?

      But, when I went to school, kids with physical handicaps were discriminated against.


      OK, I had even been told that people with physical handicaps should either be exterminated or simply allowed to die.

      Let me give an example:

      I wear glasses, because I'm near sighted. Some people are far sighted.

      If we were still living in a primitive hunter, gatherer type of society, because I'm near sighted, I probably would not have survived.

      Well . . . I could always go fishing instead of hunting.

      Anyway . . . . .

      Because some people have weak eyes, spectacles were invented.

      And then . . . the invention of spectacles eventually lead to the invention of the telescope, which greatly increased our knowledge of the universe.

      Every invention, that was originally designed to aid the handicapped, eventually lead to greater inventions that further increased our knowledge.

      That's why I say, humanity should have more respect for the physically handicapped.

      Without people who are physically handicapped, civilization would not have advanced at all.

      Yeah! We would all be perfect physically fit specimens, living in caves or mud huts, picking the lice out of our pubic hairs!

      Of course, our life expectancy would only be about 30 years or so. Yeah! So much for being physically fit! Eh?

      Of course, CG Brady might call this bullshit.

      Teddy Bear

    5. The only reason you stopped with the childish insults Teddy is because Fat Bastard asked you to stop. Had he not asked you to stop the childish threats and childish baby man insults would have kept coming and we all know it.

      Fat Bastard has made a good point as to why fat people cost the health care system less and that's because they die sooner but I have pointed out that their deaths still take much longer than that of smokers so in the short term they cost the health care system a whole lot more.

      10 Flabbergasting Costs of America's Obesity Epidemic - Motley Fool

      SILVER SPRING, MD – April 11, 2013 – As was reported in a recent edition of The Motley Fool, obesity is costing us big time! Since 1960, the number of obese Americans has tripled. What? Tripled, yes!! And six times more Americans are now extremely obese than 50 years ago. Unfortunately, everyone is paying for this obesity epidemic. How much? Here are 10 shocking numbers related to the costs of obesity:

      $190 billion -- That's the amount of added medical costs every year that are estimated to stem from obesity-related problems. It’s nearly 21% of total U.S. health care costs.

      105% -- According to a study conducted by the Brookings Institution, this is the increased amount that obese Americans pay for prescription drugs compared to individuals who aren't obese.

      $3.4 billion -- Cars are burning around 938 million gallons of gasoline per year more than they would if Americans weighed what they did in 1960.

      $164 billion -- The Society of Actuaries estimates that U.S. employers are losing this amount in productivity each year due to obesity-related issues with employees.

      $6.4 billion -- Every year, this amount is estimated to be lost due to employee absenteeism related to obesity.

      $1 billion -- U.S. airlines are consuming an extra 350 million gallons of fuel per year due to overweight passengers.

      $14.3 billion -- This is how much childhood obesity costs the U.S. each year, according to a published study from the Brookings Institution.

      $62 billion -- Medicare and Medicaid are spending nearly this amount every year on obesity-related costs.

      $66 billion -- Columbia University researchers say that if current trends don't change, annul obesity-related medical costs in the U.S. could increase this amount by 2030.

      $580 billion -- The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation predicts that annual economic productivity loss due to obesity could hit this staggering amount by 2030 unless the current situation changes.

      - See more at:

      I clearly won the debate for a fat tax. People like you Teddy take far far far more than they could possibly ever put in, That is the definition of a parasite.

      Tell us Teddy why you are not a parasite.

    6. Let the churches pay for it, and let the big time televangelists pay for it. They have more money than God!

      And lets take away their tax exempt status.

      Yeah! In Kentucky, they cut $50 million dollars from education, but they're going to spend $45 million dollars on a Noah's Ark Theme Park.

      Can you tell me why you think Republicans and Christians are not parasites? Eh?

      And, you just want to keep coming back to my being fat.

      You have not yet commented on the article I had mentioned about the black teenage girl in school who was facing a possible felony charge because of a science experiment that went wrong.

      You don't give a fuck about that! No, you're only concerned about people being too fat.

      What about how much America spends on the Pentagon budget? That costs a Hell of a lot more than obesity.

      If America wasn't so Jesus-loving and science-hating, that money could go to medical research. But Christian America won't legalize stem cell research.

      OK, I had promised Fat Bastardo that I wouldn't call you insulting names anymore.

      Forget it!

      After calling me a parasite, all bets are off! So, fuck you!

      In addition to being a child molester with dead kids buried under your basement, you're also a racist.

      You ignore all the other issues I had mentioned, and you only concentrate on my being fat!

      Fuck you! Being fat is not a crime! I am not a criminal! I have never committed any crimes.

      But, rape is a crime, and assault and battery are crimes, and the punishments that are happening to our brightest kids in our schools, while rewarding the dumb kids because they're good at sports, that is a crime.

      But you don't care about that.

      You are a right-wing child-molesting, Republican pedophile, Christian Jesus loving woman beating rapist!

      Yeah! You think I deserved to have my head bashed against a brick wall in an argument over a book!

      So, that means you molest kids.

      You don't care that a black student was punished because of a science experiment that went wrong.

      So, that means you're a racist!

      Obesity is highest among poor people. So, you just hate poor people.

      That means you like to suck Mitt Romney's cock!

      My parents paid school taxes on their property, and paid for books I was not allowed to read.

      You don't give a fuck about that, because you probably cheat on your own taxes, and sock on Mitt Romney's cock!

      So, you use your own racism, your own religious superstitions, and your own Republicanism as an excuse to hate fat people.

      Crimes of violence add to health cost.

      Assault and battery, and rape add to health costs.

      So, fuck off!!!

      FUCK YOU! (No, I better not because I might catch a disease)

      FUCK OFF! (That's better)

      Now, I'm going to have a cup of coffee, and smoke a cigar!

      Teddy Bear

  24. @ Teddy,

    Clearly you have anger issues that you are not dealing with. I would suggest that you go on line and fight with some Mormons. Take your anger out on them. Romney was a bully and a Mormon so all Mormons must be bullies according to your logic.

    Give these dorks some shit.

  25. Oh! I forgot something.

    One more thing I have to say.

    In some much earlier article on this blog, Fat Bastardo had mentioned that the cost of taking care of the elderly, senior citizens contribute more to the cost of health care than obesity.

    We are living longer, and as we have more and more older people, the cost of health care will continue to go up.

    OK, so if all of us fat people were to get thin, would the cost of health care go down?

    If we were to just stop getting old, you know, like kill ourselves when we reach the age of 30 as in Logan's Run, would that lower health care costs?

    We are living longer now thanks to medical science.

    Perhaps CG Brady would like to go back to living in a hunter gatherer type of society where the average life expectancy was only about 30 years.

    Yeah! That would save money. Of course, it would not be dollars anymore. It would probably be sea shells or something.

    Yeah, CG Brady! Go live in a mud hut and pick the lice outta your balls!!!

    You won't have to worry about money anymore!

    Teddy Bear

    1. Getting old is not a choice but getting fat it. YOU LOSE you BIG FAT LOSER! You start with the insults I will be giving them to you right back.

      Old people who chose to live responsible lives paid in to the system and are entitled to Social Security and Medicare but people who have chosen to eat like pigs, smoke, abuse drugs and sit around like lazy oafs as you have done and then lie about it deserve a cardboard box for a house and a kick in the ass. You LOSE again LOOOOOOOOOSER.

      If fatlings lost weight the cost of health care would go down by 21% and that 21% could be spent on sick kids and to find cures. 21% per years is nearly 1 TRILLION dollars.

      21% would wipe out our debt.

      I do agree with one thing you said Teddy and that's tax the churches and I would start with the church of gluttony.

      If we lived in a hunter gatherer society I would also survive because I'm not fat and slow moving. You'd make a winter's meal for a pack of sabre tooth tigers.

      People like you Teddy are sullying the gene pool and you are a drain on society. Keep smoking!

    2. My parents paid school taxes on their property. Their taxes paid for books I was not allowed to read.

      Over the years, I have suffered far more damage to my emotional and mental health, in the name of physical fitness, than being fat has ever done to my physical health.

      My younger brother, who looks much older, he is tall and skinny, has high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. He has to take so many medications that he's practically a walking pharmacy.

      I don't have high blood pressure, and I don't have high cholesterol.

      I take only a few medications, like Metformin, and my insulin. And have to take Aspirin because of the arthritis in my left knee, the knee that got injured when I was a kid.

      You know, the crippled up left knee that got me suspended from school because I couldn't climb a stupid rope in the gymnasium.

      Also, Aspirin, and arthritis medications in general thins down the blood, reducing the risk of getting blood clots or coronary artery blockage. So, those of us with arthritis usually live longer and more miserable lives, as opposed to the shorter more brutal lives of athletes, like professional football players who are broken down wrecks, and over the hill before the age of 50.

      So, I only take a couple of medications which costs the health care system far less than the 30 different medications that my younger brother has to take. My brother is an alcoholic, has he as done far more damage to himself. I don't drink every day as he dose.

      Oh! But my brother is skinny, so that makes it OK! Right?

      My parents were factory workers when we lived up in Minnesota and they paid into social security. So, I did not come from a welfare family. And remember, they paid for books I was not allowed to read.

      When I was 17 years old, I had an emotional and mental breakdown, and spent three weeks in the state hospital, where one night I was beaten and raped by an older man.

      When I came home, I was in worse shape mentally than I was before I went into the hospital.

      I didn't want to leave the house, and I stayed in my room most of the time. When I tried to talk to a shrink, about being raped, he didn't believe me. This was back in the late 1960s and early 1970s when nobody believed a guy could get raped.

      My mother helped me to apply for my SSI check.

      OK, I refuse to settle for some minimum wage job for the rest of my life, mopping floors, scrubbing toilets, or bagging groceries for all you ingrates out there, just because I was denied a decent education.


      In school, I was a human punching bag. So, you all got your jollies off of me. You all got your entertainment.

      And now, your all pissed because you must pay the piper.

      When I go into a theater to watch a show, I expect that I will have to pay for the ticket.

      Well, you gutter-thugs had a good time knocking me around, and causing me physical and mental injuries. You all got your entertainment. You all got your jollies!

      And now, you're all pissed off because you all have to pay for it.

      So, you all can just BUCK UP AND SHUT THE FUCK UP!

      Teddy Bear

    3. Teddy quit lying and STFU. I have been though a fucking lot more than you have. Both my parents were killed in a car crash. I was placed in foster care where I was abused regularly and bounced from poster home to foster home.

      I joined the Marines and saw two of my men killed by an IED. My wife was stricken with a rare form of brain cancer and now I am a single father raising two girls.

      There are people in this world who have been dealt a lot worse hand that you and you rarely hear them bitch. Stop being such a whiny sissy gurly man.

      You need a stint in the Marine corps wimp. All fat people need need some Marine style basic or some Judge Joe Brown man training.

      What happened to you in school was nothing like what happens to kids in Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan and they don't act like pussy wimps.

  26. Normally I just oink my approval or disapproval.

    Fat Bastard 5 oinks up
    CG Brady 3 oinks up (he did score some points)
    Teddy Bear 4 oinks down (he made fat people look like a bunch of cry babies and moochers)


  27. Teddy, you got you fat ass kicked.

  28. OK everybody . . . . . .

    Here's the bottom line.

    NO 25% percent sales tax on food.

    And no taxing people just for being overweight!


    The government will not regulate my body!

    For years, there has always been some idiots who have wanted to regulate our bodies. In the past, kids in school have been punished for being left-handed. Kids with physical handicaps have been discriminated against in our schools.

    Now, some moronic fuck-tard like CG Brady wants to regulate the size and weight of our bodies, and penalize us if our bodies don't conform to his standards.

    What next? How about chopping off our left hands?

    I shoot a gun left-handed. Hint! Hint!


    You got that CG? Ya moron!!!

    My body is my private property.



    Teddy Bear

    1. Teddy,

      I would suggest that you take a deep breath. I think you are having a bad day.

      I permit all forms of speech on this blog because I abhor censorship but I will not tolerate explicit sexual comments and more that that I will not tolerate death threats against my guests. I don't want to delete your posts or lose you as a contributor.

      Please heed my advice and take a break. Threats cross the line. CG didn't beat you in this debate. You beat yourself. Please do not post until you calm down.


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