Monday, June 16, 2014

Stop the Internet Takeover By the 1%

I received the following communication from Alan Grayson so I am passing it on to everyone who likes a free and unfettered internet and free speech.

Dear Fat Bastardo, 

A lot of people think the internet is a free and open environment, where you can say what you want and visit, build, and use the sites and services you want. And it is. But that's only because the government protects us from the large cable and phone companies. These companies want to block, slow, or degrade services and sites that don't pay them money. This means that, absent government protection, any site or service might be slowed down and made unusable, if the owner won't or can't pay off the corporate bullies. 

Fat Bastardo's Op Ed: This is what corporate gangsters and Nazis do. They control free speech because freedom is a threat to them. When Jimmy Carter said that America is not longer a functioning democracy he was right. When Ron Paul called what we have now fascism he was also right. 

When President Obama ran for office, he promised to protect the internet from these kinds of predatory practices. But his Federal Communications Commission, chaired by an ex-cable lobbyist named Tom Wheeler, may allow an internet which discriminates against web sites and services. 

Fat Bastardo's Op Ed: Obama is like most people in Washington. He's merely and errand boy for the criminal elite. Maybe he has no choice. I mean look what they did to JFK and RFK and Lincoln. 

That's the bad news. 

Now here's the good news. 

Chairman Wheeler also says that he wants YOUR feedback before making this pivotal decision. I've set up a site where you can submit your comments to the FCC. 

I've been in touch with the FCC over the past few months. In a letter to me, Chairman Wheeler acknowledged that the FCC has the legal authority to protect free speech on the internet. It's just about whether he wants to do so. So let's tell him to do exactly that. 
We're in this together. Let's ask the FCC to do what the President said it would. Let's ask the FCC to do its job. 

Let's ask them to protect free speech, freedom, and America. A better world is possible, and we can make that world happen. 


Alan Grayson 

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  1. Hello Fat Bastardo!!!

    Yeah! Rich Republicans and the big corporations that support them, would love nothing more than to limit our access on the Internet, and to even shut down websites the don't like. Thus, taking away our freedom of speech, and robbing us of intellectual and academic freedom.

    Websites and web blogs like ours would probably be on their hit-list.

    As you know, I have put up two articles, one debunking Noah's Ark and one debunking the Genesis flood in the Bible.

    Eventually, I'm going to put up another article debunking EVERYTHING in the BUY-BULL, or the lie-ble!

    But now, I'm sort of taking a break, because it has been emotionally exhausting, and I am rather emotionally fragile.

    So, now I'm working on an article that is going to be really beautiful and inspirational.

    As you know, I live in El Paso, Texas, the great Southwestern Desert region.

    So, I'm working on an article about COWBOY ASTRONOMY!!!

    It's going to be about observing the stars far away from the city lights, way out there on the lone prairie.

    I want to put up something relaxing for a change.

    Then, I'll go back to doing more installments of Debunction Junction.

    But, sometimes I have to get off the train, and ride the horse for a little while.

    Did you know, that the average cowpoke, sitting around the camp fire, way back in the 1800s knew far more about the constellations in the night sky than most city folk in the 20th and 21st century currently know today?

    I once read a book on poetry about the universe, the stars and planets, that was written by a cowboy!

    I can't remember that author's name.

    It was written back in the 1800s.

    He had speculated about there being other worlds out there where their might be extra-terrestrial civilizations.

    Years ago, I had read that book, and copied down the poems. But in my move down from Las Cruces, New Mexico to El Paso, Texas, I had lost my notebook.

    So, I've been searching on the Internet.

    That old cowboy was way way way ahead of his times!!!

    It was back in the 1800s when we started building big observatories in the united states.

    Back when I was 17 years old, I have been to the Lowell Observatory not far from Flagstaff Arizona, and I have seen the telescope that was built by Percival Lowell back in the 1880s.

    It's still in use today! That telescope is over 130 years old, and it works just as good now as the day it was built.

    Old telescopes never die!

    I have seen the moon, Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn, and star clusters through that telescope on guided tours.

    An electric clock drive, and new cameras have been installed on it, but otherwise, it's still the same old telescope, still in use!

    The observatory has a funny looking dome on it.

    It's not a hemisphere like most observatory domes.

    The guy who built the dome only knew how to build water towers for railroad yards where the old time steam locomotives were serviced. But it works. The doors on it are like great big Dutch doors in two sections.

    It's weird looking, but it works just fine!

    Anyway . . . . .

    It's getting late, and this fat bear need to hibernate for a few hours.

    Catch ya later, Gator!

    The Big Fat heretic

  2. Yes Teddy, the first thing the Nazis to is censor and take guns.

    Cowboy astronomy... I LOVE IT and I really like that moon horse picture! When the article in finished post some link here and on El's blog.

  3. Good morning Fat Bastardo!

    Glad you like the silhouette pic of the cowboy on his horse in front of the rising full moon.

    I designed the image myself.

    I got the idea from an episode of Gunsmoke back in the early 1980s, can't remember exactly when I saw it.

    Of course, it wasn't at night. the sky was blue, and there was a full moon rising on top of a high mesa. A cowboy was sitting on his horse, and the moon was rising behind him.

    At first, the camera view showed him out in the distance, then the camera zoomed in for a close-up, and the moon behind the cowboy was magnified so that you could see the craters.

    I'll never forget that scene!

    Back in the old frontier days, the USA was looking forward toward the future. First the telegraph was invented, and then America had instant communication! Then Alexander Graham Bell invented the first telephone, and we had instant voice communication.

    Oh! Back in September of 1859 there was a massive solar flare that nearly took down the entire telegraph system. Telegraph operators got severe electric shocks, and blue sparks could be seen on the telegraph poles.

    If another solar flare event of such magnitude were to happen now, it could take down the entire power grid, and it would take months to replace all the blown transformers. This could cost over a trillion dollars, and really set us back economically for years! We only have so many power transformers on the shelf.

    Our power grid is many decades old, and it seriously needs to be updated, because, the power grid is vulnerable to super massive solar flares. Yes, we could get another solar flare like the one that happened back in 1859. We don't know when, but it's only a matter of time.

    President Obama is concerned about this. But I don't think the Republicans give a shit!

    If our power grid goes down, and Republicans don't give a flying fuck, then, 2059 would look more like 1859 again.

    Of course, we would still have world wide HAM Radio communications.

    But, we will be in deep shit if everything else goes down.

    I think we need to start placing our power grid underground.

    Big Fat Heretic

  4. A know that a suborbital atomic bomb detonation can take out the grid.

    If we put the grid underground it will reduce induction loss and make the grid more efficient but big oil and big coal don't want that.

  5. Good evening Fat Bastardo:

    Well . . . if the power grid goes down for any reason, such as super solar flair or another Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) like the one that occurred back in 1859, then coal and oil won't mean shit!!!

    They would not be able to sell their coal and oil to the power plants that still use it, because those power plants will not be generating any electricity until after all the blown transformers were replaced. And that could take over a year.

    anyway . . . . .

    Under the Obama administration, over 200 coal burning power plants have already been shut down to be replaced by either solar or wind power. And more are scheduled to be shut down.

    So, Big Oil, and Old King Coal, a decrepit old soul, can just suck it up, and shut the fuck up!

    They're going the way of the dinosaur.

    Big Fat Heretic

  6. I read that a 100 square mile photo voltaic panel could power the whole US.

    Saudi Arabia is seeking investors for a $109 billion plan to create a solar industry that generates a third of the nation’s electricity by 2032, according to officials at the agency developing the plan.

    The world’s largest crude oil exporter aims to have 41,000 megawatts of solar capacity within two decades, said Maher al- Odan, a consultant at the King Abdullah City for Atomic and Renewable Energy. Khalid al-Suliman, vice president for the organization known as Ka-care, said on May 8 in Riyadh that nuclear, wind and geothermal would contribute 21,000 megawatts.

    The Koch sucker brothers need to go fuck themselves.


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