Sunday, June 22, 2014

Ted Cruz Lies Again.

Irrefutable Proof That Ted Cruz (R-TX) Is Congress' Biggest Liar!

Ted Cruz (T-TX) calls himself a Southern Baptist, so he should know the Ninth Commandment.
A full 54 percent of Ted Cruz's statements have been rated "false" or "pants on fire" by PolitiFact. Another 20 percent are only "half true." That's 74 percent of Cruz's statements failing the truth test.
We're used to politicians lying to us, of course. But the frequency of Cruz's lies is actually staggering. Compare Cruz's 74 percent lying rate with Rick Perry's 48 percent and John Cornyn's 56 percent. Cruz is in rarified with Michele Bachmann as one of this country's biggest political liars. Whenever Ted Cruz opens his mouth, there's a 3/4 chance he's lying.

Ted Cruz, America's biggest liar is lying again. This time you can do something about it.

“[Texas Sen.] Ted Cruz (R) criticized the push for a constitutional amendment on regulating campaign cash Tuesday, deriding ‘Fahrenheit 451 Democrats’ and contending the liberals these days want to ban books and movies.”
-- Huffington Post, 6/3/2014

The ridiculously over-the-top rhetoric coming from Senator Ted Cruz is almost unbelievable. Almost.

Cruz is saying outlandish things about our campaign finance reform efforts to distract people from the truth -- that this amendment would reverse many of the negative effects of Citizens United.

Magicians might call Cruz’s attempt to control the debate “misdirection.” I call it baloney.

Tell Senator Cruz and his criminal allies: We NEED campaign finance reform, not more stall tactics. Sign the petition right now.

Let’s get down to what’s really going on here. Stopping the flood of outside cash -- funneling from billionaires like the Koch brothers into our elections -- is not violating the First Amendment. And it’s got nothing to do with “banning” anyone’s reading material.

Senator Cruz is all worked up about this because he supports the Koch agenda. Just like the Koch brothers, he wants to see the U.S. Senate controlled by Tea Partiers who believe in that anti-middle class agenda.

The bottom line is this: Outside groups just passed the $100 million spending mark in the 2014 elections. Attack ads are blanketing televisions all across America.

Sign the petition to tell Ted Cruz and his allies -- we need campaign finance reform now. Add your name.

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