Monday, August 25, 2014

Are Police Policing For Profit In Ferguson?

In this Op Ed I Fat Bastardo am not going to speculate on whether police officer Darren Wilson gunned down Michael Brown in cold blood or if the shooting and killing of Michael Brown was justified. Unlike most political pundits I am going to wait for the fact to come out and when the facts come out only then will I Fat Bastardo opine.

It's no secret Sheriff, Police and state law enforcement police for profit and in many cases what they do is downright theft. Police in NYC for example admit and even complain about quotas designed to increase revenue. I many cases the cop with the most arrests gets bonus and promotions.

The following article by Ryan Gorman shows indisputable evidence that the Ferguson police force is policing for profit.


Outstanding warrants outnumber residents in Ferguson, Missouri nearly two-to-one, a new report has revealed.

The St. Louis suburb, where unarmed black teen Michael Brown was shot dead August 9 by white police officer Darren Wilson, has just over 21,000 residents and more than 40,000 arrest warrants, according to ArchCity Defenders, a local advocacy group.

The town's aggressive policing strategies and difficult to navigate court system generated $2,635,400 in fine revenue for the small town. Court fines are Ferguson's second-largest source of revenue, according to the Daily Beast.

"The City of Ferguson has more warrants than residents," reads a letter from ArchCity Defenders to Ferguson mayor James Knowles. "Most of these warrants are from unpaid fines for nonviolent offenses.

Outstanding warrants nearly outnumber Ferguson residents by a ratio of two-to-one.

"For many young people, these warrants act as a barrier to employment and housing. Just as importantly, the psychological trauma of spending each day subject to arrest and incarceration is debilitating."

The large number of warrants is unusual for a town of its size, but not in that area.

The neighboring town of Pine Lawn, which is 96 percent black, has a population of 3,275 and a staggering 23,000 outstanding warrants, according to the Riverfront Times.

ArchCity Defenders believes this method of policing is predatory and leading to a rift between citizens and authorities. The group wants Ferguson to forgive most fines and warrants, it wrote in the letter.

Ferguson residents are not alone in feeling police forces discriminate against minorities, according to a recentPew Research Institute Poll.

Only 37 percent of whites in the U.S. feel police treat minorities fairly, Pew found, and a meager 10 percent of blacks agree.

Traffic stop statistics in Ferguson – blacks comprise 71 percent of the population, but 87.3 percent of stops, according to ArchCity Defenders – bare these numbers out.

About 41 percent of whites feel police use the right amount of force for each situation, according to the poll. Only six percent of blacks feel similarly.

Despite this difference of opinion of police shared by the two groups, 69 percent of the public feel blacks and whites get along "very well" or "pretty well," according to the poll.

ArchCity Defenders plans to make their case during an upcoming Ferguson city council meeting, where five of the six council members are white.

Fat Bastardo's Op Ed:

It is quite telling that only 41% of Whites believe cops don't use excessive force. Even Whites who used to be treated respectfully by the police now see that the police are out of control.  It is also telling that only 37% if Whites feel that police treat minorities fairly.

The fact that most Americans of all racial and ethnic back grounds feel that Blacks and White get along very well or pretty well spells even more trouble for the police because Whites are finding out what Blacks already knew, AMERICAN POLICE ARE OUT OF CONTROL!

What's the answer to our Gestapo style police force? Some people would like to give cops a taste of their own medicine and while I can understand that sentiment I think that is it the wrong approach or perhaps a premature approach. The fact is we need a police force but we don't need the police force that we currently have. We need professional police officers run by a moral command and control structure. As bad as the cops in blue appear the really bad cops are their bosses. Good cops rarely move up the ranks in many departments.

I say, make nice with the cops on the street. You know the old saying, keep your friends close and keep your enemies closer. Maybe by turning the other cheek, at least for a while, we can get the working cops back on the side of the citizens and turn them against their bosses.

Will this strategy work with all departments like LAPD, NYPD or the notorious Chicago PD? Probably not but it would be worth a try. Not all cops are bad and the number of rotten apples probably varies from department to department and some departments probably cannot be rehabilitated but perhaps many can. Perhaps not.


  1. Teddy, thank you for opining on this. I always appreciate your insight and incite.

    I hear that Texas is becoming a purple state and if it were not for voter suppression and Gerrymandering there would be a lot more Dems in Congress from Texas.

    Ferguson is a mess and it goes way beyond race although race plays a big role. One very out of control police force is Seattle WA and there are few minorities there. There are some good departments like in the city I live and El Paso but many city and small town cops are out of control.

    Policing for profit is a serious problem in the US. Police should be peace officers and not revenue generators. Their job is serve and protect and not harass and collect money. NYC the NYPD has quotas and that is why stop and frisk was put into place. Stop and frisk is 1000000% illegal. Stop and frisk killed Eric Garner.

    In the scheme of things illegal death by cops is less than 1000 per year and considering all the unnecessary and illegal contacts by police that number is lower than expected. I have nothing but support for the good cops but based on my research there are less and less good cops. Again in the scheme of things the real killers are doctors. Doctor errors alone kill 440,000 per year,

    This link explains how doctors kill 440,000 people each year and that doctor errors rake in an extra 1 TRILLION. This is a medical holocaust and nobody seems to care. Cops and rednecks with guns are 1000's of times less dangerous than American MDs.

  2. Good evening Fat Bastardo!!!

    Well, I see you have finally posted a response!

    I was beginning to think you were abducted by UFO aliens or something.

    Anyway . . . . .

    I don't know if Texas is going to be a purple state in 2014, but it might turn purple in 2016 when Hillery runs for President. But if not . . . I'll apply a choke onto Texas until it does turn purple!

    Actually, I want to kick Texas in the balls until it turns blue!

    Oh, by the way . . . . .

    I'll probably finish my article titled "Cowboy Astronomy" sometime in October. There will also be a total lunar eclipse on the 8th of October.

    But, for now . . . . .

    Every year, from September 21-27 is Banned Books Week.

    So, I'm going to start working on that, then I'll go back to working on Cowboy Astronomy.

    Anyway . . . . . . .

    Concerning my pursuit of that Christard Funny-mentalist and GEO-CENTRIST, Malcolm Bowden, who I suspect is practicing psychology or psychiatry without a valid practitioners license . . .

    Well . . . . .

    Last week, I got a phone call from the law enforcement authorities in the UK!!!

    They asked me how much I was willing to pay to have them do an investigation on Malcolm Bowden.

    I'm at an impasse now, because I can't afford to pay for this.

    I guess that moronic fuck-tard, Malcolm Bowden, is off the hook!

    So, he can go ahead and pull his thumb out of his mouth, and his other thumb out of his ass, and come out from under his security blanket!

    Well, I hope one of these days, one of his "patients" shoots that mother fucker!!!

    Big Fat Heretic

  3. A couple of things: With disqus sometimes it takes a while for comment to show up even mine.

    Texas is turning blue so let's get the GOP by the balls. We need more people like you applying the pressure.

    There may be another way to get Bowden. England probably has a professional organization of shrinks but keep in mind shrinks stink and they really don't give a fuck how fucked up their industry is but here is a suggestion. Contact other shrinks in the UK and see if you can convince them to go after him.

    Maybe you can start a blog all about BLOWden and use Google UK so that it gets in that crawl.

    Like Bigger Fatter Politics you have the highest journalistic standards but sometimes you gotta get into the slime with the slime. Blowden is probably a pedophile. Most pedophiles are Republicans and that's a fact and the most egregious ones are the most Christian and the largest percentage of Republican pedophiles are Christians. I think you should slime Bowden with innuendo Fox News style.

    The people most likely to molest are shrinks. They are worst than clergy so here you have a fundagelical fuckwad who's a shrink. The odd that he's a pedophile are HUGE! You can point that out and who knows, maybe some of his patients who he has molested will come forward?


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