Thursday, August 21, 2014

God is Love?

God, if it exists, SUCKS ass! Biblically  speaking, God is a complete and absolute asshole. So... when you hear a politician invoking God tell him to STFU.


  1. Thought the feds where coming? I made cookies.. I wonder what it feels like to have a demon inside you? Btw. My buddy met your dear leader. He said the room smelled like shit, dick and crack. Your a beaner aren't you? Your leader is so corrupt. I truly think he is the son of perdition. Nixon for impeached for WAAAAY less than your POS role model. Hows it feel with that milano cock in your mouth? Does it taste any different than straight black? And also I was wondering what it feels like to be a weak, brainwashed libtard? You are vermin and the lowest scum on the bottom of the shit pile. When you finally stop breathing and expelling that cock breath into our atmosphere you are gonna realize that you where wrong. Lemme know how that burn feels?? hahahahaha

  2. You are on their list dummo oops I mean gummo. They are well aware of you and your anti-American activity. Keep posting shit you fucking moron because when I come across trash like you I am almost glad for the NSA.

    What the fuck is a milano? I think you are referring to the president, a president in your mind who could have you killed with the wave of his hand. I think when you wrote milano you meant to say mulatto. What a dumb fuck you are you dumb fuck but thanks for coming to Bigger Fatter Politics so that I could make an example of you.


  4. Now I know why your are the way you are, Got hating and such. Lets see if Im right. Your extremely over weight. Always have been. You where picked on and bullied all through school. Never had a girl friend. You have never had sex with w pretty girl. U might even still be a virgin. If not you probly paid for it. You have gay or bisexual thoughts. So you're not sure if your even straight or not. You have no career. You probly work retail and collect a welfare check. And you live with your mom. Am I getting warm? U see, this is exactly what they want.. They want us divided. They want the left and right to hate each other. So we are more easily controlled. And we are both falling for it hook line and sinker. Im assuming you blame God for your misfortune. God actually loves you believe it or not. Its not to late to start a relationship with Him and make your life better. Ill pray for you dude.

  5. They want us to fight,. They want the left and right divided and both of us fall for it hook line and sinker.

  6. That is the first intelligent thing you said. And BTW, I have the posts that you edited. Stop being stupid.

    As to the right vs left false paradigm the righties are doing most of the damage. The people who are getting fucked the most are the red state idiots who voted for Romney. The corporate right is fucking them the hardest.

    We are a corpocracy as Ron Paul said. Washington DC is owned lock stock and barrel by the Plutocrats aka corporate gangsters. Blame Obama all you want but he did not cause it. Nor did he cause the immigration problem and the fact is he deported far more than Bush and there is less illegal immigration under Obama.

    Obama inherited the mess in the Middle East and he inherited a tanked economy and the CONgress won't pass the jobs bill or the farm bill.

  7. I agree with you. I own my part and apologize for acting like child We are both stooping to a pretty low level with the name calling and insulting. Now lets have a healthy debate and treat each other like human beings. How bout it? And as far as you threatening me thats fine. If I'm on a "list" it was way before you came along. I have not said anything that a million other people have not said 100 times worse. That list is friggin HUGE at this point. Don't bother me any. You posting my IP address and saying you gonna "make an example out of me" is borderline terroristic threat. So if anything happens here on my end and my wife or kid gets hurt then this will be taken to a whole other level which i don't think either of us want.. Having said that, we can stop with that bullshit and talk like adults.

  8. When someone want to take it to the gutter I will go there. Heat sometimes generates light.

    Dummo, I have not threatened you at all. I do take threats against the president very seriously and I do report them to the authorities. As a person I really like Obama but as a president I like Clinton better. Obama is too much of a boy scout. If I were married and anyone trashed my wife and hurt my kids because they didn't like me I would fuck them up really bad. Lucky for the Obama bashers that this president as very little larceny in him. If people attack my family all laws go out the window. That's just how I roll.

    I am not Obama's biggest fan but I also understand the position he's in. Obama seems to segregate his thoughts from his emotions. Finally he's taken off the gloves with this ISIL thing.

    When anyone attack my president and his family he has attacked the leader of the America and therefore he has attacked America. I have sworn an oath to defend the Constitution of the United States.

    As for me making an example of you, I have already done that. You can come here and say what you want and I will publish it so long as it is not hard core porn but when someone attacks children such as Sasha and Malia and their mother and father I see that as a form of criminal assault and I will let the authorities what they can do. You can talk all the shit about me that you want but family and kids are off limits. Our verbal combat is consensual. Attacking innocent kids and their mother and father is just plain wrong.

    Sasha and Malia love their mother and father and I would bet a lot of kids would love to have parents like Barack and Michelle. Those girls will both turn out to be fine young ladies same as Chelsea Clinton because their parents while imperfect did right by them. Sadly the Bush twins did not fair as well and this holds true for a lot of children of Republicans like Ron Paul's druggie son and harlot that Bristol Palin


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