Sunday, August 17, 2014

Pat Robertson Makes Sense On Iraq

Rarely do I agree with Pat Robertson but he fucking nailed it in these videos!

Joe Biden had proposed partitioning Iraq even before the war. He said that it should be broken into 3 parts, one for the Kurds, one for the Shiites and one for the Sunnis. A broken clock is right twice a day but this one is a no brainer and Pat diagnosed it perfectly!

It gets even better. Here Pat Robertson is calling for criminal prosecution to the bankster who stole TRILLION from Americans.


  1. I will respond with more but holy fucking jumping shit balls.... it turns out that Pat is just crazy and not part of the criminal elite. He went after the banksters and BTW... Pat is not a young earth creationist either.

  2. Good afternoon Fat Bastardo:

    Yes, that what I said . . . . .

    "Pat Robertson an Old Earth Creationist instead of a Young Earth Creationist."

  3. As you know Bigger Fatter Blog was flagged by angry jealous man hating fat feminists. Finally after the threat of a lawsuit Google was forced to reindex it. I try to avoid zealots. There are zealots of every stripe and I think that deep down they don't believe their own BS.

    I started Bigger Fatter Blog because fat men were not only underrepresented by the fat acceptance movement but they were being shunned. We needed a voice and I Fat Bastard was that voice. Bigger Fatter Blog was wildly popular and it became the leading fat acceptance site on the planet. The jealous angry fat girls ruined that. As fat men we are calm, cool and collected and that is why be make the best arguments for FA. Today the movement has splintered and is in chaos. Bigger Fatter Blog was the only stabilizing force after the fall of NAAFA. The good news is Bigger Fatter Blog is slowly making a comeback.

    As to Pat Robertson, the scary thing is this... there are Christards that are far far worse than him.

    I name all my turds Hovinds. I eat a big Ken Ham sandwich and shit out a big stinky family of Hovinds. Then I piss on them before I flush them into oblivion.

  4. Good evening Fat Bastardo;

    Well . . . just as we were beginning to think Pat Robertson was making a little bit of sense, he comes out with even more stupidity!!!

    Check out this Daily Kos article at . . .

    Pat Robertson On Ferguson Incident: Maybe Michael Brown Was On PCP


    Uh huh! Like, everybody knows all blacks are on PCP!

    Oh! Really???

    No! Pat The Rat Robertson just blew it, as usual.

    Stupidity is a drug! The most dangerous drug there is! Even more dangerous than PCP!

    And, Pat Robertson is addicted to STUPID!!!

    Big Fat Heretic

  5. Pat seems to be appealing to his hateful and brain dead base. The crazies on the right are floating all sorts of theories as to what happened. Some are saying that the cop had a broken eye socket but that has been debunked. He was treated for a swollen face but the X rays showed no broken bones.

    I am not going to make too many comments until all the facts come out. The cop, Darren Wilson is presumed innocent but here is what I am thinking. Cops nationwide are out of control... that said... Michael Brown was a thug. Maybe we will never know what really happened.

    We will know if Brown was high and what he was high on when the toxicology reports come out.

  6. Good evening again Fat Bastardo:

    Well, the bottom line was, that Michael Brown was unarmed.

    If he tried to attack the cop, using his fists, or whatever, that cop should have used either tear gas, or pepper spray, or a Tazer, and once down on the ground, then just put the cuffs on him, and make a clean arrest.

    Yeah, Michael Brown was probably no angle, but he did surrender, putting his hands up over his head.

    But the cop put 6 shots into him. The 4 body shots were survivable. It was the 2 shots to the head that killed him.

    OK, a cop does have a right to use deadly force if you come at him with a weapon. But Michael Brown had no weapon, except his fists. So, that cop was a coward.

    When I was a kid in school, and during my 20s I have been in a few fist fights. Who hasn't? And to be honest, I lost more than I had won. So, guys who always brag about winning every fist fight, you know their fulla crapola!!!

    When I was in grade school, in the 6th grade, during outdoor recess, I was attacked by this bully, and kicked in the testicles. I was doubled over from the pain. But after the pain subsided, I got back up on my feet, and then, I jumped on the other kid and knocked him down and started punching his face.

    Well, one of the teachers was the field monitor that day, a great big German woman who pulled me off of the punk, and applied a choke hold around my neck while dragging me into the principals office.

    I remember, she smelled bad!

    The punk who attacked me, he was NEVER disciplined for his actions, even though he had started the fight. But I was suspended for a couple of days, punished for defending myself. Yeah, the punk got away with it because he was good at sports, while flunking on his ass in his academic subjects.

    As a kid, I was no coward. I would defend myself, even though I knew I might lose more fights than I would win.

    Well, that little town where I had lived in, up in Northern Minnesota was a corrupt little fiefdom.

    My 5th grade teacher was an arsonist, and the only cop we had in that small town was kicked off the police force in St. Cloud, Minnesota, after he had beaten and raped a 12 year old girl. Oh! But he was able to get a job as a cop in that crummy little Payton Place. That little town of about 800 was worse than Harper Valley.

    So, I have known some bad cops, and I have known good cops.

    The cop that shot Michael Brown who was unarmed, that cop is a coward!!!

    And Ferguson, Missouri, is just another corrupt little fiefdom, like so many small towns in the south.

    Big Fat Heretic


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