Tuesday, October 7, 2014

History Will Prove Obama Right On ISIS

Instead of the US doing all the heavy lifting Obama has put together a huge coalition of forces. ISIS is a threat to the entire world and it is the responsibility of every country to kill off ISIS.

Obama is playing it smart. As Germany was losing WW-2 the allies let it go on so that the German people would wake up to the fact that Hitler was a fuck up and an evil idiot and it worked. Nazism was the scourge of the world and all humanity. Nazism was defeated. Islam is the scourge to all humanity bet there are 1.7 billions in the world. Muslims killing Muslims has to be a good thing and why should we rescue people who believe in the Koran and the Haddith and who follow the teachings of a their pedophile prophet?

Less Muslims is Like Having Less Nazis

Every Mosque Should Look Like This!

How can having less Muslims and less Nazis in the world be a bad thing? Why does the US have to do all the killing? Muslims are killing off themselves. How can that be a bad thing? Less Muslims = a better world.

Islam is the enemy of all humanity. Obama knows this but in the politically correct world he can't say it. No leader in today's world can but they all think it and so do you. Say it, They can't be that brutally honest but you can.

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Lebanese army to get first Saudi-financed weapons soon: former PM

By Elizabeth Pineau and John Irish PARIS (Reuters) - Lebanon's army will soon receive military equipment as part of a $1 billion grant from Saudi Arabia to help it fight Islamist militants encroaching into Lebanon from Syria, former Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri said on Tuesday. Hariri, who has…

Turkey: NATO has plan to defend the country

ANKARA, Turkey (AP) — The NATO alliance has drawn up a strategy to defend Turkey if it is attacked along its border with Syria, a Turkish official said Monday.
Associated Press

Australia finalising legal go-ahead for special forces in Iraq

Australian special forces are ready for action in Iraq, but they await final legal approval, Prime Minister Tony Abbott said Tuesday.

French discussing Kobani action with Turks: minister

PARIS (Reuters) - France said on Tuesday it was vital to act in order to stop Islamic State's advance on the northern Syria border town of Kobani, and was discussing with Turkey what could be done. "A lot is at stake in Kobani and everything must be done so that the Daesh terrorists are stopped and…

Britain arrests four men in operation against Islamist militants

LONDON (Reuters) - British anti-terrorism police arrested four men in their early 20s in London on Tuesday as part of an investigation into Islamist-related militancy, police said in a statement. Armed police were present at one of the raids, but no shots were fired, police said. "These arrests and…

Here  is a list of members of the coalition so far.
France: France has begun reconnaissance flights over Iraq, the French Defense Ministry said. Two Rafale air force planes took off from an air base in the United Arab Emirates, the ministry said.
France has contributed 18,000 rounds of .50-caliber ammunition in the fight against ISIS, a senior U.S. State Department official told reporters Sunday during a background briefing. It's protocol for officials giving the information not to be quoted by name. France's air force was also part of a recent operation in the Iraqi town of Amerlithat pushed back ISIS fighters and, along with Australia and Great Britain, has performed humanitarian aid drops in Iraq.
Media's ISIS 'hyperventilating'
Is ISIS able to bring down American planes?
Harkin: 'We can't police the world'
PM: ISIS 'not Muslims, but monsters'
Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi told reporters in Baghdad on Friday that French President Fran├žois Hollande promised that France "will participate in efforts to hit terrorist locations in Iraq."
Germany: Geared toward curbing ISIS propaganda and recruitment, Germany has banned activities that support ISIS, including making it illegal to fly the trademark black flag of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. Germany has also said it was sending military assistance to the Kurdish region to fight ISIS.
Obama said on September 17 that German paratroopers are offering training in the overall effort to fight ISIS.
Netherlands: In Sunday's briefing, a State Department official praised the Netherlands for "leading an effort" to help curb the flow of foreign fighters coming into the country who may be empathetic to ISIS or assisting it in some way. Dutch leaders have proposed amending national law that would revoke citizenship to those who work with terrorists, The New York Times reported.
Canada: A State Department official said Sunday that Canada has provided "tangible equipment and ammunition" to the broader effort to fight ISIS. Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced just days ago that more than 50 Canadian special operations troops are being deployed to Iraq as part of an adviser mission but that there would be no direct military intervention by the country, according to CTV.

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