Saturday, November 22, 2014

Reagan & Bush-41 Discuss Illegal Immigration

Candidates Reagan & Bush-41 Discuss Illegal Immigration in 1980 Debate

All you Obama hating inbred tea bagging gay hating closet Christard hatriots listen to this debate between George HW Bush and Ronald Reagan and then go fuck yourselves and die. For the rest of you. This is what conservatism used to be. Sounds a lot like Obama huh?


  1. Good morning Fat Bastardo:

    Today's Republicans are not merely "conservative" anymore. Conservative means being just a little bit right of center.

    I have no problem with people who are mildly or moderately conservative. But today's Republican party is about a trillion light-years to the right of Attila The Hun!!!

    Today's Republicans would make Ronald Reagan and George HW Bush of the 1980s look like a couple of flaming liberals by comparison! Baby Bush was even worse than his ol' man Papa Bush!!! And Vice President Dick Sucker Cheney was even worse than President Bush II.

    And now, theses extreme with-wing retards are calling Obama a Communist and a left-wing extremist when Obama is actually the most conservative Democrat we have ever had. Obama himself even once said that he's a Blue Dog Democrat.

    Oh! You know what Texas Governor, Rick Perry's solution was for immigrant children???

    He had children put in dog kennels!!!

    Yeah! Today's Republicans! Oh how they all love Jesus!

    But they hate women and children. They love fetuses, but they hate babies after they're born!

    They hate elderly people, the physically handicapped, the homeless, college students, teachers, and scientists.

    Hell, today's Christians even hate each other!

    In Fort Lauderdale Florida, they have made it illegal to feed the homeless. A 90 year old guy, one of those very rare examples of a good Christian, was arrested and put in jail for giving food to the homeless.

    So, Christian Republicans even hate other Christians if they're not the right kind of Christians!

    Republican Christians only love Jesus, but they hate everybody else who is not one of them.

    Big Fat Heretic

  2. I was just talking about how Obama is more conservative than Reagan. I was also saying that Dems need to take off the gloves and speak to and about the far right shit heads in the most unflattering ways. A Republican or anyone who votes for a Republican is lower than shit and should be treated as such.

    Ridicule them at every turn.

    If Jesus were real even he would beat the shit out of them!

  3. Good evening Fat Bastardo:

    Well . . . I guess we Democrats do need to take off the kid gloves, and put on the boxing gloves.

    But, we tend to take the high road, and we simply don't resort to the same gutter tactics as Republicans.

    If we went around, for example: calling Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin sluts, then we would just be sinking down to the same low gutter level with the Republicans.

    Personally, I would dearly love to tell them both to their faces that they should just go out into the streets and do The Hoochie Dance and spread their legs apart for quarters, or that they blow dogs for quarters and give 20 cents change!

    But then, I'm just a plane everyday citizen, and I'm not in politics. So, I would just have at it!

    Big Fat Heretic

    1. Moron/liar: This article has a chart showing the truth, which is the record LOW numbers of deportations under Obama. "The low figure for Obama deportations would be lower still if the administration did not count as “deportations” arrests and removals at the border that would not have been counted in this way by previous administrations. Enforcement in the interior of the country has almost vanished during the Obama years, down 19 percent from 2011 to 2012 and another 22 percent from 2012 to 2013. In 2014, of course, interior enforcement will shrink even further, as the president exempts from enforcement action 6.5 million of the former 11 million estimated illegal population."

  4. I would never refer to Bachmann and Palin as sluts. I love sluts so to compare those to turds to sluts would be an insult to sluts everywhere.

    And another thing... having them blow dogs would be unspeakable cruelty to animals.

    Bush daughters were tramps. Bristol Palin is a tramp. Chelsea Clinton, Amy Carter, Caroline Kennedy, Linda and Lucy Bird Johnson, Sasha and Malia Obama all ladies.



    As you know, because of what went on in Ferguson Missouri, there's been a lot of protest demonstrations across the USA, and I joined in a crowd of demonstrators in front of the County Court House here in down town El Paso, Texas. There must have been well over 50 people present.

    I was sitting there in my JAZZY power chair holding a protest sign, with my pipe in my mouth, occasionally taking the pipe out of my mouth when we were shouting our protest slogans.


    I must have been the oldest one there, and of course, the fattest one there!

    It was mostly younger people in the teens and 20s and some in their 30s and 40s and a few in there 50s and there were three NEWS vans there with their TV cameras.

    We all shouted stuff like . . . . .

    HAND UP! DON'T SHOOT! HANDS UP! DON'T SHOOT! HANDS UP! DON'T SHOOT! While we had our hands raised above our heads.

    Then we all started shouting . . . . .

    WHAT DO WE WANT? JUSTICE!!! WHEN DO WE WANT IT? NOW!!! over and over again and again about a dozen times.


    And of course, after everyone shouted NOW! I finally interjected with, AND I MEAN LIKE, YESTERDAY!!!

    After I said YESTERDAY, everybody cheered! They all loved my YESTERDAY!!!

    Then one young lady shouted, LET'S MARCH TO THE POLICE STATION, and when she said that . . .

    I shouted . . . . .


    And again, everybody cheered to that one.

    So, we marched to the police station, the Cop Shop, a three story red brick building about a couple of blocks away shouting the same slogans over and over again.

    The police inside the front office could see us all in front of the glass doors. We had our hands raised above our heads shouting again and again . . . . .


    Naturally of course, I advised the younger protestors not to block the entrance, but to let people pass in and out, and they heeded my advice. Gotta listen to us old coots sometimes, ya know!

    Then we left the Cop Shop and marched back to the court house again.

    I was there from about 5:00 PM to 7:30 PM.

    Someone took a photo of me sitting in my JAZZY holding my protest sign which said . . . . .

    #Black lives matter

    And I had my pipe in my mouth. I gave him my E-mail address so he could send the photo to me.

    When I came home around 8:00 PM, I checked my E-mail, and sure enough . . .

    I'm sitting in my JAZZY, my Fat Mobile, holding my protest sign with my pipe in my mouth, and wearing my dark sun glasses, also wearing my Obama hat, and I'm wearing grey pants that are cut-offs about knee length.

    A couple more guys took some photos of me and I should be getting them in my E-mails over the next couple of days or so.

    Of course, everyone there had their pictures taken.

    It was a fantastic day!

    I felt so alive and invigorated!

    The air was cold, and there was a thin crescent moon in the sky, a beautiful clear night.

    And as we were shouting, our voices echoed off the high-rise buildings in the down town area.

    Yes, there were police cars there, but the cops didn't bother us at all. They're used to public demonstrations in the down town area.

    And people driving by in their cars were honking their horns and flashing their headlights!

    All and all, it was a peaceful demonstration, with a lot of loud shouting of course.

    Someone told me I had the strongest voice there.

    Yeah, I was the oldest and the fattest one there, and the only one in a wheelchair.

    We were protesting, because the cop who shot the black student, the Grand Jury refuses to indict him.

    There seriously need to be a court hearing, and that cop should be held accountable for what he did.

    Well, anyway, it's getting late, and I need to log some sack time. I'm tired.

    Catch ya later Gator!

    Big Fat Heretic

  6. WOW WOW WOWEEEEEEE!!! Once again Dr Bear you kicked ass. Your trained voice and your bearing certainly stood out.

    Mike Brown was gunned down. Certainly he was no angel but Wilson's story does not hold up. There were some marks on Wilson but they were very minor abrasions that were probably self inflicted or inflicted by one of his criminal cop buddies.

    I have not commented officially on this but I wish this had not gotten so much media attention. Brown was a thug but there are many many many many totally innocent black males who are beaten and killed by cops.

    The case that needed more media attention was that of Eric Garner. He was the fat Black man that NYPD thugs choked to death. The lame stream media focused on this case and swept the Eric Garner case under the rug.

    The trash on the right are trashing the Brown family and sadly they do have some ammo. There are some many other cases where the Black victims are completely innocent but the media focuses on the one where the Black victim has a checkered past.

    Eric Garner was a much more sympathetic figure than Mike Brown. Eric Garner was loved by all.

  7. Good evening Fat Bastardo:

    Yes, I agree.

    I wish there had been more media attention on the case of Eric Garner who was choked to death by the New York cop, when his only crime was illegal cigarettes.

    Also, I wish more was mentioned about other innocent blacks being murdered by crooked cops.

    During the lull in the loud chanting, those other incidents were talked about, but it should have been included in our loud chanting.

    But for some reason, there has been more rioting in Ferguson Missouri after Mike Brown was killed and no rioting that I know of in New York city when Eric garner was killed.

    Maybe that's why Ferguson got more publicity.

    What did you think of my photo of me in my Fat Mobile and my pipe in my mouth?

    Anyway . . . . . I'll catch ya later, Gator!

    Big Fat Heretic

  8. I think it's clear that our society has less appreciation for fat when IMO the best members of American society are fat men. Fat men are cherished in Japan. Cops are like predators and I think they take pride in taking down "big game". That was probably the motivation for going after fat guys like Brown and Garner. When you watch the prison reality shows very few of the inmates are fat. 99% of them are mesomorphs. You find damn few endomorphs.

    Eric Garner had not even committed a crime. The fact is Garner had just broken up a fight. It could be argued that Garner's death was an accident but that would be BS. Proud FA used to joke people out when he was in high school and even back then he knew that you stop as soon as they go out. IMO that cop knew that his choke would kill Garner. Both were executions.

    The other thing is, cops also go after Whites in the same brutal ways but they do it in the cities. Cops are smart enough to know not to fuck with red necks. Red necks can be very dangerous. They all one high powered rifles and are skilled shooters. Who in their right mind would fuck with them.

    Teddy, you looked great in your scooter. You looked jaunty, powerful, authoritative and professorial! I am sure that there were other fat men there at the protest but I suspect that there were precious few fat girls there supporting the Brown family and promoting social justice for all. We fat men want EVERYBODY to be treated right.

  9. I love Turkey Day! We had dinner with at the Chef's place last year. It was incredible. Every thing the Chef makes is a foodgasm in every bite but when he sparks up the bong with his high test sticky green his culinary genius really shines. I went to Proud FA's this year and I footed the bill for everything. Thinnette cooks for me all the time but this year I had the meal catered and while it was not as good as the Chef's it was damn good. I bought 2 15 pound turkeys. One was stuffed with traditional stuffingand the other was with corn bread stuffing with bacon bits and sausage.

    We had the usual fare, mashed taters, candied yams, shrimp, green beans, peas, gravy, squash, apple pie, pumpkin pie, pumpkin cheese cake, jello fruit salad. We drank a lot. We started thing off with some champagne, then a nice Reisling followed by a white Bordeaux, Irish coffee, a desert wine and some Grand Marnier.

    Thinnette was really grateful. She called a friend of her's over for desert. Her friend was HOT and skinny as hell. I love skinny chick and Faydra was whip thin and had a very impressive thigh gap. We smoked a bowl but her friend doesn't get high. Thinnette was playing matchmaker and she assured me that her friend was hot for me. We have a date tomorrow. I'll probably end up boning her. Since my weight loss I can fuck like a champ now. CG got my arterial disease almost gone. I still eat like a fucking pig but I eat less calories. This pig out was a not so rare treat but now everyday is not a feast. I will take a huge steaming shit tomorrow... probably a triple flusher.

    As to those skinny cops... a lot of runt cops have Barney Fife syndrome. Fat cops can also be assholes. Had Proud FA been there when that cop assaulted you Proud would have disarmed him and fucked him with his own billy club and Tasered his nut sack. The local Gestapo is scared shitless of Proud FA.

    Overall fat cops are less dangerous and the reason is simple... fat men are jolly. Fat feminists female cops are a whole other story. They fucking hate us fat guys.

    I am glad that you stood up to those bullies who disrespected you. They treat the poor and the minorities like turds in a urinal. They fucked with the wrong fat man when they fucked with you. If you run into those cops see if you can get them back on the side of the people and against their corporate masters.

  10. Good evening Fat Bastardo:

    Well, I wasn't exactly assaulted by the cop, not physically anyway, but more of a verbal assault.

    I'm use to that!

    Of course, I did raise my voice first, as he was walking away, because he had refused to hear my side of the story, then he turned back to me, and then, we were nose to nose, as we were both yelling at each other.

    I think it was actually funny, rather amusing, like some corny old comedy from the 1960s!

    Oh! Speaking of old programs . . . you should check out Sam's Classic TV on YouTube.

    Sam's Classic TV

    He's an atheist, and he's gay, and he has some really cool old Black & White videos from the 1930s the 1940s the 1950s and the 1960s.

    He has the old Dragnet series, Martin Kane Private Eye, a lot of old crime videos, and old comedies, including old British comedies by the BBC, and he has added Sky King, Robin Hood, I can't name them all right now, but I have been favoring them to my Playlists on my own YouTube channel.

    Check out the Playlists on my channel. I have favored his videos in chronological order.

    He also has the old Black & White series of Men Into Space!!!

    I remember watching those when I was a kid living up in Minnesota.

    I'll be favoring a new Playlist for those later on.

    Although he's an atheist, he does have some of the old classic religious programs. So, he likes to accommodate all kinds of viewers. It's family oriented programming.

    Oh! The memories it all brings back!!!

    Well, I just had my late evening meal, and I'm now smoking my pipe and having some Old Crow Kentucky Straight Bourbon, the Sour Mash kind.

    No, I don't get drunk anymore. That's stupid kid stuff! Like I did a few times in my 20s. No thank you.

    Nah! I don't want to bow down before the porcelain alter, or talk to Ralph on the great white telephone.

    Yeah, Ralph is a very patient listener, but I just don't wanna talk to him anymore!

    Oh wow! Me thinks I wax euphemistically!!!

    Anyway . . . . .

    I'm going to watch a few more videos before I hit the sack.

    Catch ya later, Gator!

    Big Fat Heretic

  11. Dr Bear, don't ever get used to taking shit from the world's assholes. Lay the smackdown on their candy asses Bear style. I am so glad that you turned than nasty bean pole cop in to his superiors.

    Thank for heads up in that classic TV. I watch MeTV, GetTV and Turner Classic Movies.

    I got pretty baked yesterday but I don't make a habit of it. I think its good for me to get fucked up once in a while.

  12. Do you EVER listen to yourself? Do you EVER actually factually address rebuttals, without endless ad hominem projection? I am agnostic, yet I pray there are those on the left that will see the light, and that the comments below are not representative of the average Democrat.

    This country is underwater. There are already too many outliers in the lifeboat. Tens of millions of mature informed intelligent Republicans recognize the imperative to make hard choices and do the dirty work, like cleaning up the epochal illegal immigration catastrophe created by vote-pandering self-anointed deluded liberals. We don't all side with big business. We don't all use "gutter" language as you accuse me. YOU, in fact do and did. See below. Nice poison pill.

  13. Mature informed and intelligent Republican has to be the oxymoron of the century.

    When the fact blow your neo con tea bagging pedophile GOP bullshit out of the water all you traitor have left is your straw man arguments and an attack on personal style of writing and that is because you suck great big giant fucking elephant dick.

    I have nothing against paleo Republicans like Reagan. In fact my three of my 4 favorite presidents were Republicans Lincoln, William Howard Taft and Teddy Roosevelt but ignorant Fox News parroting trash like you have no clue about Taft or Roosevelt who were both far more liberal than Clinton or Obama. Your hero Reagan was more liberal than Obama. If Reagan were alive today he would tell people like you to go fuck yourself.

    Like the asshole that you are you did bot speak to the content of the article I posted i.e. Bush 41 and Reagan discussing amnesty. Because you are a fuck wad with not one single original thought and because you hate Obama even more than you hate America you don't want to now that Obama is doing the same thing Reagan did when it came to undocumented workers.

    Suck on the facts in the graph you filthy lying treasonous douche bag and I call you that because the only thing worse than today's Republican politicians are the filth who votes for them.

  14. I won't be calling you a troll because trolling takes skill and creative so I will simply call you what you are and that is Fox News watching asshole and BTW you waterboard-loving hypocrite, but aren't you late for your Flat Earth Society meeting?

    I'm curious, you ammo-stockpiling zealot, does your lower intestine empty directly into your skull?

    If freedom-loving Americans can't freely mock a soulless, border-stalking bumpkin like you, then the terrorists have already won.

  15. About all you honor are the lies of Rush Limbaugh and Hannity. Clearly you did not listen to Pappy Bush and Reagan's debate because if you had the pea brain of yours would have exploded in your head when you realized that Pappy Bush and Ronald Reagan were far more liberal than Clinton or Obama.

    Congratulations, you Christianity-bastardizing Repugnican, you're a walking refutation of the theories of evolution and intelligent design.

    I do have one question for you though. Were you born a deranged, gun-fondling hypochristian or did you just eat paint chips as a kid?

    One more question. Why do you cons always resort to upper case when you type something? Are you that devoid of original thought?

    Look at the graph asshole. You cons really are dumb fucks. You are a beta so STFU. Know your role and shut your mouth.

  16. You know nothing about me. I never watch Fox, you very meanspirited, no-credibility, delusional hater. Get help.

  17. You know nothing about me. I never watch Fox, you very meanspirited, no-credibility, delusional hater. I'm surprised you don't choke on your own bile. Get help.

  18. I know enough about you by your babbling and fact free statements.

  19. I have more credibility in my stools than you have in your entire being. You came here and attacked Dr Bear aka Big Fat Heretic. Dr Bear is an accomplished and erudite man and he is about to be named by NAFAM as a professor emeritus.

    You can say anything you want here but when you attack one of my readers you are going to get shit.

    I am not polite to douche bags and the Obama haters and the neo cons and teabaggers because they are traitors and I, Fat Bastardo am a patriot.

  20. Get a grip on your dick. Buy some tweezers.

  21. Any clue what my initial comment was in regard to, that touched off your protracted puerile hate & filth-spewing diatribe? Or is your name-calling more important?

  22. It's funny you mention that because Bigger Fatter Politics gets 7000+ page views per day. My followers on twitter include, Ed Shultz, Ezra Kline, Joy Behar, George Will, Sharon Osborne, Tommy Sotomayor, Joe Scarborough, Dick Smothers, Gayle King, Stephen Colbert ect...

  23. Mention WHAT? I started out w/a very valid point that you flatout ignore, & just rant hatred and filth on & on. This site is a goldmine of material to show America what your kind is like.

  24. Cute little FaceBook pseudograph... Here, have some substance, from a reputable source. And I care a lot less about party affiliation than I do about salvaging this country from the illegal immigration catastrophe created by the Left. Oh, and your site is a real goldmine for material to show America what your kind really are like.

  25. I gave you a chance liar and you lied and lied so now I am going to expose you. I sucker subversives and traitors like you here to expose their criminal and treasonous | IP address:

    I have asked that this blog be monitored for traitors and enemies of the US. I gave you a chance to stop lying. It's out of my hands.

    1. you are a straight shit-talking moronic egomaniac.

  26. There are a couple of things you forget liar. One is, When Reagan was president the Republican were sane and so were the Democrats. Reagan was sane. Reagan let in 3 million. He signed the bill.

    Another thing that you don't point out liar is that Obama has deported more than Bush and less got in under Obama but because you are a racist and a liar you omit that. Click the link LIAR!

  27. Reagan let them in. He could have vetoed but I suppose in your pea brain Ronald Reagan was a flaming liberal. Let's look at the facts.

    He cut and ran after the Bierut bombing. Spoke kindly of illegals and after Clinton fixed the economy of liberals Tax and Spend HW Bush and Reagan and then super liberal Borrow and Spend GW Bush we went from a surplus to a huge deficit. Now fiscal conservative Obama has created over 10 MILLION private sector jobs.

    Liberal Reagan raised taxes 11 times. OK asshole how many times did Obama raise taxes? Answer the question you liar!

    Who increased the border patrol Bush Jr or Obama? Answer the question LIAR!

    Who deported more illegals? Bush or Obama? Answer the question LIAR!

    Who had the most illegal immigration. Bush or Obama? Answer the question LIAR!

    You are a fucking liar and you know it.

  28. Obama lied about his deportation #s. I know the facts. They are on the public record and I have checked and crosschecked them many times, many years. Your "facts" are delusional & self-serving. Liar is your favorite word, or maybe you can't come up with anything more descriptive. I wouldn't even waste my time trying to convince you of anything, or pasting any reality here for you. Already have & you 100% ignored it. Go vacation in Iran. Or Syria. Or Iraq.

    Bye now.

    1. You lied again Steve, and when you lie on my blog twice you end up giving yourself cancer. Karma works in wonderful ways.

      Of course you won't post anything factual to refute my article and we all know why. It is because you can't so instead you lie. You could in the comment sections expose me as a fraud to the the 1000's of daily readers who read this blog but you can't and now you will burn in hell liar, Was it worth it?

      You have records? Post them liar. Prove me wrong LIAR!


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