Sunday, January 4, 2015

Doctors Are The New Banksters

It's well known that American bankers are among the most reviled pieces of trash in America and they have earned that reputation but you probably didn't know that American doctors are far worse.

 Disease exploitation better known health care in America is now 20% of the US GDP. To put that into perspective the when you exclude the US the world average for countries is 5% of their annual GDP. When the US had the best health care its percentage of GDP for health care was 5%. One would think that a quadrupling of health care expenditures would make America the the leader in health care but in reality American health care is the absolute worst in the industrialized world with a ranking by the World Health Organization of 38th.

Doctors being lying scum will blame everyone but themselves for the dismal state of American heath care and while a lot of the blame like with the FDA, corporate hospitals and big pharma the biggest scumbag are indeed MDs.

MDs are the pimps who sell the dangerous and over priced drugs to naive patients and they get filthy rich doing it via the kickbacks from the drug companies. Other doctors make a killing taking bribes and kickbacks from medical device companies like Stryker Medical and Johnson & Johnson.

Unlike the banksters who don't directly kill and maim people for profit doctors, fueled by their unquenchable greed, kill at least 1 million Americans each year and maim many more and unlike the banking industry incompetency is very in the medical industry is highly lucrative. Imagine if the medical industry cured diseases instead of exploiting them. If the industry and their whores at the FDA allowed cures the industry would be a mere shadow of what it is today.

Click here and see how the medical industry nets $1 trillion each year and kills 440,000 Americans each year through their medical errors alone. This is proof positive that bad medicine is far more lucrative than good medicine.

Even if the banks were unregulated they could not do the damage to America that doctors and their criminal industry has done.

The remedy for criminal bankers is prison and the remedy for millions of criminals in in the medical industry is also prison.

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