Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Obama VS Putin

The treasonous Republicans love Putin.

Most male Republicans have a full blown gay man crush on Putin.

Why do they love Putin so much and hate Obama? Why to they want to see Putin win and Obama lose? Here's why. Putin is their kind of people. Putin is a war monger and Republicans love war. Putin has wrecked his own country's economy and Republican love seeing people in poverty and they hate prosperity. Putin is closet homosexual and so are many Republicans.

Why do the Republicans hate Obama?

The US economic recovery under Obama's leadership has outpaced the economic recovery of every other Western country. Republicans hate prosperity and they hate Obama.

Obama ends wars. Republicans are chicken hawks who love war. Obama ends wars and they hate him for that. War is very profitable.

Obama is not gay and Republicans hate that. Sure they would hate him if he were gay and they so badly want him to be gay and that is why start rumors saying that he's gay. They even go so far as to say Michelle Obama is really a man.

Obama has made Putin his bitch. Republicans love being somebody's bitch and that is why they are the bitches of the banks and corporations.

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