Thursday, January 22, 2015

Open Letter to Dr Oz

Dear Ozzie,

It's no secret that most members of your industry are scumbags much like you. While you take kickbacks from the supplement companies Dr Drew takes bribes from the drug companies. Congress which has a lower approval rating than cockroaches has a disproportionate number of doctors so if in your narcissism you have convinced yourself that you are your profession/industry is not a cabal of scumbags I present that fact.

My article titled Dr Oz Busted For Weight Loss Fraud (click here) has received nearly 32 million page views since June 14 2014. I wrote that article to warn people about scumbags like you. The article is now averaging 10,000 + page views per day. I would be willing to remove that article if I could see some good faith on your part.

Here is what I would like to see:

Bring on guests that tell the truth about the massive fraud perpetrated by the American medical industry.

Bring on guests that who will tell the truth about the 1 MILLION + deaths caused by doctors, hospitals and drug companies.

Present the true data on deaths from adverse drug reactions.

Present the truth about health care acquired infections.

Unless and until you redeem yourself this article will be left on the internet for all to read. More and more people will link to it and your already sullied reputation will be further degraded.

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