Friday, January 23, 2015

What Ever Happened to Kate Harding

You don't see or hear Kate waddling around the fatosphere with her toxic man hating and gluttony denial. What happened to Kate Harding/Hate Karding? Did she lose weight and get plastic surgery and get some dick? Did she get on hormone replacement therapy to be more manly and did the increase of testosterone and the reduction in estrogen suddenly make her rational, accountable and less histrionic?

Maybe Kate developed something called honesty, something that is lacking in most feminists? Maybe she figured out that her lunatic rantings on Shapely Prose helped to destroy fat acceptance? Maybe she hopped into her "douche canoe" (douche canoe is one of Kate's favorite terms for anyone who kicks her ass in an argument) and paddled to reality.

Maybe Kate finally and simply figured out just how full of shit she truly is?

How full of shit is Kate?

Kate is wrote a book called The Rise of the Rape Culture but the fact is along with all other street crimes rape has been going down. Perhaps Ms Harding should have done some research before she wrote such a wrong book.

Since there is a sharp decline in rape perhaps Kate Harding should have titled her book The Decline of the Rape Culture but when has the truth ever stopped a hack like Kate from making a buck by pandering to other man haters?

Maybe Kate would have had better luck whining about domestic violence... maybe not? Turns out that men are nearly as likely to be victims of domestic violence but women are rarely prosecuted or convicted.

Kate since it seems you have STFU, please stay STFU.

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