Friday, February 13, 2015

Wikipedia Crossed The Line With Their Censorship

I rarely rely on Wikipedia for information but from time to time I read articles there. Several years ago I joined Wikipedia because I came across an article that did a hit job on MeMe Roth of National Action Against Obesity. While I don't agree with Ms Roth I believe her to be a woman of honor. I also believe in the truth. I edited the Wikipedia article by correcting it but my edit was deleted mostly likely by an angry jealous fat girl or some loser with a fat and stinky wife.

I also edited some fat acceptance article by including links to my fat acceptance sites and that is what caused them to block me, Fat Bastardo.

Thanks to my work and the work of MeMe Roth fat acceptance, the nasty man hating science denying kind, may not be dead but is sure smells bad because it is in its final death throes.

To prove a point and to educate the Wikipedia censors about free speech I, Fat Bastardo have started an appeal process. I will probably not be participating with Wikipedia any further. I will leave it to my readers to edit articles. The following is from my appeal.

Why do you believe you should be unblocked?

I think I was blocked for adding my fat acceptance site to an article about Fat Acceptance. My sites are critical to the current fat acceptance movement for its lack of effectiveness, its denial of science and the dangerous information it conveys. Currently the second leading cause of death and injury is obesity/gluttony. The NAAFA style and fat feminist style of fat acceptance hates men especially fat men and they spread dangerous health information. 

In the interest of balance I added my sites Bigger Fatter Blog, and Bigger Fatter Politics but because a male and scientific version of fat acceptance competes with the science denying man hating fat acceptance movement I suspect that some crazies flagged it. When Google placed a warning on Bigger Fatter Blog I was forced to take legal actions against them. They have now removed the warning, reindexed Bigger Fatter Blog and now they no longer remove, place warnings on or de-index blogs based on flaggers.  

If you are unblocked, what articles do you intend to edit?

I don't know at this point. I will be discussing this with an ACLU civil rights attorney before I do anything. I think an apology from wikipedia is in order

Why do you think there is a block currently affecting you? If you believe it's in error, tell us how.

I explained that in the first comment box. It was in error because people with an agenda who did not like my politics of sanity influenced the admin or moderator who blocked me. A few years I made another edit regarding anti-obesity advocate MeMe Roth. I tried to correct some inaccurate and libelous information posted by her enemies (jealous angry man hating fat girls). That probably also got me in Dutch with your censors. Despite the fact that Ms Roth and I are on opposite sides of the issue I defended her and the truth and in spite of that my edit was deleted so I never bothered to repeat it. Clearly some at wikipedia has a pro angry fat girl, anti science, man hating, anti health, slender woman hating agenda.

Is there anything else you would like us to consider when reviewing your block?

When you guys start censoring and bowing to political correctness you end up on a slippery slope. Unpopular speech is the only speech that requires protection. I hope that fact sinks in. My work in the field of fat acceptance and the obesity crisis is important. People are dying and it is mostly due to ignorance and the nutritional misinformation. Wikipedia is helping to perpetuate this dangerous health misinformation by denying my sites being included in your articles. The co-morbidities of obesity will kill at least 500,000 Americans each year and maim millions more while putting $100's of billions into the coffers of the corrupt American medical industry. Wikipedia's censorship helping that process.



  1. The agenda trolling at Wiki is brutal but the good news is, a lot of their true identities are being found and exposed.

    If Wiki doesn't clean up its act it will be gone and something better will replace it.

    Hey Fat Bastardo, thank you for doing this.

    1. There are a lot of people doing this. Editors and administrators are being outed, exposed and punished. A lot of these punks work in academia and college administrators take a dim view of propagandists and prevaricators.

    2. I was shocked when I found out about all the underhanded goings on and how despotic the Wikipedia admins really are. English speaking Wikipedia is a disaster.

      I'm happy to see that those pricks are getting their comeuppance. It's about time. Keep fighting the good fight.


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