Thursday, April 2, 2015

De-God Your Currency: In God We Trust Is Unconstitutional

It's very simple: I don't believe in "God," but my money says I do.
I am an American, but I am not a part of the "We" in "In God We Trust." Millions of good, moral, patriotic citizens do not believe in a god. We pay taxes, vote, sit on juries and serve in the military, but every time we spend a dollar bill we are told that Congress considers us outsiders.
To be accurate, the motto should say, "In God Some Of Us Trust," and wouldn't that be silly?
Unbelievers represent 7%-9% of the population. By comparison, Jews are a respected minority at 2%-3%. Most people would consider "In Jesus We Trust" to be exclusionary and inappropriate. So, why is it okay to exclude atheists and agnostics?

It is time that we get the word God off our currency.

Take a hike God!

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