Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Southern Heritage

Southern Heritage: - Demotivational Poster


  1. Good morning Fat Bastardo!!!

    Well, I'm very happy tonight!!!

    All across the USA, those filthy old CONfederate rags will be going down, and all those beautiful glorious RAINBOW flags are going up!

    Also, we Democrats scored two major victories!!!

    The Supreme Court as made Obama's healthcare the law of the land, and marriage equality, the right for gays and lesbians to get married, which is now also, the law of the land, which will cancel out all the discriminatory anti-gays laws that have been enacted in so many states.

    Yeah! The Republican party is really pitching a hissy-fit over that!!! They all got their panties in a bunch, and are crapping in their diapers!

    GA GA GOO GOO!!!

    I hope we Democrats win in 2016, and send all those Republican retards home, back to Kindergarten, on the short bus!

    Yeah! I saw a recent photo of Donald Trump, the day he announced that he is going to be running for President on the Republican ticket. There were American flags behind him, and he was actually drooling from the right corner of his mouth! Disgusting!

    Donald Trump, The Frump, is a slobbering drooling moron! Yeah! A real drooly gooly!!! Yuck!!!

    Now, the Supreme Court needs to re-enact the voting right law, and to repeal Citizens United, which would have been more aptly named Corporations United.

    That is where our Supreme Court really fucked up and screwed the pooch!

    So, they seriously need to correct those mistakes, or rather, fuck-ups!

    I mean, really!!! Like, Jesus Fucking Christ on a broken crutch shoved up his ass!!!

    Anyway . . . . .

    I'm so glad the CONfederate rags are going down!

    Also, Amazon, Walmart, and many other department stores will NOT be selling CODfederate paraphernalia anymore. That means that all those Tea Party right-wing rednecks won't be able to buy any more belt buckles, bumper stickers, flags or shirts with the CONfederate emblems on them, unless they start their own specialty shops.

    Well . . . . . as I have said before, in a previous topic . . . let them!

    Because, as long as they keep their CONfederate emblems, it will help us good citizens to identify the worst among us!

    So, private citizens will still be allowed to fly their CONfederate rags on their own property.

    But public buildings and Government building will no longer be flying that filthy old rag anymore!

    In the meantime . . . when I'm on the bus, and if I see some redneck fuck-tard wearing a shirt with the CONfederate flag on it, I'm going to call him out as a traitor and a disgrace to America! I will say to him . . . THE SOUTH LOST THE CIVIL WAR, BUBBA! GET OVER IT!!!

    Yeah! What a bunch of fucking LOOOOOOOSERS!!!

    If I see some redneck piece of dog-shit, I would dearly love to take his CONfederate rag, and shove it up his ass, and whatever is still hanging out of his asshole, I would get out my Zippo lighter, and set it on fire!!!

    Well, I had a busy day, signing over 200 petitions in my E-mails. So, I'm very tired, and I need to log some sack time.

    Catch ya later, Gator!

    ~ Big Fat Heretic ~

    1. Dr Bear,

      Holy fucking shit... You hit this one right out of the park. The Rethuglicans really got constipation on this one and their assholes are bleeding... talk about butt hurt!!

      I would like to take a big steaming shit on that filthy confederate swastika and make Jeb Bush and Donald Trump eat it.

      Those fucking goobers are still fighting the civil war. Like you said those big babies can't get over the fact that they lost and they were too stupid to know that they had no chance of winning.

      Here's the thing that pisses me off about the whole thing. It took the senseless death of 9 very good a decent people for the South to wake up to the fact that the stars and bars is a piece of racist fucking treasonous fucking unAmerican PIECE OF SHIT that is as bad if not worse than the Nazi swastika.

      I don't want to see the stars and bars banned for personal use and not just on the basis of free speech. Like you said, when assholes display that rag people will know who they are. It instantly puts the asshole label on them.

      Again Dr Bear, thank you for your spot on commentary and insight.

    2. Good morning Fat Bastardo:

      There is a young black lady, Bree Newsome, who climbed up the flag pole at the South Carolina state capital building, and she took down the CONfederate flag. Awesome!!! Truly awesome!!!

      Well . . . of course, she got arrested, and she was taken to jail. One of the cops was black, so that was probably a good thing. If both cops had been white, she might have been killed by the cops. So, it's a good thing for her, one of the cops was black.

      So, I have signed a petition online to have charges against her dropped.

      Here's a couple of links.

      To sign the petition to have charges dropped . . . . .

      To give a donation to post her bail . . . . .

      And here's a link to the image I had edited to post on my Twitter website.

      You might want to add it to here to your blog.

      Anyway . . . . .

      I hope to see all the CONfederate flags being replaced by rainbow flags!!!

      ~ Big Fat Heretic ~

    3. I love the fact that she shimmied up the flag pole and removed that filthy dirty rag.

      As to the cops, the ones in the South aren't as bad as the ones in Chicago, LA and NYC. They know better because the gun toting rednecks keep them honest. Recently a cop in NC gunned down an unarmed Black man and the police chief, a fat man, immediately arrested the cop for murder. There are quite a few rednecks who are not racists.

      The stars and stripes is the flag of winners and the stars and bars is the flag of losers.

    4. Hello Fat Bastardo:

      Yeah! That was awesome when that young black lady climbed the flag pole to take down that dirty old CONfederate rag!

      But, I still wonder if her bail has been posted, or the charges against her dropped yet. I'm still waiting for NEWS on that. As I have said before, it's a good thing for her that one of the arresting officers was black. Those two cops acted like gentlemen when they escorted her away. I saw the video, and there was no undue incident. But, I hope she's free now and charges dropped. As I have said, I'm still waiting for more NEWS on that. One can only hope.

      WOW! I say . . . GOOD for the big fat police chief who arrested the bad cop for murder after killing an unarmed black man!!!

      We need to see our police departments hire more black and Hispanic cops until their numbers reflect the percentages of blacks and Hispanics in the community, as close as possible.

      You know . . . . . my favorite TV cop shows were Canon a fat detective, Jake and The Fat Man who was fat and bald, smoked cigars, and had a pet bulldog, also played by the same actor who played Canon. Then there was Longstreet, a blind detective with his seeing-eye dog, and Iron Sides, a detective who got around in a wheelchair, and Columbo in his dirty trench-coat who acted kind of slow-witted, which was just an act to throw the crime suspects off, and there was Banechek who was Polish, and Mannix. Those were good detective shows. And I liked Quincy ME who did autopsies on people who died under suspicious circumstances.

      Yeah! Those were good TV shows!

      Oh! And least not forget Dragnet with Sargent Friday and his partner Bill Gannon.

      Yeah! Da - da da da . . . Da - da da da . . . Da --------------------!!!

      Of course, it would have been really great if they had shows with women detectives and black detectives back then.

      Oh well. At least now, in more recent years, we had CSI, Crime Scene Investigation, which I enjoyed watching, back when I still had Cable TV. But I had to shit-can my Time Warner, because the cost kept going up every month!

      Yeah! I know that not all rednecks are racist.

      Oh! Speaking of rednecks . . . there was another program I liked, Rocket City Rednecks, which was about there retired NASA engineers who did science experiments, and some of them were rather dangerous. One time they built their own submarine, and it started working pretty good, but something went wrong, and they had to abandon ship!

      Anyway . . . getting back on topic again . . . about police corruption.

      You mentioned Chicago . . .

      There was a jail where blacks were held incognito, and were being tortured!

      This was recently exposed, and a $5 million dollar lawsuit has been filed, and the victims are to be compensated.

      This is the sort of thing that one would expect in a theocracy under religious tyranny!

      We have to fight to bring back true Democracy again.

      ~ Big Fat Heretic ~

  2. It is with a heavy heart that the the Chef comes here to this fine website to express his thoughts over the massacre of those fine Black folks at that church in Charlotte NC. The esteemed Dr Bear and Fat Bastardo have with authoritative and thoughtful erudition have said what the Chef who is a man of color could not bring himself to say.

    The Chef, being a man of color and a lover more than a fighter finds himself in full agreement with the sentiments expressed by Dr Bear and Fat Bastardo. The Chef has experienced racism both directly and indirectly but living in Vermont among mostly White folks, The Chef has for the most part been treated with respect and admiration and the Chef holds no ill will towards the vast majority of White folks in the more advanced and humane Northern states. My Black brothas and sistas in the South are still victims of Southern intolerance and exemplified by that ugly symbol of ignorance, death, war, treason and hate known as the Confederate battle flag.

    The Chef is looking into getting confederate flag toilet paper for his restaurants. Please Dr Bear and Fat Bastard, if you know where the Chef can procure any Confederate Flag toilet paper leave a link here.

    1. Good morning Chef:

      I have been searching diligently online to see if I can find where you can buy CONfederate toilet paper. They're all out of stock, and Amazon or Walmart won't even sell CONfederate toilet paper anymore.

      I think they should at least continue selling the toilet paper. But they won't

      In the meantime, I'll keep searching.

      ~ Big Fat Heretic ~

    2. The chef and I were talking about this issue and police brutality. Even cops love the Chef. The Chef makes the best doughnuts I have ever eaten and the Chef had been delivering doughnut to cop shops all over Stowe Vermont. I advise anyone who is driving while Black to be armed with doughnuts.

    3. Hello again, Fat Bastardo:

      Yeah! I guess blacks need to carry boxes of doughnuts with them where-ever they go around town.

      ~ Big Fat Heretic ~

    4. Donuts are your best defense.


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