Friday, July 24, 2015


Ah... hoggin. I, Fat Bastardo thought it would be a good idea to define the term for some 

of our readers new to fat acceptance.

Hogging refers to the practice of groups of men who target overweight or obese women, 

typically for sexual encounters.

Unlike fat fetishists, men who participate in hogging are not necessarily sexually 

attracted to obese women's bodies; they aim to take advantage of a female's 

stereotypical low self esteem or to provide comedy to themselves and their friends by 

engaging in sexual activities with women who are overweight. In fraternities, hogging 

refers to a game which is won by the pledge who returns to the fraternity house with the 

"fattest female who can be found." go out with the intention of picking up fat girls. mainly because they are easy.

This make me wish that women would do the same thing with fat  men. Like fat girls fat 

men are also easy.

If you are still confused as to what hoggin is check out this trailer of the movie Dog Fight. While it is not quite the same as hoggin it's similar.


  1. Do the guys regret it the next morning? :P

    1. Hopefully they were too drunk to remember. Some guy like porking pigs.


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