Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Trump Immigration Cubans vs Mexicans

Not all Hispanic immigrants are created equal. Most of the immigrants from Mexico and other parts of South America are more law abiding than Americans. The ones from Cuba are another story. Miami and most of South Florida sucks now because of the Cuban immigrants but you won't hear Jeb Bush talking shit about them because these drug dealing thugs vote Republican and they provide Jeb's kids with drugs.
Jeb's criminal drug addict daughter

This song explains it all.

Jose, Miguel and Julio they built themselves a boat.
And the put it in the water to see if it would float.
And they headed to Miami where they would soon be free
For the cost of treading water you can reach democracy.

Jose, Miguel and Julio they made it to the shore
And they're drinking Cuban coffee patelitos by the score
And they're living down on A street apartemento number 3
With free Medicaid and food stamps from the great land of the free.

Jose, Miguel and Julio they found themselves some jobs,
From long time Americans whose jobs are all but gone.
They got themselves a sideline importing cocaine from the South
For expensive cars and jewelry no longer living hand to mouth.

Now the moral of this story is how much we all should give
And sacrifice for freedom for the right to really live.
But I'll tell you here and now one thing I just don't understand
How you show up in a country and you bit that country's hand?

Jose, Miguel and Julio you know we surely jest
Of all the none White immigrants you Cubans are the best.
And in spite of some bad apples I'm glad we let you in
Because in spite those nasty Mexicans you vote Republican

You vote Republican. You vote Republican You vote Republican.

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