Friday, November 6, 2015

Robespierre and Ben Franklin on Liberty

"Liberty will not descend to a people, a people must raise themselves to liberty; it is a blessing that must be earned before it can be enjoyed." Benjamin Franklin

It is up the the American people to take back their liberty and stolen wealth from the criminal elite plutocrats even if it takes bringing back the guillotine. Fat Bastardo

The secret of freedom lies in educating people, whereas the secret of tyranny is in keeping them ignorant. Robespierre

EAT THE RICH cause poor people are tough and stringy.

Historian Ruth Scurr wrote that as for Robespierre's vision for France he wanted a "democracy for the people, who are intrinsically good and pure of heart; a democracy in which poverty is honorable, power innocuous, and the vulnerable safe from oppression; a democracy that worships nature—not nature as it really is, cruel and disgusting, but nature sanitized, majestic, and, above all, good."

His goal in the Terror was to use the guillotine to create what he called a 'republic of virtue', wherein terror and virtue, his principles, would be imposed. He argued, "Terror is nothing more than speedy, severe and inflexible justice; it is thus an emanation of virtue; it is less a principle in itself, than a consequence of the general principle of democracy, applied to the most pressing needs of the patrie."

Science Proves Rich People Are Generally Evil - Wonkette

Robespierre's theoretical use of terror was to scare the criminal elite into at least acting moral. This is different than the religious terrorists e.g. Christians and Muslims who use terror to frighten everyone into submission to their warped religions. Robespierre's use of terror would was to be used against the intractably immoral aka the 1%. That probably would not have worked because the 1% are born evil and the only way to stop their poisoning of the gene pool is to exterminate them.

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