Monday, November 2, 2015

Todd Courser Another Depraved Republican

Republican depravity knows no bounds and the only thing more depraved than a Republican politician are the depraved hell-bound individuals who vote for Republicans. Courser's depravity was mild by Republican standards. Tea Bagger Courser merely had an affair with another married Tea Bagger but what makes this different than the standard Republican sex scandal that often involve small children and homosexuality is in the way Teabagger Todd Courser tried to cover up his affair with Teabagger slut Cindy Gamrat.

The Detroit News published audio recordings on August 7, 2015, in which Courser asked staff to create a rumor that he had sex with a male prostitute in order to distract from the affair he was having with Cindy Gamrat, also a member of the Michigan House of Representatives.[6] Kevin Cotter, the Speaker of the Michigan House, initiated an investigation into their use of public funds to cover up their affair.[7] Despite calls to resign from office,[8] Courser claimed he was being blackmailed by mainstream Michigan Republicans and would not resign.[9]
In the pre-dawn hours of September 11, 2015, Courser resigned after several hours of a stalemate on his expulsion vote. Gamrat was subsequently expelled from the House.[10]Courser announced that he would run in the special election to fill his vacated seat.[11]

Courser's antics show that truth is stranger than fiction but it gets stranger. Both Courser and the home wrecking whore are still running for their Michigan House seat despite being kicked out of the Michigan House Representatives. Know the depravity of the Republican voters I would not be surprised that both Tawdry Todd Courser and his whore Sinnin Cindy Gamrat win. Truth is stranger than fiction and Republican voters are as evil as Nazis. 

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