Thursday, December 3, 2015

Dr Gerald Bear: The Big Fat Heretic Opines on Abrahamic Terrorism

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Syed Farook the San Bernardino shooter was a devout Muslim and Robert Dear the Planned Parenthood shooter was a devout Christian. Believing in God does not automatically make one insane and or evil but believing in an evil god and devoutly following a depraved and deadly faith does make one insane. Crazy people should not have guns.

While mulling over the two latest terrorist attacks in the US it suddenly dawned on me that the term Islamic terrorist is not entirely accurate. Christians have also committed acts of terror against non Christians. Hitler's holocaust was perpetrated by Christians as was slavery in the Americas. 

Dr Gerald Bear aka The Big Fat Heretic has long been a consultant to Bigger Fatter Politics. Dr Bear is one of these rare people who understands the gestalt of a situations. Putting it more colloquially, Dr Bear (a title I bestowed on him) better than anyone, sees the forest for the trees. 

The following is an email discussion between me Fat Bastardo and Dr Bear, The BIG Fat Heretic 

Good morning Fat Bastardo:

I shall respond in bold purple text.

On Wednesday, December 2, 2015 8:31 PM, Fat Bastardo  wrote:

As usual your keen erudition got me thinking. Muslims, Christian and to a lesser extent Jews are terrorists. They all have one thing in common and that is the God of Abraham. Do you think that instead of calling Christian terrorism Christian terrorism and Islamic terrorism Islamic terrorism that perhaps we should call it Abrahamic terrorism?

YES!!! Most definitely!

First came Judaism, when Abraham was commanded by God to sacrifice his son, Isaac, on a crudely built alter, a pile of wood. He laid his son on the alter, and raise a big knife to cut his son's throat, and just as he was about to do it, God told him to stop! It was a test to see if Abraham was truly obedient to God.

So, according to the BUY-BULL, Abraham pasted the test. But I would call it an EPIC FAIL!!!

Oh! But for poor Isaac, imagine what a traumatic event that must have been for him! Judging by Isaac's behavior over the years afterward, he must have suffered from some kind of Post Dramatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD, as it is call now. 

Isaac was obviously senile in his old age.

Second came Christianity, thousands of year later.

And third came Islam some centuries later.

So, all three religions are called the Abrahamic Religions.

Give this some thought. I think that we should call it Abrahamic terrorism and if it is done by a Christian we should call it Christian inspired Abrahamic terrorism and Islamic inspired Abrahamic terrorism.

Yes, I think that best describes the kinds of terrorism we have to deal with.

We don't hear much about Jewish terrorists though. Jews have often been the victims of Christian and Muslim terrorists.

What about calling them all Abrahamists?

Again, yes! I will go along with that! We're both on the same page. 

I published the on Planned Parenthood shooter Robert Dear.  His inspiration was the fact that he was born again and that he was going to heaven no matter what he did. 

Fat Bastardo

Yeah! In the game of Religious, or Christian Monopoly, Robert Dear believes that because he is a Christian, that it automatically gives him his GET OUT OF HELL FREE card!

Ted Bundy, a Republican, also believed that, when he repented before his execution!

OK, since I've become agnostic, I don't know if there is an after-life or not. But, I don't
believe that there is going to be a judgement day. As I've said before, Jesus ain't coming again unless he's jacking off!!!

But, let's play a little game, and let us assume that there is a coming judgement day, whenthe Jeezer is sitting on his great white throne (sounds like a toilet to me!) and the wheat is separated from the chaff, or the sheep are separated from the goats, to use a Biblical euphemism, and the Jeezer says to those at his right hand "Enter thou into the glory of the lord" and he says to those at his left hand "Depart thou cursed into the fires of Hell and everlasting torment"!

Well . . . . . I don't think judgement day is going to go quite as well as the Jeezer had planned. NO! I don't think it's going to pan out very well for him, at all.

During judgement day, millions and billions of people will be there. All the great scientists will be there. Galileo will be there. Giordano Bruno, the astronomer who was burned at the stake in 1600 will be there.

Many many many people believed that Jesus died for our sins. 

WRONG! Millions and billions of innocent people died for the sins of Jesus Fucking Christ!

All those millions and millions of innocent victims will charge toward the great white throne and pull him down off of his throne, and drag him down along the ground, and beat up on him, kick him in the ribs, and smash his testicles, and just beat him to a bloody pulp, and kick his ass,  and all those people will say to Jesus . . . . .


Then Hell will open up. The gates of Hell will open wide, and Hell will released all of 
the damned and they will grab Jesus by the balls, and throw him down into the pit
and shut him up in it forever!!!

Then, we will take over Heaven, and the Devil will pass out cigars, and serve us all
ice cold beers. You see . . . in all the past religions, the devils have generally been
more sympathetic toward us humans than the gods.

The gods were all narcissistic douche-bags!  The gods were all too willing to inflict
the most heinous punishments at the drop of a hat!

Our earthly criminal justice system reflects that attitude. It's because of American's
belief in Hell, that our criminal justice system has been inflicting greater and greater
penalties and punishment for lesser and lesser offenses.

Anyway  . . . . . I really don't believe in an eternal everlasting Hell or a Heaven. If there
is some kind of after-life, I would find it much easier to believe in reincarnation instead.

For example, Adolf Hitler, in his next life might come back as a morbidly obese black
Jewish lesbian! Nah! Strike that! Something like that would be too good for him!  
Whoever he is in his next life, somebody will make him, his or her personal bitch!

It's fun to imagine what the Republican candidates will come back as in their next lives!

Yeah! To me, reincarnation makes more sense than the Biblical Heaven and Hell.

And then, at the end of it all, we will all meet in the Restaurant at the end of the 
universe, as depicted in The Hitchhikers Guide to The Universe!

That will be really cool.

Anyway . . . . .

I need to log some sack time.

Later, Gator!

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