Saturday, December 26, 2015

Terrorist Muslims Are Also Stupid

Terrorist Muslims are more proof that the god of Abraham is evil and here's how I got there. With the exception of 911, which was probably and inside job, and the Beirut bombing most Islamic terrorist attacks are against innocent people. Evil believe that it is good and that is why the Mohammad worshiping pedophiles rarely attack people who are evil or evil institutions. Islam and the the Western plutocracy are what is oppressing the people of the Middle East, parts of Africa and Asia.  If the Islamists actually believed that America is the great Satan then they would have blown Wall Street to smithereens and attacked and killed off the 1% but that is not happening. The people Muslims kill are not a threat to anyone. The fact is, Muslims are in league with the 1%. The 1%  is the enemy of all humanity including people in the Middle East but most Muslims and Christians are too stupid to see it.

Allah and Jehovah are one and the same. Allahovah is evil in its purist form. The 1% and Islamists are a manifestation of Allahovah. The meek shall inherit the earth is a big lie. The meek shall inherit a cinder after the 1% are through with the earth. Spokeswhore for the 1% Ann Coulter put it this way.

Allahovah cums in his pants every time he hears this one. God is this punk bitch instigator who loves to get people to fight. God is the Dana White and Don King on the universe. War and conflict is profitable... very profitable.

The left and the right are both guilty and equally hypocritical. The left has called me a racist for my criticism of Islam. Apparently the liberals have yet to figure out that Islam is an ideology and not a race. The right fails to acknowledge that their sicko god and the Muslim's god is the same sicko god. In fact Muslim ideology is very much like right wing Christian ideology. Muslims hate gays and what them dead and so do Christians. Muslims and Christians believe in eternal torment for people who don't believe in their religion. Both approve of incest and pedophilia. Both approve of oppressing women although Islam takes it much further. Both approve of slavery. Islam is merely a more virulent strain of Christianity.

Both Islam and Christianity are ideologies that spring from the same deadly virus. Both Christianity are used by the 1% to control, oppress and enslave the people of earth. Allahovah must be a very weak and incompetent piece of shit. Christians are always praying to him and asking for stuff so apparently they don't trust his plan or his will. Muslims are always killing for him so apparently they don't trust his system of justice or will.


What if another splinter group of Muslim terrorists decided to take a more Robes Pierre approach and instead of terrorizing the 99% instead killed off the 1%? What if instead of shooting up a concert hall they shot up a boardroom? We can what if until we are blue in the face. It's not going to happen. The Islamic terrorists are a tool of the 1% and because Muslims are so stupid they can't see it. Religion has always been used by the rich to start wars and transfer wealth from the bottom to the top. Why else did Bush & Cheney and the boys start a highly profitable war based on lies?


Our gut instinct as human would be to kill off the 1% and that could easily be done but it will not solve the problem. The 1% is part of the human genome. It will keep coming back unless the gene is identified and purged from the gene pool and societal measures are put into place to stop the possible evolution of this gene. In the Star Trek spin-off Deep Space Nine, Ferengis were a humanoid life form whose entire purpose for existing was acquisition and profit.  Ferengi Rules Of Acquisition
Even the distasteful Ferengis have some redeeming value and when they interacted with other humanoids the learned morality. The human 1% on the other hand is pathologically deranged. They are the Ted Bundys and Jeffery Dahmers of the world. Had Bundy and Dahmer gotten MBAs and gone to Harvard business school they'd be alive and well today and their ensuing carnage would be in the 100's of thousands of innocent lives and they'd easily be able to practice their sexual perversions same as other American royalty is doing to this very day. The Caligula gene is the corporate Republican gene and it needs to be purged. Republican Gene Identified | Genotopia  Voting Republican Is A Genetic Flaw? -

Test all humans for the Caligula Corporate Republican gene and if it is present in the fetuses terminate the pregnancy and sterile the carrier of that gene.

Jail all the corporatists and confiscate their wealth.

In the meantime and in the short term corporatists need to be dislodged from their positions of wealth and power. As to the means or removing them I will leave that one up to the experts as it will vary case by case.

Whether there is capitalism, socialism or a blend to the two its fairness and decency will depend a lot on the morality of the leaders.

If Muslims are still hell bent on murderous terrorism would it not be better if they targeted the 1% instead of the innocent? They won't because Islam is evil and a tool of the 1%.

Because a collar & leash aren't degrading enough!:

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