Saturday, December 19, 2015

Why The Middle East Is So Fucked Up

Experts have all sorts of opinions and theories on why the Middle East is fucked up like no other sector of the world in anytime in history. Many think that meddling by the West is what turned the Middle East into the hell hole that it is today. While actions by the West may have made things worse, the Middle East AKA Moon God Land was fucked up long before Western intervention.

One word explains why the Middle East is fucked up. That word is Islam. PERIOD!

Leaders such as Bashar al Assad and Saddam Hussein are/were brutal dictators but only a brutal dictators can control the brutal Middle Eastern Islamic poisoned populace.

Prophet Mohammad's son was killed in war. To commemorate his death; Muslims cut heads of children on the 10th Day of Moharram.

I see the Middle East from a CPS Child Protective Services perspective. Our mission should be to rescue the children and give them safe homes in civilized countries and get them out of that hell hole.

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