Sunday, March 6, 2016

Our First Gay President

Republicans have been working overtime to subvert the will of their own voters with their dirty tricks campaign on Donald Trump and the other non establishment candidate Ben Carson. Like all the other Republican dirty tricks so far this one will most likely blow up in their faces and speaking of things blowing up in the faces of Republicans, it would seem that Rubio has had more than a few things blowing up in both his face and ass over the years.

Marco Rubio has a legitimate shot at becoming America's first gay president if the Republicans succeed in torpedoing Trump the only real manly man in the race. Cruz who seems and bit light in the loafers himself is not a natural born American whose father has ties to Fidel Castro.

When young Florida State Representative Rubio was broke and in debt, Zionist billionaire Norman Braman to Rubio) set up a part-time college teaching job for Rubio and also gave Rubio's wife a no-show job. (here) Bubble Boy was quickly fast-tracked to Speaker-of-the House, and then U.S. Senator.

Note: Rubio also admitted, on late night TV, that he attended "foam parties" -- here

Rubio's gay lust was evident in the debates as he kept trying to goad alpha male Donald Trump into spanking him.

Let's face it folks, the GOP is gayer than the movie Twilight. 

They have David the Shitter Vitter, former House speaker gay pedophile Dennis Hastert, Larry the toe tapper Craig, Ted the faggart Haggard, Robert Allen, a Florida State Representative, who was arrested for offering to perform fellatio to an undercover cop in the men’s room of a park for $20, Mark Foley.... the list goes on and on.

What can we expect from a Rubio presidency?

1. The White House dog will be a pink poodle and instead of barking it will say "bowzie wowzie"

2. Bobby Trendy will be the White House interior decorator.

3. Marco will order the Secret Service agents to dress like the Village People.

4. It will be revealed that Marco's wife is a drag queen.

5. There will be lots of "mandates".

6. Rubio will be Putin's bitch. Putin is a hyper-masculine homo. Rubio will will refer to him as Vlad the Impaler.

7. Richard Simmons with head the White House counsel on physical fitness.  

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