Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Religion Caused the Mass Shooting In Orlando

Probable Latent Gay Pedophile Pastor Steven Anderson
Religion is like cilantro; it ruins everything. Let me be more specific, the religions that follow the god of Abraham ruin everything. The least evil of the Abrahamic religions is Judaism, followed by Christianity, and then Islam. In the above video, a real Bible banging scumbag who calls himself Pastor Steven Anderson is justifying the deaths of gay people. I wish the media had not reported this and let the cat is out of the bag.

If you wish to contact Pastor Steven Anderson Contact: Phone: (602) 456-1049 E-mail: 

2741 W Southern Ave, Tempe Arizona, 85282

Pastors call for stonings and warn of God’s wrathful judgment after marriage equality ruling:

Pastor Steven Anderson, of Faithful Word Baptist Church, called for stoning to death ministers who performed same-sex marriage ceremonies and repeated his call for the execution of all LGBT people.
“I hate them with a perfect hatred,” Anderson shouted. “I count them mine enemies.”
Anderson said the Bible consistently called Christians to “have the guts to stand up to our culture that is now accepts homos.”
“Where’s the call to repentance?” Anderson said. “Where’s the hope, where’s the love and the grace? It isn’t there.”

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