Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Richard Campbell: The Trump Supporter Who Sucker Punched Frail Elderly Woman

Trump supporters really are the deplorable trash Hillary says they are. No doubt about it. Richard Campbell is a typical right wing coward like so many right wing cowards. 

The trash at Breitbart are saying that Richard Campbell is blind. He's not.

Who is this right wing coward and creep Richard Campbell

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Richard Campbell 1372 Blacks Camp RoadEdisto IslandSCUnited States | (843) 753-7734 |

Asheville Police Department said in a statement Tuesday an arrest warrant was issued for Richard L. Campbell Monday night in connection with the assault.

Officers gave the frail elderly victim, Shirley Teter, a ride home.


  1. BUSTED! She was a setup! Trained by Democrat operatives to incite violence and scare voters.

    The entire event was a setup put in place by the DNC and the Clinton Campaign byu one of their cut out organiztions. Scott Foval, National Field Director at Americans United for Change, stated on video.

    On the video, Foval said activists are trained to incite violence at or near Trump rallies in an effort to create a sense of “anarchy” and a firestorm of negative press for the Trump campaign intended to scare voters.

    Foval nodded when asked if Democracy Partners was responsible for the “bird dogging” incident and explained that Teter was “trained” but that his group was not in direct contact with the woman.

    “We didn’t know who she was ahead of time,” Foval said, "She was one of ours. Who had been trained up to birddog."

    “We just had somebody who connected with her before that rally. And we knew that she was putting herself out there to draw fire. That’s all we knew,” Foval added.

    Project Veritas’ video provides proof that Democrats have worked to set up Trump throughout the campaign — something Trump and other Republicans have sounded the alarm about for some time.

    1. OK liar, you just crossed the line. Trump's criminal thugs attacked people and are guilty of criminal assualt and battery. Mere words cannot provoke a battery.

      Had that frail old lady been my mother that Trump thug who sucker punched her would be dead or worse.

      Keep in mind liar, you and your kind are on the list and we are watching.

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  2. There is even video showing she grabbed him from behind. And, he did not punch or cold-cock her. There have been multiple witnesses that came forward to report her lie.

    1. VikingBeserker, when ever anyone posts here I get their IP and personal information. I send that information to people who hate liars.

      I will allow your lies to stand so that more people can read them and deal with you.

    2. HATERS gotta hate. Democrats planning to harass women


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