Wednesday, September 7, 2016

The Growing Popularity Of Bigger Fatter Politics

At the risk of being confused for Donald Trump I Fat Bastardo will be touting BFP's stats. As my readers already know I and my associates dominated the and eventually destroyed every fat acceptance site on the planet and destroyed the silly angry fat girl fat feminist fat acceptance movement.

Since the launch of Medical Holocaust, Gastric Bypass Kills, and FDA Corruption by PFA arrests and criminal fines against the medical industry and its members soared and what makes this even more amazing is that it began during the Bush administration and has continued. Now more and more people know that the medical industry is the biggest killer killing 2 million Americans a year and the biggest thief stealing $1 trillion a year through planned waste and fraud.

A colleague of ours at Romney The Liar played a huge role in changing the outcome of the 2012 presidential election. With the help from one of my key people his Page Rank reached 9. Romney the Liar, a simple BlogSpot blog was nearly as busy as Amazon before the election.

On average Bigger Fatter Politics was receiving 56,000 page views a day. Our network receives close to 300,000 page views a day. Recently, the Chef's son Leander, a certified genius and Mensa member, did some SEO tweaks using a software he's developing and our numbers have nearly quadrupled in the past few months and the are still going up. They are all real views. It's not a bot program. The Chef's boy is scary smart. We now have over 1.5 million inbound links and that number is growing. Most are from North America and Europe. The next largest numbers are from Latin America.

The point of this article is to let folks know that social media is a powerful voice and a force for change. Our readers have pressured government agencies and elected officials to do the right thing. The resignation of Greta Van Susteren very well could have been precipitated by their activity on the Fox News twitter feed and Greta Wire.

Let's take the latest scumbag, soon to be inmate Heather Bresh. We have not started on her yet but when we do, that whore's criminal activity will be so exposed that she won't want to leave her McMansion. When our people find out about a scumbag they keep the story alive and they name names but more than that we get people involved and convert them from victims to activists.

With a little work and some smart geek friends you too can have a blog and a network as big as Bigger Fatter Politics. Go for it!

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