Sunday, September 11, 2016

Why CONS Rejected John Kasich and Went For Trump

1. He was too qualified. Kasich did a half-way decent job as Governor of Ohio.

2. Kasich didn't go negative.

3. Kasich was too qualified and experienced for the CONS.

4. Kasich was actually a true Conservative.

5. Kasich was too presidential.

6. Kasich is not a racist. 

7. Kasich treats women with respect.

8. Kasich was too honest.

9. Kasich wasn't scandal-ridden.

10 Kasich is sane.

All the traits that decent people think a president should have mean nothing to CONS. The CONS picked the worst of the worst when they picked Trump. Creepy Ted Cruz was a close second but Cruz is sane and that turned off a lot of CONS. 

CONS reject true conservatism, civility, facts, intelligence, professionalism, job qualifications, and positivity while embracing bigotry, dishonesty, stupidity, ignorance, incompetence, hostility, and hate.  

C.O.N.S. = Completely Obtuse Numb Skulls

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