Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Richard Burr's Net Worth and Bribe Taking

Bribe Taker Richard Burr - Demotivational Poster

Senator Richard Burr is on the take. Like a lot of criminals in the Washington District of Corruption. 

Unlike a lot of Republicans Burr is no a crazy talker but he is a slimeball and his campaign finances prove it. The biggest bribe givers are from the Financial, Insurance, and Real Estate sectors, Healthcare is his biggest bribe giver giving him a whopping  $1,097,860.00. The medical industry is an even bigger thief than they financial industry and has virtually unregulated. I addition to the medical industry being the biggest thief it is the leading cause of death and injury in the US. 

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So far Burr has been bribed to the tune of $8,707,382.00 and he's spent $3,112,450.00 on his campaign of lies. Burr has about $7 MILLION of cash on hand. There are 27 days until the election. Face it, Burr is going to put about $5 million in his pocket. Burr got rich on bribes while in congress, In fact of all the bribe takers in CONgress Burr is the worst even by Republican standards.

About that wealth: "Burr's average estimated net worth has increased more than fivefold since he joined the Senate, from a little more than half a million dollars in 2004 to $2.6 million in 2014."Sep 2, 2016

Richard Burr got rich in the Senate, voted to keep it that way - Daily Kos


Sen. Richard Burr (R) - North Carolina - Members of Congress


Burr's net worth was 140% more than the average member of Congress and close to that of the average senator. When compared to the North Carolina ...

Burr's Bribers 


Total Raised$8,707,382.00
Total Spent$3,112,450.00
Cash On Hand$6,953,253.00
Data provided by OpenSecrets.org

Top Contributors

Reynolds American$88,475.00
Scana Corp$47,800.00
Northrop Grumman$40,300.00
Prudential Financial$38,000.00
Bank of America$37,600.00
Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance$34,400.00
Elliott Management$33,400.00
Blue Cross/Blue Shield$32,750.00
Altria Group$30,700.00
Ernst & Young$30,650.00

Top Industries

Securities & Investment$462,100.00
Pharmaceuticals/Health Products$426,135.00
Lawyers/Law Firms$417,288.00
Leadership PACs$392,200.00
Health Professionals$337,875.00
Real Estate$292,650.00
Electric Utilities$210,850.00

Top Sectors

Misc Business$897,830.00
Lawyers & Lobbyists$699,451.00
Energy/Nat Resource$490,675.00

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