Thursday, October 13, 2016

Trump and Hillary Fact Checked Florida Debate


LIVE FACT-CHECK: Trump says tonight he doesn’t know Putin. That’s not what he used to say. Full Flop. 

LIVE FACT-CHECK: Trump’s claim of a neighbor seeing something in San Bernardino, not reporting it is

LIVE FACT-CHECK: Trump again is wrong claiming the U.S. is one of the highest-taxes nations in the world.  False

LIVE FACT-CHECK: Trump said he supported the Iraq War  FULL FLIP FLOP


LIVE FACT-CHECK: Hillary Clinton has said Trump has been used as an ISIS recruiting tool. That's True. 

LIVE FACT-CHECK: Clinton is right. Analysts say Trump’s plan would in disadvantage middle-class compared to wealthy.  TRUE!

LIVE FACT-CHECK: Clinton is right on CHIP, a health insurance program for kids.  TRUE!

LIVE FACT-CHECK: 'Trump Effect,' says teachers are reporting more bullying in schools  TRUE!

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