Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Trump Clinton 3rd Debate Fact Check

TRIGGER WARNING! This article contains facts!

To nobody's surprise, Trump lied his orange baboon ass off. Keep in mind, this is a preliminary fact check. More and more Trump lies will be uncovered.

LIVE FACT-CHECK: Trump repeats False claim that illegal immigrants are treated better than vets. 

LIVE FACT-CHECK: Trump’s claim about Obamacare premiums going up is only partially accurate. 

LIVE FACT-CHECK: Trump’s claim that Clinton failed to keep U.S. troops in Iraq is Mostly False. 

LIVE FACT-CHECK: The Pew report Trump cited found no evidence of voter fraud. TRUMP LIED!

LIVE FACT-CHECK: Save Gerald Ford, Trump is first nominee not to release tax returns. Hillary Told the Truth

LIVE FACT-CHECK: Trump off-base saying his situation is comparable to Warren Buffet. MOSTLY FALSE!

LIVE FACT-CHECK: Trump claimed he did not mock a disabled reporter. Trump LIED, he did mock a disabled reporter. TRUMP LIED!

 Trump’s comparison between Clinton and Petraeus cases doesn’t add up. TRUMP LIED!

LIVE FACT-CHECK: Trump says Clinton ‘gave us ISIS.’ TRUMP LIED!

LIVE FACT-CHECK: Clinton says federal govt sued Trump for housing discrimination. TRUE! DAMN TRUE!
LIVE: The $6 billion lost? Shoddy paperwork, not lost money. Part of a previous Trump Pants on Fire claim. 

LIVE FACT-CHECK: Clinton says Trump’s tax plan overwhelmingly helps the wealthy. True, experts say. TRUE!

LIVE FACT-CHECK: Trump said Clinton would double taxes for Americans. False. 

What Trump said about Japan: "Does that mean nuclear? It could mean nuclear." 
LIVE FACT-CHECK: Clinton is right, Trump encouraged Japan to get a nuclear weapon.

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