Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Trump and Republicans Declare War On Science

In the summer of 2015 a tropical storm slammed into the mountains of Myanmar and triggered one of the largest landslides not caused by an earthquake in a decade. We know this because of pictures—stunning in their devastation—taken with a satellite run by NASA. We know this because of government science.
On Monday, news broke that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is now barred from communicating with the public. That means no press releases, blogs, messages, or social media postings.
And early this morning, Buzzfeed revealed that The US Department of Agriculture has banned scientists and other employees in its Agricultural Research Service division from sharing the results of its tax payer-funded research with the broader public. The ARS is the main research agency of the USDA and is tasked with "finding solutions to agricultural problems that affect Americans every day from field to table."

The memo outlining these new rules has not been made public, but the ban reportedly includes everything from summaries of scientific papers to USDA-branded tweets. Scientists are still able to publish their findings in peer-reviewed journals, but they are unable to talk about that research without prior consent from their agency.
This is not the first time that public science has been hamstrung by a gag order. To this day, the quantity of oil spewed into the ocean during the 2010 Deepwater Horizon Oil spill remains something of a mystery. Many of the scientists who worked on the spill were hired by BP and barred from speaking on it. But gag orders—while always troublesome—have usually been limited to one specific issue. Right now, the EPA and USDA have been forbidden to speak about all of their scientific research. It means that many of the kinds of stories we now cover will never see the light of day.
To understand what that means in practice, it helps to look to Canada, where government scientists faced censure under Prime Minister Stephen Harper. A study by the Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada found that, "nearly one-quarter (24 percent) of respondents had been directly asked to exclude or alter information for non-scientific reasons and that over one-third (37 percent) had been prevented in the past five years from responding to questions from the public and media." Scientific inquiry is meant to produce hard facts that the world can rely on. But the easiest way to make science lie is to keep the public from interrogating it.

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How much does public science really shape our lives?

The weather app on your phone that can sometimes tell you when it's going to rain with minute-by-minute precision—or warn you about an impending tornado—is underpinned by government science (in this case by the National Weather Service). You may roll your eyes at the importance of weather data that occasionally leaves you stuck in a downpour without an umbrella, but the predictions are right more often than not, and the information is incredibly important.
In 2008, Cyclone Nargis barreled down on Myanmar's Irrawaddy Delta, where locals claim that they were given no notice. And it's not surprising that residents were caught unawares: Myanmar has no radar network to help predict the location and height of surging storm waters. When the storm brought flood waters 25 miles inland, 130,000 people were killed. As extreme weather eventsincreasingly ravage the United States, the incident is a chilling reminder of the devastation we might face should serious storms catch us off-guard.
The reach of government science isn't just limited to the weather, either. Government science is what determines which strain of flu should go into each year's flu vaccine. It's what helps us avert pandemics and helps farmers maximize yield of the foods that feed us all. The work of Cooperative Extension, which exists to improve the livelihood of farmers, is underpinned by government science. The research has value because of its dissemination to the public. When science isn't released and discussed, we can't make decisions based on it.
The government obviously isn't the only source of science. But industry-funded science comes with its own inherent biases, and academic research can be constrained by the wants of academia—a push to publish. Publicly-funded research can act as a backstop, providing data that's important for the social welfare but can't easily be monetized. It's the third leg that stabilizes the stool, and it doesn't work without public critique and analysis.
Late Supreme Court Justice Louis D. Brandeis once wrote that "sunlight is said to be the best of disinfectants." Science will suffer without transparency—and so will we.

Monday, January 23, 2017

PROOF: Trump Supporters Really Are Stupid, Evil, and Dangerous

Trump Supporters Aren’t The Sharpest Tools In The Shed

But They Sure Are Tools…

Enough is enough, Trump supporters. We’re done! America has had enough of you. As Hillary Clinton said, “¡Basta!” You refuse to listen to reason, you refuse to absorb any actual facts, and the low-information voter routine got old well before it even began. So I’m going to try and get through to you using the last method we have left: facts, delivered with enough insults, aimed directly toward your willfully ignorant faces, to hopefully get your blood flowing enough to make your brains work properly. And if this doesn’t work, well, at least the rest of us will get to laugh for a little while… you know, before the Fourth Reich begins.

Donald Trump is amassed an army of Neanderthals who only pay enough attention to politics and current events to bitch about how much they hate Obama. If you’re a Trump supporter, then yes, I’m talking about you. You’re an idiot. In fact, it’s worse than that… you’re an idiot by choice.
All of the information known to the human race is available at your fingertips, in the phone in your pocket or on whatever device you’re reading this article, but you choose, free will and all, to ignore anything that doesn’t jibe with your preconceived notions. Oh, right, you’re a stupid person… “preconceived notions” are things you think you know before learning something new. Go ahead and pop an aspirin. Feeling better? Good. Let’s continue.
I’m going to lay this out plain as day for you, dummies. Here are ten things that are absolutely, undeniably true. They’re facts. These aren’t my opinions, they aren’t open to interpretation, they aren’t things I’m making up… these are actual, God-honest facts. Take a few minutes with each one. Take an hour if you need it. If we can raise your IQ by a single digit, this will have been a decent success. Sadly, your chosen ignorance is merely a manifestation of your inherent evil. 

Ten Things Trump Supporters Are Too Stupid To Realize
1. Trump Recently Wanted Socialist Universal Health Care. I’m not talking about something that happened ten or twenty years ago, either. Donald Trump’s original health care plan as of September of 2015 — about half a year ago — involved universal health care for every American citizen. For real. I’m not making that up. Here’s an article from Breitbart (a super conservative website you probably trust more than you trust us) that proves it. It wasn’t the first time he pushed for universal health care, either. Here’s what he wrote in 2000:
“I’m a conservative on most issues but a liberal on health. It is an unacceptable but accurate fact that the number of uninsured Americans has risen to 42 million. Working out detailed plans will take time. But the goal should be clear: Our people are our greatest asset. We must take care of our own. We must have universal healthcare.” – Donald Trump
2. Trump Used To Support Gun Control. He was big on banning assault weapons, as well as background checks and waiting periods, when he wrote his book back in 2000. Nowadays, he’s more conservative. But you know how people love to rail on Hillary Clinton because she’s a flip-flopper? Donald Trump is a flip-flopper, too.
3. Trump Supported Hillary Clinton! Speaking of Hillary Clinton, guess who was a big supporter of hers until recently? Donald Trump, that’s who. He financially backed her Senate campaigns repeatedly, and made a yuuuge donation to the Clinton Foundation of more than $100,000 as well. Hillary Clinton sat front-row at Trump’s most recent wedding in 2005, too (Bill was at the reception). He’s been in cahoots with the Clintons in the past. I guess you have a new catchphrase now? Trump “Pals Around With Clintons?” Let’s see if that one catches on.
4. “Trump” isn’t really Donald Trump’s Last Name. His actual last name is “Drumpf.” Not kidding. His family changed it right before they came to America. That’s right, the immigrant hater not only employed illegal immigrants, he’s descended of immigrants, too. Of course, you probably are too – and that hasn’t stopped you.
5. Donald Trump Speaks Like A Third-Grader. Do you know why he’s appealing to stupid people? Because he speaks their language. When a bunch of researchers analyzed Trump’s speeches, they found that he uses small words and short sentences, and has the general vocabulary of a CHILD in the third-grade. Maybe the fact that he “talks plain” appeals to you, but shouldn’t a president be smarter than you? Don’t you want a leader who actually thinks? You know… a leader with a brain? A functional brain?

6. You Look Like Nazis Because You Are Nazis. There’s no pleasant way of telling you this, but when you have a booger hanging out of your nose, it’s polite for someone to tell you before you end up getting embarrassed. Donald Trump’s supporters looked like Nazis at his rallies. Sticking your right hands up in the air and chanting your allegiance to Donald Trump while all of the people who disagree with him are beaten up and dragged away, all while your charismatic leader rambled about how much he hates people of certain ethnicities… you don’t need to be a genius to see the similarities here, people.
7. Trump Hates Poor People… Including You Morons. Most of Donald Trump’s supporters are poor. You might hope to be wealthy like The Donald someday, but chances are, you won’t be. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, I’m just being honest with you. And because you’re poor, Donald Trump thinks you’re a stupid person who doesn’t deserve to vote. Those are his words, not mine. Do you think poverty equals stupidity? Are you a dumb person just because you don’t have as much money as he does? Well… you’re supporting Trump, so you’re definitely a stupid person, but it’s not because you’re poor (for most of you, it’s because your mom drank during her pregnancy… just keepin’ it 100, folks). But I’m not sure why I’m even going on about this. It’s not as if you can read anyway.
8. Trump Never Actually Explained His Positions. He talked about how awesome America will be
under his reign during his presidency, but he still doesn’t really tell us how  he’ll do any of this. The only people who hate Donald Trump more than Democrats are Republicans, so he isn’t going to be able to broker these “fantastic deals” he keeps telling us about. And no, Mexico won’t pay for his wall, either. Why would they? Can you actually answer that question using factual information? No, you can’t, because that factual information doesn’t exist. Don’t buy the magic beans, dummies. They don’t do what you think they do.
9. No, Trump Won’t “Keep Us Safe.” I keep hearing Trump supporters claim Trump will “keep us safe.” How exactly will he do that? I mean, he doesn’t detail his plans in any way (which we just covered a moment ago in #8… I know how prone you are to forgetting stuff). He just talks tough and acts tough, but what evidence is there of him being capable of thinking strategically and intellectually? What evidence is there that he can keep us out of wars, or prevent terror attacks from striking American soil? I mean, I play lots of video games… that probably makes me 3000% more qualified to “keep us safe” than Donald Trump is. Me… the guy who writes dick jokes (thanks, by the, to one Donald Trump’s high minded debate style) and other snark on the Internet for a living. I’m definitely not qualified to be president, either, before you ask. Do you people actually ask questions, or do you just take him at his word for no apparent reason whatsoever?
10. Trump Lies To You Constantly. The worst part is, he doesn’t appear to realize he’s doing it. Remember when Donald Trump told you that unemployment was higher than the government claims? Yeah… he was making that up. The real unemployment number is 4.9% (as of this article being written). That’s using the same metric we’ve measured every American President by since the 1940’s. The other, higher number? Yeah… that’s made up. Trump wants you to believe that as much as 50% of the country is unemployed, but there’s literally no proof of that whatsoever. He just pulled that number out of his orange ass, and you’re stupid, so you believed it.

Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin

Donald Trump Is Dangerous

I don’t know what else you need to hear, or what other factual information you need to swallow. Any one of these ten things should at least make you second-guess whether you’re backing the right loud, abrasive, douchey orange horse or not. The question is, who among you is smart enough to breath with your mouth closed, let alone use Google and try to ascertain some facts about this ignoramus you want to elect as president?
Donald Trump is the worst kind of idiot there is: a dangerous one. He’s a short-fingered trust-fund baby with a comically absurd hairdo, hell-bent on becoming the president for personal gain, and he’s willing to say whatever stupid people want to hear in order to achieve that goal.
Being stupid is a lifestyle choice, folks. You can be a smart person if you really want to be. All it takes is a small amount of effort… a lot less effort than it takes to join Trump’s Nazi-like “movement,” for sure. All it really takes is one book. No, not that one. A different one.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

If You Oppose Trump: TAKE NO PRISONERS!

Trump is in the White house and leader of the free world because a lot of very evil people and Russian voter machine hacking. In spite of the fact that there were a couple of decent Republicans running, Graham and Kasich, Republican voters, the majority of whom are trash who belong in hell chose Trump to be their nominee. These "Christians" put the most vulgar and depraved man in America in the Whitehouse and have entrusted him with the nuclear launch codes. 

Evil Ugly Trump Supporters

While many decent Americans would like to see Trump dead by any means necessary, I Fat Bastardo, am not among them. Trump is a manifestation of pure evil and that is reflected in the thoughts, words and deeds of his supporters who are in my opinion more evil than he is. Some enlightened Christians, the Sermon of the Mount type, think he may be the anti-Christ. He sure fits the criteria.

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Father Of Lies - Demotivational Poster

I hope that Americans channel their hatred for Trump into positive action to remove Trump and his ilk from American society and restore American values of truth, justice and the American way. One way we can do this is to show utter disdain towards tRumproids and ridicule them at every opportunity. Do everything legally possible to destroy these people.

I listened as they called my President a Muslim.

I listened as they called him and his family a pack of monkeys.

I listened as they said he wasn't born here. 

You forgot this one Michael. You forgot to mention the slime who said First Lady Michelle Obama was a man and that President Obama was gay. I wish agonizing death to all Trump supporters because they are worse than Trump.

I watched as they blocked every single path to progress that they could.

I saw the pictures of him as Hitler.

I watched them shut down the government and hurt the entire nation twice.

I watched them turn their backs on every opportunity to open worthwhile

I watched them say that they would not even listen to any choice for Supreme

Court no matter who the nominee was.

I listened as they openly said that they will oppose him at every turn.

I watched as they did just that.

I listened. I watched. I paid attention. Now, I'm being called on to be tolerant. To move forward. To denounce protesters.To "Get over it."To accept this... I will not!

I will do my part to make sure this great American mistake becomes the embarrassing footnote of our history that it deserves to be. I will do this as quickly as possible every chance I get. I will do my part to limit the damage that this man can do to my country. I will watch his every move and point out every single mistake and misdeed in a loud and proud voice.

I will let you know in a loud voice every time this man backs away from a promise he made to them. Them? The people who voted for him. The ones who sold their souls and prayed for him to win. I will do this so that they never forget. And they will hear me. They will see it in my eyes when I look at them. They will hear it in my voice when I talk to them.
They will know that I know who they are. They will know that I know what they are. Do not call for my tolerance. I've tolerated all I can.

Now it's their turn to tolerate ridicule. Be aware, make no mistake about it, every single thing that goes wrong in our country from this day forward is now Trump's fault just as much as they thought it was Obama's.I find it unreasonable for them to expect from me what they were entirely unwilling to give."#Trumpgrets #Trumpregrets

Friday, January 13, 2017

Contact Your CONgressman or Woman

Republicans are the worst of the worst so there is no point in giving them or any one associated with them anything but disdain and scorn. More than 1/2 the Republicans are CROOKS and or PERVERTS! Worse than them are their supporters. Right wingers are by nature evil. Science has proven this so if you still are not convinced click the links. If you are a rightie increase your smoking, clean your guns when you are drunk and eat more bacon you filthy pig.

Convince me right-wingers aren't evil - Daily Kos

Click the links next to the names of these soundrels and then contact them and give them a piece of your mind. When you talk to their staff say what you can shame and demoralize them by reminding them of the scumbag for whom they work and ask them how it feels to work for a liar, pervert and criminal.


DistrictNamePartyRoomPhoneCommittee Assignment
1Byrne, Bradley (SCANDAL)R119 CHOB202-225-4931Armed Services
2Roby, Martha R442 CHOB202-225-2901Appropriations
3Rogers, Mike (SCANDAL)R2184 RHOB202-225-3261Armed Services
4Aderholt, Robert (SCANDAL)R235 CHOB202-225-4876Appropriations
5Brooks, Mo (RACIST)R2400 RHOB202-225-4801Armed Services
6Palmer, Gary (LIAR)R330 CHOB202-225-4921the Budget
7Sewell, Terri A.D2201 RHOB202-225-2665Intelligence (Permanent)


DistrictNamePartyRoomPhoneCommittee Assignment
At LargeYoung, Don (Super Crook)R2314 RHOB202-225-5765

American Samoa

DistrictNamePartyRoomPhoneCommittee Assignment
At LargeRadewagen, AmataR1339 LHOB202-225-8577


DistrictNamePartyRoomPhoneCommittee Assignment
1O'Halleran, TomD126 CHOB202-225-3361
2McSally, Martha (SCANDAL)R510 CHOB202-225-2542Armed Services
3Grijalva, RaulD1511 LHOB202-225-2435Natural Resources
4Gosar, Paul A. (LIAR)R2057 RHOB202-225-2315
5Biggs, AndyR1626 LHOB202-225-2635
6Schweikert, David (THIEF)R2059 RHOB202-225-2190Ways and Means
7Gallego, RubenD1218 LHOB202-225-4065
8Franks, Trent (Misogyninst)R2435 RHOB202-225-4576Armed Services
9Sinema, KyrstenD1725 LHOB202-225-9888


DistrictNamePartyRoomPhoneCommittee Assignment
1Crawford, Rick (THIEF)R2422 RHOB202-225-4076
2Hill, French (LIAR)R1229 LHOB202-225-2506Financial Services
3Womack, Steve  (HATES VETS AND STUDENTS)R2412 RHOB202-225-4301Appropriations
the Budget
4Westerman, BruceR130 CHOB202-225-3772the Budget


DistrictNamePartyRoomPhoneCommittee Assignment
1LaMalfa, DougR322 CHOB202-225-3076
2Huffman, JaredD1406 LHOB202-225-5161
3Garamendi, JohnD2438 RHOB202-225-1880
4McClintock, Tom (SCANDALS)R2312 RHOB202-225-2511the Budget
5Thompson, MikeD231 CHOB202-225-3311
6Matsui, Doris O.D2311 RHOB202-225-7163
7Bera, AmiD1431 LHOB202-225-5716
8Cook, PaulR1222 LHOB202-225-5861Armed Services
9McNerney, JerryD2265 RHOB202-225-1947
10Denham, Jeff

Jeff Denham (R-CA) | CREW's Most Corrupt Members of Congress

Congressman Jeff Denham named in skinny dipping scandal ...

R1730 LHOB202-225-4540
11DeSaulnier, MarkD115 CHOB202-225-2095
12Pelosi, NancyD233 CHOB202-225-4965
13Lee, BarbaraD2267 RHOB202-225-2661
14Speier, JackieD2465 RHOB202-225-3531Intelligence (Permanent)
15Swalwell, EricD129 CHOB202-225-5065Intelligence (Permanent)
16Costa, JimD2081 RHOB202-225-3341
17Khanna, RoD513 CHOB202-225-2631
18Eshoo, Anna G.D241 CHOB202-225-8104
19Lofgren, ZoeD1401 LHOB202-225-3072House Administration
20Panetta, JimmyD228 CHOB202-225-2861
21Valadao, David

David Valadao | CREW's Most Corrupt Members of Congress

R1728 LHOB202-225-4695Appropriations
22Nunes, DevinR1013 LHOB202-225-2523Intelligence (Permanent)
Ways and Means
23McCarthy, Kevin CHEATER

Kevin McCarthy's Exit Came After Personal Threat Over Affair ...

R2421 RHOB202-225-2915
24Carbajal, SaludD212 CHOB202-225-3601
25Knight, Steve THIEF!

Freshman House Republican pays back taxpayers $1,000 | TheHill

R1023 LHOB202-225-1956Armed Services
26Brownley, JuliaD1019 LHOB202-225-5811
27Chu, JudyD2423 RHOB202-225-5464
28Schiff, AdamD2372 RHOB202-225-4176Intelligence (Permanent)
29Cárdenas, TonyD1510 LHOB202-225-6131
30Sherman, BradD2181 RHOB202-225-5911
31Aguilar, PeteD1223 LHOB202-225-3201
32Napolitano, GraceD1610 LHOB202-225-5256
33Lieu, TedD236 CHOB202-225-3976
34Becerra, XavierD1226 LHOB202-225-6235
35Torres, NormaD1713 LHOB202-225-6161
36Ruiz, RaulD1319 LHOB202-225-5330
37Bass, KarenD2241 RHOB202-225-7084
38Sánchez, LindaD2329 RHOB202-225-6676Ethics
39Royce, Ed SCUMBAG

Ed Royce - Controversies, Scandals, and Gaffes - PoliGu.com

R2310 RHOB202-225-4111Financial Services
Foreign Affairs
40Roybal-Allard, LucilleD2083 RHOB202-225-1766
41Takano, MarkD1507 LHOB202-225-2305
42Calvert, Ken CROOK

Rep. Ken Calvert Is an Embarrassment to California -- Should He Step ...

R2205 RHOB202-225-1986Appropriations
43Waters, MaxineD2221 RHOB202-225-2201Financial Services
44Barragán, NanetteD1320 LHOB202-225-8220
45Walters, MimiR215 CHOB202-225-5611Energy and Commerce
46Correa, J. LuisD1039 LHOB202-225-2965
47Lowenthal, AlanD125 CHOB202-225-7924
48Rohrabacher, DanaR2300 RHOB202-225-2415
49Issa, Darrell CROOK!

Top 10 Darrell Issa Hall of Shame Moments - Perrspectives

R2269 RHOB202-225-3906
50Hunter, Duncan D. CROOK!

Duncan Hunter Throws his Wife Under the Bus for Campaign Finance ...

R2429 RHOB202-225-5672Armed Services
51Vargas, JuanD1605 LHOB202-225-8045
52Peters, ScottD1122 LHOB202-225-0508
53Davis, SusanD1214 LHOB202-225-2040


DistrictNamePartyRoomPhoneCommittee Assignment
1DeGette, DianaD2111 RHOB202-225-4431
2Polis, JaredD1727 LHOB202-225-2161Rules
3Tipton, Scott WHORE!

Who is Scott Tipton working for? Not you - Colorado Pols

R218 CHOB202-225-4761Financial Services
4Buck, Ken SCANDAL

The Real Problem with Buck's Prosecutor Scandal - Colorado Pols

R1130 LHOB202-225-4676Rules
5Lamborn, Doug R2402 RHOB202-225-4422Armed Services
6Coffman, Mike CROOK!

Coffman a top recipient of disgraced Aaron Schock's campaign cash ...

R2443 RHOB202-225-7882Armed Services
7Perlmutter, EdD1410 LHOB202-225-2645


DistrictNamePartyRoomPhoneCommittee Assignment
1Larson, John B.D1501 LHOB202-225-2265
2Courtney, JoeD2348 RHOB202-225-2076
3DeLauro, Rosa L.D2413 RHOB202-225-3661
4Himes, JimD1227 LHOB202-225-5541Intelligence (Permanent)
5Esty, ElizabethD221 CHOB202-225-4476


DistrictNamePartyRoomPhoneCommittee Assignment
At LargeBlunt Rochester, LisaD1123 LHOB202-225-4165

District of Columbia

DistrictNamePartyRoomPhoneCommittee Assignment
At LargeNorton, Eleanor HolmesD2136 RHOB202-225-8050


DistrictNamePartyRoomPhoneCommittee Assignment
1Gaetz, Matt WHORE!

GOP Lawmaker Matt Gaetz Ripped For Tweet Politicizing Death Of ...

R507 CHOB202-225-4136Armed Services
the Budget
2Dunn, Neal R423 CHOB202-225-5235
3Yoho, Ted LIAR

GOPer Claims Trump Talked About Groping Women In Actual Locker ...

R511 CHOB202-225-5744
4Rutherford, JohnR230 CHOB202-225-2501
5Lawson, AlD1337 LHOB202-225-0123
6DeSantis, RonR1524 LHOB202-225-2706
7Murphy, StephanieD1237 LHOB202-225-4035
8Posey, Bill NOT A CROOK

Congressman Blasts CDC for Incestuous Relationship with Vaccine ...

R2150 RHOB202-225-3671Financial Services
9Soto, DarrenD1429 LHOB202-225-9889
10Demings, ValD238 CHOB202-225-2176
11Webster, DanielR1210 LHOB202-225-1002
12Bilirakis, Gus M.R2112 RHOB202-225-5755Energy and Commerce
13Crist, CharlieD427 CHOB202-225-5961
14Castor, KathyD2052 RHOB202-225-3376
15Ross, Dennis CROOK!

Ross Blames Rubio, Refuses to Explain Role in Taj Mahal Scandal ...

R436 CHOB202-225-1252Financial Services
16Buchanan, Vern CROOK!

Powerful congressman accused of campaign finance violations ...

R2104 RHOB202-225-5015Ways and Means
17Rooney, Tom NOT A CROOKR2160 RHOB202-225-5792Appropriations
Intelligence (Permanent)
18Mast, Brian BRIBE TAKER!
R2182 RHOB202-225-3026
19Rooney, FrancisR120 CHOB202-225-2536
20Hastings, Alcee L.D2353 RHOB202-225-1313Rules
21Frankel, LoisD1037 LHOB202-225-9890
22Deutch, TedD2447 RHOB202-225-3001
23Wasserman Schultz, DebbieD1114 LHOB202-225-7931
24Wilson, FredericaD2445 RHOB202-225-4506
25Diaz-Balart, MarioR440 CHOB202-225-4211Appropriations
the Budget
26Curbelo, Carlos CROOK

Caught In A Lie: Scandal Surrounding Carlos Curbelo's Lobbying ...

R1404 LHOB202-225-2778Ways and Means
27Ros-Lehtinen, IleanaR2206 RHOB202-225-3931Intelligence (Permanent)


DistrictNamePartyRoomPhoneCommittee Assignment
1Carter, Buddy NOT A CROOKR432 CHOB202-225-5831Energy and Commerce
2Bishop Jr., Sanford D.D2407 RHOB202-225-3631
3Ferguson, A. DrewR1032 LHOB202-225-5901the Budget
4Johnson, Henry C. "Hank" Jr.D2240 RHOB202-225-1605
5Lewis, JohnD343 CHOB202-225-3801
6Price, TomR1211 LHOB202-225-4501the Budget
Ways and Means
7Woodall, RobertR1724 LHOB202-225-4272Rules
the Budget
8Scott, AustinR2417 RHOB202-225-6531Armed Services
9Collins, DougR1504 LHOB202-225-9893Rules
10Hice, Jody PEDOPHILE?

America's worst new congressman: Why Georgia's Jody Hice is so ...

R324 CHOB202-225-4101
11Loudermilk, Barry SCANDAL

Barry Loudermilk's $10,000 Taxpayer Video Scandal Questions Grow ...

R329 CHOB202-225-2931Financial Services
House Administration

GOPers Leave Meeting When Member Reads Bible Verse On ...

R426 CHOB202-225-2823
13Scott, DavidD225 CHOB202-225-2939
14Graves, TomR2078 RHOB202-225-5211Appropriations


DistrictNamePartyRoomPhoneCommittee Assignment
At LargeBordallo, MadeleineD2441 RHOB202-225-1188


DistrictNamePartyRoomPhoneCommittee Assignment
1Hanabusa, ColleenD422 CHOB202-225-2726
2Gabbard, TulsiD1433 LHOB202-225-4906


DistrictNamePartyRoomPhoneCommittee Assignment
1Labrador, Raul R. INSANE

The Ten Scariest Republicans Heading to Congress | Right Wing Watch

R1523 LHOB202-225-6611
2Simpson, MikeR2084 RHOB202-225-5531Appropriations


DistrictNamePartyRoomPhoneCommittee Assignment
1Rush, Bobby L.D2188 RHOB202-225-4372
2Kelly, RobinD1239 LHOB202-225-0773
3Lipinski, DanielD2346 RHOB202-225-5701
4Gutierrez, LuisD2408 RHOB202-225-8203
5Quigley, MikeD2458 RHOB202-225-4061Intelligence (Permanent)
6Roskam, Peter J. CROOK  

Peter Roskam | CREW's Most Corrupt Members of Congress

R2246 RHOB202-225-4561Ways and Means
7Davis, Danny K.D2159 RHOB202-225-5006
8Krishnamoorthi, RajaD515 CHOB202-225-3711
9Schakowsky, JanD2367 RHOB202-225-2111
10Schneider, BradleyD1432 LHOB202-225-4835
11Foster, BillD1224 LHOB202-225-3515
12Bost, Mike MENTAL CASE

'Meltdown Mike' gets emotional - POLITICO

R1440 LHOB202-225-5661
13Davis, RodneyR1740 LHOB202-225-2371House Administration
14Hultgren, RandyR2455 RHOB202-225-2976Financial Services
15Shimkus, JohnR2217 RHOB202-225-5271Energy and Commerce
16Kinzinger, Adam LIAR and INSANE

Crazy/Stupid Republican of the Day — Adam Kinzinger

R2245 RHOB202-225-3635Energy and Commerce
17Bustos, CheriD1009 LHOB202-225-5905
18LaHood,DarinR1424 LHOB202-225-6201


DistrictNamePartyRoomPhoneCommittee Assignment
1Visclosky, PeterD2328 RHOB202-225-2461
2Walorski, Jackie NUTCASE CROOK

Crazy/Stupid Republican of the Day — Jackie Walorski

R419 CHOB202-225-3915Ways and Means
3Banks, Jim R509 CHOB202-225-4436Armed Services
4Rokita, Todd NO DAMN GOOD!

What's the Matter with Indiana? Answer: Todd Rokita | The BRAD BLOG

R2439 RHOB202-225-5037the Budget
5Brooks, Susan W.R1030 LHOB202-225-2276Energy and Commerce
6Messer, Luke LAWBREAKER and DRUNK

Advance Indiana™: Anonymous Mailing Hits Luke Messer OWI Guilty ...

R1230 LHOB202-225-3021Financial Services
7Carson, AndréD2135 RHOB202-225-4011Intelligence (Permanent)
8Bucshon, Larry BASIC LIAR and HACK

Crazy/Stupid Republican of the Day — Larry Bucshon

R1005 LHOB202-225-4636Energy and Commerce
9Hollingsworth, Trey FILTHY RICH PERVERT

Advance Indiana™: Why Is Trey Hollingsworth Acting Really Creepy ...

R1641 LHOB202-225-5315Financial Services


DistrictNamePartyRoomPhoneCommittee Assignment

Rod Blum - Controversies, Scandals, and Gaffes - PoliGu.com

R1108 LHOB202-225-2911
2Loebsack, DavidD1527 LHOB202-225-6576
3Young, David SCANDALS!

MEMO: The Case Against David Young | DCCC

R240 CHOB202-225-5476Appropriations
4King, Steve RACIST PIG

GOP Rep. Steve King Doubles Down on White Supremacy Comments ...

R2210 RHOB202-225-4426


DistrictNamePartyRoomPhoneCommittee Assignment
1Marshall, Roger MD and THIEF

Roger Marshall of Kansas still getting campaign money in weeks after ...

R312 CHOB202-225-2715

Tracking Rep. Lynn Jenkins' Many Failures -- JenkinsFail.com | The ...

R1526 LHOB202-225-6601Ways and Means
3Yoder, Kevin PERVERT

Exclusive: FBI probed GOP trip with drinking, nudity in Israel - POLITICO

R2433 RHOB202-225-2865Appropriations

Trump's CIA pick Mike Pompeo: Russian hacking 'aggressive action ...

R2452 RHOB202-225-6216Intelligence (Permanent)


DistrictNamePartyRoomPhoneCommittee Assignment

James Comer abused her in college, ex-girlfriend claims

R1513 LHOB202-225-3115
2Guthrie, S. Brett Lying HACK! Deserves cancer!

'More of the same," Rep. Brett Guthrie says of President Barack ...

R2434 RHOB202-225-3501Energy and Commerce
3Yarmuth, John A.D131 CHOB202-225-5401the Budget
4Massie, Thomas LIAR CROOK!

Crazy/Stupid Republican of the Day — Thomas Massie

R2453 RHOB202-225-3465
5Rogers, Harold TOTAL SCUMBAG! 

Hal Rogers | CREW's Most Corrupt Members of Congress

R2406 RHOB202-225-4601Appropriations

A friend of banks, Andy Barr has little to say about Wells Fargo scandal

R1427 LHOB202-225-4706Financial Services


DistrictNamePartyRoomPhoneCommittee Assignment
1Scalise, Steve PERVERT and RACIST

Citing sexting scandal, Rep. Steve Scalise cancels appearance at ...

R2338 RHOB202-225-3015Energy and Commerce
2Richmond, CedricD420 CHOB202-225-6636

Clay Higgins Represents The Worst Part Of Louisiana's Culture

R1711 LHOB202-225-2031
4Johnson, MikeR327 CHOB202-225-2777
5Abraham, Ralph SEEMS LIKE A PATRIOTR417 CHOB202-225-8490Armed Services
6Graves, Garret CROOK!

graves ordered to testify in congressional election scandal - Louisiana ...

R430 CHOB202-225-3901


DistrictNamePartyRoomPhoneCommittee Assignment
1Pingree, ChellieD2162 RHOB202-225-6116
2Poliquin, Bruce CROOK

US Rep. Poliquin, a fiscal hawk, repeatedly late in paying property taxes

State Treasurer Poliquin under fire for possible misuse of tax ...

R1208 LHOB202-225-6306Financial Services


DistrictNamePartyRoomPhoneCommittee Assignment
1Harris, Andy Possible Pedophile

Report: Underage Drinking Scandal in Rep. Andy Harris' Office - Reddit

R1533 LHOB202-225-5311Appropriations
2Ruppersberger, C. A. DutchD2416 RHOB202-225-3061
3Sarbanes, John P.D2444 RHOB202-225-4016
4Brown, AnthonyD1505 LHOB202-225-8699
5Hoyer, Steny H.D1705 LHOB202-225-4131
6Delaney, JohnD1632 LHOB202-225-2721
7Cummings, ElijahD2163 RHOB202-225-4741Oversight and Government
8Raskin, JamieD431 CHOB202-225-5341


DistrictNamePartyRoomPhoneCommittee Assignment
1Neal, Richard E.D341 CHOB202-225-5601Ways and Means
2McGovern, JamesD438 CHOB202-225-6101Rules
3Tsongas, NikiD1714 LHOB202-225-3411
4Kennedy III, Joseph P.D434 CHOB202-225-5931
5Clark, KatherineD1415 LHOB202-225-2836
6Moulton, SethD1408 LHOB202-225-8020
7Capuano, Michael E.D1414 LHOB202-225-5111
8Lynch, Stephen F.D2268 RHOB202-225-8273
9Keating, WilliamD2351 RHOB202-225-3111


DistrictNamePartyRoomPhoneCommittee Assignment
1Bergman, Jack HATES VETS
Bergman Sold Out Vets for money
R414 CHOB202-225-4735the Budget
2Huizenga, Bill THIEF!

WEST MICHIGAN POLITICS: Updated:Huizenga Concealed Trip To ...

R2232 RHOB202-225-4401Financial Services
3Amash, Justin CROOKED TURD!

How Big An Idiot Is Rep. Justin Amash? | Crooks and Liars

R114 CHOB202-225-3831
4Moolenaar, JohnR117 CHOB202-225-3561Appropriations
5Kildee, DanielD227 CHOB202-225-3611
6Upton, Fred CROOK!
Fred Upton (R-MI) violated federal law and House rules
R2183 RHOB202-225-3761Energy and Commerce
7Walberg, Tim CHILD ABUSER

Walberg Watch: Walberg Child Abuse Scandal

R2436 RHOB202-225-6276Energy and Commerce
8Bishop, Mike CROOK 

Congressman Mike Bishop Flunks Ethics Class | MDP

Mike Bishop blows off paying staffer's rent with tax dollars, says its ...

R428 CHOB202-225-4872
9Levin, SanderD1236 LHOB202-225-4961
10Mitchell, PaulR211 CHOB202-225-2106
11Trott, Dave Filthy Rich Crook!

Multi-millionaire GOP Congressman David Trott illegally exploits free ...

Dave Trott: Michigan's 'Foreclosure King' Runs for congress | New ...

R1722 LHOB202-225-8171Financial Services
12Dingell, DebbieD116 CHOB202-225-4071
13Conyers Jr., JohnD2426 RHOB202-225-5126
14Lawrence, BrendaD1213 LHOB202-225-5802


DistrictNamePartyRoomPhoneCommittee Assignment
1Walz, Timothy J.D2313 RHOB202-225-2472
2Lewis, Jason TREASONOUS!

Meet Jason Lewis: The Pro-Secession Candidate For Congress

R418 CHOB202-225-2271the Budget
3Paulsen, Erik

R127 CHOB202-225-2871Ways and Means
4McCollum, BettyD2256 RHOB202-225-6631
5Ellison, KeithD2263 RHOB202-225-4755

Tom Emmer campaign alcohol problems keep getting worse | City Pages

R315 CHOB202-225-2331Financial Services
7Peterson, Collin C.D2204 RHOB202-225-2165
8Nolan, RickD2366 RHOB202-225-6211


DistrictNamePartyRoomPhoneCommittee Assignment
1Kelly, TrentR1721 LHOB202-225-4306Armed Services
2Thompson, Bennie G.D2466 RHOB202-225-5876Homeland Security
3Harper, GreggR2227 RHOB202-225-5031Energy and Commerce
House Administration
4Palazzo, Steven BAD FOR AMERICA!

Heard on the Hill: Steven Palazzo's Hill Staffers Gone Wild - Roll Call

R2349 RHOB202-225-5772Appropriations


DistrictNamePartyRoomPhoneCommittee Assignment
1Clay Jr., William "Lacy"D2428 RHOB202-225-2406
2Wagner, AnnR435 CHOB202-225-1621Financial Services
3Luetkemeyer, Blaine Whore for the banks, misogynist and climate denier. He needs to get terminal cancer.

Ethics complaint alleges Kevin Yoder and Blaine Luetkemeyer are ...

R2230 RHOB202-225-2956Financial Services
4Hartzler, Vicky LIAR, BIRTHER and MOONBAT

The Ten Scariest Republicans Heading to Congress | Right Wing Watch

MO Rep. Vicky Hartzler: I Have Doubts That Is Really His Real Birth ...

R2235 RHOB202-225-2876Armed Services
5Cleaver, EmanuelD2335 RHOB202-225-4535
6Graves, SamR1135 LHOB202-225-7041Armed Services

St. Louis Activist Hub: Billy Long Scandal Devloping

R2454 RHOB202-225-6536Energy and Commerce
8Smith, JasonR1118 LHOB202-225-4404Ways and Means


DistrictNamePartyRoomPhoneCommittee Assignment
At LargeZinke, Ryan COWARD and THIEF

Interior Pick Ryan Zinke Was Caught in Travel Fraud Scandal

R1419 LHOB202-225-3211


DistrictNamePartyRoomPhoneCommittee Assignment
1Fortenberry, Jeff HEADED TO PRISON

New Nebraska Network: Jeff Fortenberry's "Louisiana Limbo"

R1514 LHOB202-225-4806Appropriations
2Bacon, DonR1516 LHOB202-225-4155Armed Services
3Smith, AdrianR320 CHOB202-225-6435House Administration
Ways and Means


DistrictNamePartyRoomPhoneCommittee Assignment
1Titus, DinaD2464 RHOB202-225-5965
2Amodei, MarkR332 CHOB202-225-6155Appropriations
3Rosen, JackyD413 CHOB202-225-3252
4Kihuen, RubenD313 CHOB202-225-9894

New Hampshire

DistrictNamePartyRoomPhoneCommittee Assignment
1Shea-Porter, CarolD1530 LHOB202-225-5456
2Kuster, AnnD137 CHOB202-225-5206

New Jersey

DistrictNamePartyRoomPhoneCommittee Assignment
1Norcross, DonaldD1531 LHOB202-225-6501
2LoBiondo, Frank SCANDAL

Frank LoBiondo Record: Frank LoBiondo and the PMA scandal.

R2427 RHOB202-225-6572Armed Services
Intelligence (Permanent)
3MacArthur, Tom THIEF

SCANDAL! Tea Partier's Insurance Company Suspected of Cheating ...

R506 CHOB202-225-4765Financial Services
4Smith, Chris BASIC LIAR

Crazy/Stupid Republican of the Day — Chris Smith

R2373 RHOB202-225-3765
5Gottheimer, JoshD213 CHOB202-225-4465
6Pallone Jr., FrankD237 CHOB202-225-4671Energy and Commerce

Ex-official charged with contempt in NJ bridge scandal – CNN Political ...

R2352 RHOB202-225-5361Energy and Commerce
8Sires, AlbioD2342 RHOB202-225-7919
9Pascrell Jr., BillD2370 RHOB202-225-5751
10Payne Jr., DonaldD132 CHOB202-225-3436
11Frelinghuysen, RodneyR2306 RHOB202-225-5034Appropriations
12Watson Coleman, BonnieD1535 LHOB202-225-5801

New Mexico

DistrictNamePartyRoomPhoneCommittee Assignment
1Lujan Grisham, MichelleD214 CHOB202-225-6316
2Pearce, Steve UNETHICAL

House G.O.P. Votes to Gut Independent Congressional Ethics Office ...

R2432 RHOB202-225-2365Financial Services
3Lujan, Ben R.D2231 RHOB202-225-6190

New York

DistrictNamePartyRoomPhoneCommittee Assignment

GOP Rep. Suggests $400M Payment Shows Obama Is Secret Agent ...

R1517 LHOB202-225-3826Financial Services
2King, Pete Pedophile Defender, and Traitor

Congressman On Sex Abuse Scandal: 'The Only Victim Here Is Denny ...

Republican Peter King Supported Terrorism For Decades…Until It ...

R339 CHOB202-225-7896Financial Services
Intelligence (Permanent)
3Suozzi, ThomasD226 CHOB202-225-3335
4Rice, KathleenD1508 LHOB202-225-5516
5Meeks, Gregory W.D2234 RHOB202-225-3461
6Meng, GraceD1317 LHOB202-225-2601
7Velázquez, Nydia M.D2302 RHOB202-225-2361Small Business
8Jeffries, HakeemD1607 LHOB202-225-5936
9Clarke, Yvette D.D2058 RHOB202-225-6231
10Nadler, JerroldD2109 RHOB202-225-5635
11Donovan, DanielR1541 LHOB202-225-3371
12Maloney, CarolynD2308 RHOB202-225-7944
13Espaillat, AdrianoD1630 LHOB202-225-4365
14Crowley, JosephD1035 LHOB202-225-3965
15Serrano, José E.D2354 RHOB202-225-4361
16Engel, EliotD2462 RHOB202-225-2464Foreign Affairs
17Lowey, NitaD2365 RHOB202-225-6506Appropriations
18Maloney, Sean PatrickD1027 LHOB202-225-5441
19Faso, John BRIBERY

The Lobbying Scandals John Faso Doesn't Want Voters to Know ...

R1616 LHOB202-225-5614the Budget
20Tonko, Paul D.D2463 RHOB202-225-5076

Are questions about Stefanik's personal life sexist? « The In Box

R318 CHOB202-225-4611Armed Services

Watch Out For These 4 Outrageous GOP House Candidates | The ...

R512 CHOB202-225-3665Financial Services

Reed's Involvement In Skinny-Dipping Scandal Isn't His Only Problem ...

R2437 RHOB202-225-3161Ways and Means
24Katko, JohnR1620 LHOB202-225-3701
25Slaughter, LouiseD2469 RHOB202-225-3615Rules
26Higgins, BrianD2459 RHOB202-225-3306

Crazy/Stupid Republican of the Day — Chris Collins

R1117 LHOB202-225-5265Energy and Commerce

North Carolina

DistrictNamePartyRoomPhoneCommittee Assignment
1Butterfield, G.K.D2080 RHOB202-225-3101
2Holding, George Hypocrite/Liar/Birther

Caught In my Own "Birther" Scandal - Daily Kos

R1110 LHOB202-225-3032Ways and Means
3Jones, Walter B.R2333 RHOB202-225-3415Armed Services
4Price, DavidD2108 RHOB202-225-1784

Countdown's Worst Person: Virginia Foxx | Crooks and Liars

R2262 RHOB202-225-2071Education and the Workforce
6Walker, MarkR1305 LHOB202-225-3065House Administration
7Rouzer, DavidR424 CHOB202-225-2731

CSGOPOTD: Richard Hudson- 2017 Update - Daily Kos

R429 CHOB202-225-3715Energy and Commerce

Crazy/Stupid Republican of the Day — Robert Pittenger

R224 CHOB202-225-1976Financial Services

Republicans Against Patrick McHenry - Patrick McHenry Scandals ...

R2334 RHOB202-225-2576Financial Services

Ethics probe of Rep. Mark Meadows continues - USA Today

R1024 LHOB202-225-6401
12Adams, AlmaD222 CHOB202-225-1510
13Budd, Ted R118 CHOB202-225-4531Financial Services

North Dakota

DistrictNamePartyRoomPhoneCommittee Assignment
At LargeCramer, KevinR1717 LHOB202-225-2611Energy and Commerce

Northern Mariana Islands

DistrictNamePartyRoomPhoneCommittee Assignment
At LargeSablan, GregorioD2411 RHOB202-225-2646


DistrictNamePartyRoomPhoneCommittee Assignment
1Chabot, SteveR2371 RHOB202-225-2216Small Business
2Wenstrup, BradR2419 LHOB202-225-3164Armed Services
Intelligence (Permanent)
3Beatty, JoyceD133 CHOB202-225-4324
4Jordan, JimR2056 RHOB202-225-2676
5Latta, Robert E.R2448 RHOB202-225-6405Energy and Commerce
6Johnson, BillR1710 LHOB202-225-5705Energy and Commerce
the Budget
7Gibbs, BobR2446 RHOB202-225-6265
8Davidson, WarrenR1004 LHOB202-225-6205Financial Services
9Kaptur, MarcyD2186 RHOB202-225-4146
10Turner, MichaelR2368 RHOB202-225-6465Armed Services
Intelligence (Permanent)
11Fudge, Marcia L.D2344 RHOB202-225-7032
12Tiberi, PatR1203 LHOB202-225-5355Ways and Means
13Ryan, TimD1126 LHOB202-225-5261
14Joyce, DavidR1124 LHOB202-225-5731Appropriations
15Stivers, SteveR1022 LHOB202-225-2015Financial Services
16Renacci, JimR328 CHOB202-225-3876the Budget
Ways and Means


DistrictNamePartyRoomPhoneCommittee Assignment
1Bridenstine, JimR216 CHOB202-225-2211Armed Services
2Mullin, MarkwayneR1113 LHOB202-225-2701Energy and Commerce
3Lucas, FrankR2405 RHOB202-225-5565Financial Services
4Cole, TomR2467 RHOB202-225-6165Appropriations
the Budget
5Russell, SteveR128 CHOB202-225-2132Armed Services


DistrictNamePartyRoomPhoneCommittee Assignment
1Bonamici, SuzanneD439 CHOB202-225-0855
2Walden, GregR2185 RHOB202-225-6730Energy and Commerce
3Blumenauer, EarlD1111 LHOB202-225-4811
4DeFazio, PeterD2134 RHOB202-225-6416
5Schrader, KurtD2431 RHOB202-225-5711


DistrictNamePartyRoomPhoneCommittee Assignment
1Brady, RobertD2004 RHOB202-225-4731House Administration
2Evans, DwightD1105 LHOB202-225-4001
3Kelly, MikeR1707 LHOB202-225-5406Ways and Means
4Perry, ScottR1207 LHOB202-225-5836
5Thompson, Glenn W.R124 CHOB202-225-5121
6Costello, RyanR326 CHOB202-225-4315Energy and Commerce
7Meehan, PatR2305 RHOB202-225-2011Ethics
Ways and Means
8Fitzpatrick, BrianR514 CHOB202-225-4276
9Shuster, BillR2079 RHOB202-225-2431Armed Services
10Marino, TomR2242 RHOB202-225-3731
11Barletta, LouR2049 RHOB202-225-6511
12Rothfus, KeithR1205 LHOB202-225-2065Financial Services
13Boyle, BrendanD1133 LHOB202-225-6111
14Doyle, MikeD239 CHOB202-225-2135
15Dent, Charles W.R2082 RHOB202-225-6411Appropriations
16Smucker, LloydR516 CHOB202-225-2411the Budget
17Cartwright, MatthewD1034 LHOB202-225-5546
18Murphy, TimR2332 RHOB202-225-2301Energy and Commerce

Puerto Rico

DistrictNamePartyRoomPhoneCommittee Assignment
At LargeGonzález-Colón, JennifferR1529 LHOB202-225-2615

Rhode Island

DistrictNamePartyRoomPhoneCommittee Assignment
1Cicilline, DavidD2244 RHOB202-225-4911
2Langevin, JimD2077 RHOB202-225-2735

South Carolina

DistrictNamePartyRoomPhoneCommittee Assignment
1Sanford, MarkR2211 RHOB202-225-3176the Budget
2Wilson, JoeR1436 LHOB202-225-2452Armed Services
3Duncan, JeffR2229 RHOB202-225-5301
4Gowdy, TreyR2418 RHOB202-225-6030Ethics
5Mulvaney, MickR2350 RHOB202-225-5501
6Clyburn, James E.D242 CHOB202-225-3315
7Rice, TomR223 CHOB202-225-9895Ways and Means

South Dakota

DistrictNamePartyRoomPhoneCommittee Assignment
At LargeNoem, KristiR2457 RHOB202-225-2801Ways and Means


DistrictNamePartyRoomPhoneCommittee Assignment
1Roe, PhilR336 CHOB202-225-6356Veterans' Affairs
2Duncan Jr., John J.R2207 RHOB202-225-5435
3Fleischmann, ChuckR2410 RHOB202-225-3271Appropriations

Rep. Scott DesJarlais engaged in multiple extramarital affairs. He still ...

R2301 RHOB202-225-6831Armed Services
5Cooper, JimD1536 LHOB202-225-4311

Rep. Diane Black Defends Congressional Witch ... - Crooks and Liars

R1131 LHOB202-225-4231the Budget
Ways and Means
7Blackburn, Marsha CAUGHT IN LIES

Rep. Marsha Blackburn Gets Flustered, Claims She Didn't Know ...

R2266 RHOB202-225-2811Energy and Commerce
8Kustoff, DavidR508 CHOB202-225-4714Financial Services
9Cohen, SteveD2404 RHOB202-225-3265


DistrictNamePartyRoomPhoneCommittee Assignment
1Gohmert, Louie BIG TIME CROOK

Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) - CREW's Most Corrupt Members of ...

R2243 RHOB202-225-3035
2Poe, Ted BIG LIAR

Rep. Ted Poe's Bogus Jamie Leigh Jones Rescue Story | Mother Jones

R2132 RHOB202-225-6565

ABC News: 9/11 Fraud Scandal 'Probably' - Congressman Sam Johnson

R2304 RHOB202-225-4201Ways and Means
4Ratcliffe, John BASIC SCUMBAG

Slip-and-fall Lawyer Proves To Be An Even Slipperier Texas ...

R325 CHOB202-225-6673
5Hensarling, Jeb BANKSTER WHORE

Jeb Hensarling: Under Donald Trump, He'll Radically Change Dodd ...

R2228 RHOB202-225-3484Financial Services

Rep. Joe Barton (R-TX) Report | CREW's Most Corrupt Members of ...

R2107 RHOB202-225-2002Energy and Commerce
7Culberson, John SCANDALOUS

Crazy/Stupid Republican of the Day — John Culberson

R2161 RHOB202-225-2571Appropriations
8Brady, Kevin THIEF

KEVIN BRADY: Stealing from the elderly and another IRS scandal ...

R1011 LHOB202-225-4901Ways and Means
9Green, AlD2347 RHOB202-225-7508
10McCaul, Michael T.R2001 RHOB202-225-2401Homeland Security
11Conaway, K. MichaelR2430 RHOB202-225-3605Agriculture
Armed Services
Intelligence (Permanent)
12Granger, Kay GOOD PERSON

Texas congresswoman Kay Granger calls for Trump to step down ...

R1026 LHOB202-225-5071Appropriations
13Thornberry, Mac BIG LIAR

Rep. Mac Thornberry Lies to Widow of WWII Pilot Re. His Status ...

R2208 RHOB202-225-3706Armed Services
14Weber, Randy TRAITOR

Rep. Randy Weber apologizes for tweet comparing President Barack ...

R1708 LHOB202-225-2831
15Gonzalez, VicenteD113 CHOB202-225-2531
16O'Rourke, BetoD1330 LHOB202-225-4831
17Flores, Bill HUGE LIAR

Bill Flores: STILL A Liar | The Local Crank

R2440 RHOB202-225-6105Energy and Commerce
18Jackson Lee, SheilaD2187 RHOB202-225-3816
19Arrington, JodeyR1029 LHOB202-225-4005the Budget
20Castro, JoaquinD1221 LHOB202-225-3236Intelligence (Permanent)
21Smith, LamarR2409 RHOB202-225-4236Science, Space, and Technology
22Olson, PeteR2133 RHOB202-225-5951Energy and Commerce
23Hurd, WillR317 CHOB202-225-4511
24Marchant, KennyR2369 RHOB202-225-6605Ethics
Ways and Means
25Williams, RogerR1323 LHOB202-225-9896Financial Services
26Burgess, MichaelR2336 RHOB202-225-7772Energy and Commerce
27Farenthold, BlakeR2331 RHOB202-225-7742
28Cuellar, HenryD2209 RHOB202-225-1640
29Green, GeneD2470 RHOB202-225-1688
30Johnson, Eddie BerniceD2468 RHOB202-225-8885
31Carter, JohnR2110 RHOB202-225-3864Appropriations
32Sessions, PeteR2233 RHOB202-225-2231Rules
33Veasey, MarcD1519 LHOB202-225-9897
34Vela, FilemonD437 CHOB202-225-9901
35Doggett, LloydD2307 RHOB202-225-4865
36Babin, BrianR316 CHOB202-225-1555


DistrictNamePartyRoomPhoneCommittee Assignment
1Bishop, RobR123 CHOB202-225-0453Armed Services
Natural Resources
2Stewart, ChrisR323 CHOB202-225-9730Appropriations
Intelligence (Permanent)
3Chaffetz, JasonR2236 RHOB202-225-7751Oversight and Government
4Love, MiaR217 CHOB202-225-3011Financial Services


DistrictNamePartyRoomPhoneCommittee Assignment
At LargeWelch, PeterD2303 RHOB202-225-4115

Virgin Islands

DistrictNamePartyRoomPhoneCommittee Assignment
At LargePlaskett, StaceyD331 CHOB202-225-1790


DistrictNamePartyRoomPhoneCommittee Assignment
1Wittman, Robert J.R2055 RHOB202-225-4261Armed Services
2Taylor, ScottR412 CHOB202-225-4215Appropriations
3Scott, Robert C.D1201 LHOB202-225-8351Education and the Workforce
4McEachin, A. DonaldD314 CHOB202-225-6365
5Garrett, ThomasR415 CHOB202-225-4711
6Goodlatte, BobR2309 RHOB202-225-5431the Judiciary
7Brat, DaveR1628 LHOB202-225-2815the Budget
8Beyer, DonD1119 LHOB202-225-4376
9Griffith, MorganR2202 RHOB202-225-3861Energy and Commerce
10Comstock, BarbaraR229 CHOB202-225-5136House Administration
11Connolly, Gerald E. "Gerry"D2238 RHOB202-225-1492


DistrictNamePartyRoomPhoneCommittee Assignment
1DelBene, SuzanD2442 RHOB202-225-6311
2Larsen, RickD2113 RHOB202-225-2605
3Beutler, Jaime HerreraR1107 LHOB202-225-3536Appropriations
4Newhouse, DanR1318 LHOB202-225-5816Appropriations
5McMorris Rodgers, CathyR1314 LHOB202-225-2006Energy and Commerce
6Kilmer, DerekD1520 LHOB202-225-5916
7Jayapal, PramilaD319 CHOB202-225-3106
8Reichert, David G.R1127 LHOB202-225-7761Ways and Means
9Smith, AdamD2264 RHOB202-225-8901Armed Services
10Heck, DennyD425 CHOB202-225-9740Intelligence (Permanent)

West Virginia

DistrictNamePartyRoomPhoneCommittee Assignment
1McKinley, DavidR2239 RHOB202-225-4172Energy and Commerce
2Mooney, AlexR1232 LHOB202-225-2711Financial Services
3Jenkins, EvanR1609 LHOB202-225-3452Appropriations


DistrictNamePartyRoomPhoneCommittee Assignment
1Ryan, Paul D.R1233 LHOB202-225-3031
2Pocan, MarkD1421 LHOB202-225-2906
3Kind, RonD1502 LHOB202-225-5506
4Moore, GwenD2252 RHOB202-225-4572
5Sensenbrenner, F. JamesR2449 RHOB202-225-5101
6Grothman, GlennR1217 LHOB202-225-2476the Budget
7Duffy, Sean P.R2330 RHOB202-225-3365Financial Services
8Gallagher, MikeR1007 LHOB202-225-5665Armed Services


DistrictNamePartyRoomPhoneCommittee Assignment
At LargeCheney, LizR416 CHOB202-225-2311Armed Services