Monday, March 20, 2017

Jessie Ventura on the 1%

If you think you know what the Golden Rule is you are probably wrong. The Golden Rule is, "The guys with the gold make the rules? The guys with the gold are the plutocrats and the kleptocrats. The world is a kleptocracy so wake up Mary Poppins.

The 1% are the world's most wicked tyrants and oppressors who are fat more wicked than Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Mao or Saddam Huesien because they are the Plutocrats who own errand boy such as the aforementioned scumbags.

There was a time when the US used to help the oppressed as immortalized in this patriotic ballad.

Ballad of the Green Beret

by Staff Sergeant Barry Sadler and Robin Moore, copyright 1966

Fighting soldiers from the sky 

Fearless men who jump and die
Men who mean just what they say
The brave men of the Green Beret
Silver wings upon their chest
These are men, America's best
One hundred men will test today
But only three win the Green Beret
Trained to live off nature's land
Trained in combat, hand-to-hand
Men who fight by night and day
Courage peak from the Green Berets
Silver wings upon their chest
These are men, America's best
One hundred men will test today
But only three win the Green Beret
Back at home a young wife waits
Her Green Beret has met his fate
He has died for those oppressed 
Leaving her his last request
Put silver wings on my son's chest
Make him one of America's best
He'll be a man they'll test one day
Have him win the Green Beret.

It occurs to me that there really aren't that many 1% and by definition, there are only 1% of them and they own over 50% of the world's wealth. They would be easy to get rid of for SEAL teams and other members of special forces and it is not like they would have to exterminate all of them. Take out 50 and tell the rest to give up their ill-gotten wealth or they will end up in the crosshairs of a SEAL sniper. It's either that or live in constant fear and be a prisoner of that fear. These people have no sense of morality. They are worse than some thug crack dealing bitch assed punk who would carjack your car and put a bullet in your head without a second thought. If you were on that fucker's jury you would have no problem convicting him and seeing him get the death sentence. The street thug is not above the law and the street thug may have mitigating circumstances that turned him into a street thug. The kleptocrat has no excuses for his immoral and criminal conduct. The kleptocratic members of the oligarchy are as soulless as sharks or an infestation of killer bees. If patriots with advanced training were to take them out and purge their DNA from the gene pool, I doubt if  any moral people would complain.

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