Monday, May 15, 2017

Beyonce Has a Thigh Gap

Beyonce's Thigh Gap

Sorry jealous fat girls but Beyonce when she weighs 145 pounds or less has a THIGH GAP! Any woman at a normal health WILL have a thigh gap. If you don't have a thigh gap than you really are too fucking fat you little piggy!

A lot of jealous and angry fat girls will like and say that Beyonce doesn't have a thigh gap when she most certainly does. The accuse her of photoshopping her picture but live stills of her performance most certainly shows that she has a thigh gap.

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The jealous angry fat girls continue to lie and say that Beyonce is has a BMI (Body Mass Index) of 22. That is also a lie. Beyonce has a BMI of 23.4. Beyonce's weight fluctuates. Currently she stands 5'6" and weight 145 pounds and at that hefty high normal weight, she has a respectable thigh gap. At her height of 5'6" Beyonce could weigh 114 pounds and IMO she would look even better. At 145 lbs she's not nearly as hot as she could and should be. If Beyonce were at the correct weight for her height she would weigh between 114 and 124 pounds. A BMI of 18.5 to 20 is the ideal weight for most women. If a woman has thunder thighs she's way way way too fat! 

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Like a lot of "divas", Beyonce's weight fluctuates. On the other hand, at 57 years old Marie Osmond who is way way way hotter than Beyonce and she doesn't act like a slut. Marie doesn't consider herself a diva. That also makes Marie Osmond smokin hot! Plus she can sing better than Beyonce.

NOTE: Asians get it! They have set the upper level for BMI at 22.9. When it comes to sheer hotness and beauty, Asian women win the gold medal and the nice thing about non Americanized Asian women, is they are superior to American women in not only looks but also in behavior, attitude, disposition, and sweeter overall temperament.


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