Thursday, May 4, 2017

Trump's Popular Vote Vs Hillary

Hillary waxed Trump in the popular vote and in a real democracy she would be president. She beat Trump by 3 million votes. Hillary got 66,046,974 or 49,3% of the vote. Trump got 62,065,771 or 45.6% of the popular vote. It gets even worse for Trump. Jill Stein got 1.2 million votes or about 1.% of the vote and Gary Johnson got 3,895,239 or about 3.5% of the vote.

Trump's victory margin smaller than total Stein votes in key swing ...

Today a lot of the 45% of fools who voted for Trump know how badly the fucked up. Trump has the lowest approval rating of any president ever and he's the biggest criminal scumbag on any president ever. 

Image result for russian hackers meme

Electronic voting machines with no paper trail are particularly vulnerable to hacking!

Consider the fact that the Russians oligarchs were hacking the election Hillary kicked his ass even more. Electronic ballots were flipped to Trump by his Russian hackers. 

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