Thursday, June 8, 2017

A Threat Worse Than Trump

You can stick a fork in Trump, because he's done.

The Real Threat
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The biggest thief and the biggest killer and the greatest threat to our national security is the American Health Care Industrial Complex.

American health care is capitalism and immorality run amok. What is eviler than exploiting human suffering for obscene profits? It gets worse. Google healthcare fraud and google iatrogenic death then medical errors and then health care acquired infections and then google death from adverse drug reactions and google wrong site surgeries.

The American medical industry makes the oil and financial industries look like Boy Scouts.  This vile industry is 18% of the US GDP and growing. They own the FDA and many politicians. 

You may not like the solution but the solution is government run health care using the VA model. Corporate health care is a disaster and it is too far gone to fix it.

We start by confiscating their ill-gotten wealth using forfeiture laws.  I would take over the drug companies, jail their top and middle management, and put in decent people in their positions. 

I would direct pharma research to actually create cures and safe treatments. 

When I find that the criminal actions of the medical industry resulted in the death of any Americans the people involved will be executed publicly. 

Health care would be free for all Americans and that would reduce a huge burden on businesses that are now required to provide employees with health care coverage. That greatly reduce the cost of goods and services and create jobs.  Currently Americans pay 3 times the world average for health care.  18% of our GDP  is health care and the US has one of the highest per capita GDPs in the world. 

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Italy is ranked number 2 for health care quality and they spend 2/3 less than the US spends for health care and the US is ranked 38th for quality.

Trump is DONE! The time has come to put every criminal health care executive in prison.

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