Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Google Fines 2.7 Billion For It Criminal Fuckery

Google Fined Record $2.7 Billion in E.U. Antitrust Ruling - The New ...

I am about to switch blog platforms. The views for Bigger Fatter Politics were huge until recently. Google wanted me to monetize Bigger Fatter Politics but I declined because I would have no control of the ad content and I will not be part of promoting criminal companies.

Google is in the business of censoring. The have instituted a censorship program that allows free speech hating Nazi weasels to mass flag video they don't like. Google pretty much destroyed Bigger Fatter Blog because a bunch of angry jealous fat girls organized a flagging campaign and Google removed BFB and I was able to get it back after a letter from the ACLU but they de-indexed it.

What can you do about this fuckery? That's simple. Switch to another search engine. I like Bing and Duck Duck Go. 

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