Sunday, June 4, 2017

The Real Meaning of Covfefe

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Trump will be grabbing a lot of CovFeFe soon.

covfefe: cov-fee fee  Prevalent among treasonous death row inmates, a hands-free masturbation device made up of a dirty sock, vaseline (or toothpaste, if not available) a toilet paper tube (if available), wedged firmly between a matress.

See also fefe or fifi.

The New York Times, Washington Post, CNBC and CNN are not the only ones who have Trump Whitehouse staffers leaking to them. Unlike them, the sources that leak to us wear wires and we here at Bigger Fatter Politics have actual audio recordings of Trump and Sean Spicer discussing the covfefe situation but until we hear from our legal department we can only show you, our readers the transcript.

Covfefe is prison slang for a DIY pussy convicts make to help them masturbate. It's also called a fefe or Covfefe which is short for convict's fefe or prison pussy.  A fefe is a homemade sex toy that resembles a vagina kinda like a poor man's fleshlight.  Trump is merely preparing for prison life. Covfefe is a term used mostly in federal prisons.I guess because it sounds so continental.  

Review – Prison Fefe | Build a Vagina

Full build instructions – Prison Fefe | Build a Vagina

Trump will be grabbing a lot of CovFeFe soon.  I can see Alec Baldwin doing Trump behind bars asking his flunky cohorts to fetch his covfefe so that he can wank his little orange wee wee.  They will be able to go word for word like when Tina Fey became Sarah Palin. 

The conversation was between President Trump and his abused flunky Whitehouse Press Secretary Sean Spicer while prepping the Whitehouse staff for prison.

Here is what was said word for word.

Trump, Hey Sean, fetch me a covfefe!

Spicer, Which one Mr. President sir?

Trump, The one that smells like my daughter Ivanka. That's my favorite.

Spicer: Mr. President sir, Jeff Sessions is using that one right now. You know what a jerk off he is.

Trump: Fire him. And get me the one that smells like Melania

Spicer: Mr. Prsident, Jared is using that covfefe right now and you know how hung those Jews are. It will be all stretched out after he's done with it. The Kellyanne Conway covfefe is available sir.

Trump: NOOOO! Not that one. It's YUGE! It's all worn out and wrinkled and it smells like Putin taking a crap on shrimp boat. Just take your teeth out Sean and give me a MOAB.

Spicer: What's that Mr President?

Trump: The Mother Of All Blowjobs STUPID Like the kind I give to Putin!

Spicer: Oh, kinda like how I've been jerking off the Whitehouse press corps?

Trump: Kinda only wetter.

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  1. I think his chubby traitor ass will be used for a covfefe.


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