Saturday, June 17, 2017

WhyThe Red States Suck

It's the people who live in the red states who make the red states suck.

People in the red states are stupid, ignorant and lazy. Why are they stupid, ignorant and lazy? It's genetic.

Are 97 of the nation's 100 poorest counties in red states? | PolitiFact 

The Human Development Index

The first map is color-coded based on a meta-measure of a society called the “human development index.” This index was created by the Social Science Research Council as a composite measure of the health, education and income levels within each state—the higher the number (or darker-colored the state on the map), the more developed the state.

Not only are Republican voters morally depraved, they are incredibly stupid and anti-education. They love ignorance.

Corporal Punishment in Primary Schools
And because people in the red states are stupid and evil they beat their kids. It's pathetic but stupid people do stupid things.

In addition to having lower levels of educational achievement, right-leaning states in the south and Midwest account for virtually all instances of corporal punishment (hitting students) in the United States—this is simply because these states are the ones that have refused to ban the practices.

People In The Red States Die Sooner! 


Life Expectancy

Healthy years of life beyond age 65

Overall this is a  good thing but they still suck up a lot of valuable medical resources as they eat and smoke themselves to death. 

As the previous map illustrates, the right wing’s southern stronghold is composed of states that have, far and away, the worst life expectancies in the United States. This isn’t a purely a partisan issue, and involves a mixture of culture and bad policy.
The south is home to extreme poverty, a lack of accessible health care (ex. Texas leads the nation with 25% uninsurance), lax worker/environmental protections, and a culture that consumes massive amounts of fatty fried foods. These factors create a perfect storm of bad health that severely erodes the life expectancy of huge portions of the southern population.
Given the lower life expectancies in the south, the trend in the following map, illustrating state-level death rates, is unsurprising.

Obesity, Diabetes, Stroke, and Heart Disease:

One of the primary reasons why the south has a lower life expectancy than the rest of the United States is that its people suffer from a variety of chronic illnesses. Rates of obesity, diabetes, stroke, and heart disease are far higher in these states than the national average, and people have often lacked the ability to access care.
The following map gives an overview of preventable deaths from medical conditions, color-coded by state.
When those morons start talking about secession encourage them. The red states are a drain on America and the world. After Lincoln freed the slaves he should have armed them with the latest weaponry and put a bounty on the slave owners and anyone who fought for the confederacy. Had he done that, America would be better off today. We didn't need the Red States then and we don't need them now. Right wing racist types have defective DNA. Killing them off would have purged the American gene pool the same way the Germany's gene pool was purged of Nazi DNA during the occupation. 


  1. Trump supporters are today's Nazis. These so called Christian need the Joan of Arc treatment.

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