Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Fattest Place On Earth

The US has some catching up to do. Nauru is officially the fattest country on earth. Americans can learn a lot from these gluttons.

The fattest industrialized country is Kuwait. Kuwaitis really know how to live. Citizens of Kuwait don't work. They hire servants. Kuwait has the highest per capita GDP of any country. America has the 2nd highest GDP.

Obesity is a sign of prosperity. We need to turn the economy around so that the US can once again be the fattest country on earth.


  1. Obesity was a sign of prosperity. Today, a sign of prosperity is having plentiful food plus the means for a nutritionist and personal trainer to keep you fit and trim.

  2. Good evening Fat Bastard!

    Like, SAY WHAT???

    America no longer that fattest country in the world?

    Now, that is BAD NEWS!!!

    Yeah! These small island states have caught up with us and are over-taking us when it comes to obesity!


    Yeah, I remember back in 1980, I had been watching a segment on 60 Minutes about a small island nation name Micronesia.

    This guy got out of his brand new car, and he was a morbidly obese apple-shaped guy wearing, not exactly a loin cloth, but breech clouts!

    His hips were exposed, so only his butt and groin area was covered by his breech clouts, and he wore no shirt.

    Although he did have a fat little butt and chubby legs, he was still apple-shaped because his great big round belly hung down over the front of his breech clouts, and he had a nice roll of fat on his lower-back protruding out further than his butt.

    Also, his chest, although not as big around as his huge belly, was much bigger around than his hips, and his fat arms looked to be at least as big around has his legs.

    Now, if he could have gained more weight on his upper-body, that would have been much better!

    I think apple-shaped obese males look much better, and more awesome, and more intimidating, if they have bigger bellies, smaller butts, and thinner legs, and if their arms are much fatter than their legs!

    Yeah! Bigger up above, and smaller down below!

    More fat in front, and less in the back.

    Well, actually . . . a large roll of fat on the lower back protruding out further than the butt is also nice to have if you're apple-shaped. Both, the upper back and lower back should protrude out further than the butt, with the lower back protruding out further than the upper back.

    But, the apple-shaped obese male should carry most of his fat in front, on his chest and belly, with even more fat on the belly.

    As in the old cigarette commercials from the 1960s, it's what's up front that counts!

    Yeah! I guess I seem to have an obsession with apple-shaped obese males.

    In my cartoon drawings, apple-shaped obese males are more fun for me to draw than pear-shaped obese males.

    Teddy Bear

  3. The US has not been that fattest nation for quite some time. We are ranked 3 but we can take solace in knowing it was good old American food that is blimping up the rest of the world.

    You are so right about apples. We have that Hoss Cartwright look and we all know how Hoss used to kick ass and take names. A big corporation up front is intimidating. It says, "I'm large and in charge don't fuck with me stick boy."


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