Saturday, April 7, 2012

Romney Breaks The Law And Alienates More Of The Fat Vote Offering Food For Votes

Whoops! Looks like Rep. Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney were handing out free submarine sandwiches in Wisconsin on the same day as the GOP primary election, which State law prohibits. Here in Wisconsin, giving away free items, like necessities, is not a wise thing to in exchange for a vote.  State law says you can’t give anything away with a value greater than $1 for a vote. Last I heard, subs, even smaller than a $5 dollar foot long at Subway, cost more than that.
Vote for me and I'll feed you
Naturally the Republicans find this outrageous. A statement from the Romney campaign received by WISN 12 states:
“This is a laughable stunt by the Democrats designed to distract from President Obama’s disastrous polices that have resulted in record job losses and skyrocketing gas prices. Democrats are willing to do and say anything to avoid a discussion about the president’s three years of failure in the White House.”
No, I think it was because Romney is so used to throwing money at whatever he wants.
Question: Did they need a state-issued voter ID to get those free subs?

Romney is not only a criminal, he's stupid. Romney thinks that buying votes by giving away free food will get him the fat vote. If he were giving out KFC or taking voters to an all you can eat buffet he would get the fat vote but Subway?  What is this asshole thinking?

Romney has pissed off women and now he has insulted gluttons everywhere.


  1. To paraphrase the great scholar Mr. West:

    Mitt Romney doesn't care about fat people.

    He is going to pursue a radical anti-fat agenda by doing a few things that we fat people will not stand for. He is going to fight gay marriage, which affects by the No Crumbs on the Carpet Carpet Muncher group as well as the Fudge Eating Fudge Packer group, two key demographics of fat people.

    He is going to get rid of healthcare for fat people by making it too expensive. He is going to get us into wars with Iran and possibly other countries, and to pay for them he will cut benefits to everything except the military, which is the only thing Republicans truly worship. (If they were true Christians and worshipped God, then they would believe in compassion for other human beings, and would refuse to spend money we don't have to kill people we don't know.)

    He may seem like just a bland and boring guy, but he would be the most anti-fat politician since President Buchanan. He wants to not only "trim the fat" out of our budget (eliminating things like Social Security by handing it over to his investment bank cronies who will syphon off money every year in fees while not guaranteeing any benefits, and by subjecting millions of seniors to homelessness when they ultimately come of age and don't have a fixed income to live off of. But by then he would already be retired and thus not accountable. But his friends would be even richer, and could finally afford backup Gulfstream jets and second yachts.) He wants to continue the assault on our public workers, to save money for the richest so that they can get even fatter at the expense of the middle class. The NAAFA movement is about being fair, not seeking to concentrate everything in just a small group.

    He put his dog in a dog carrier on top of his car while he was driving, and claimed that it was no big deal and that the dog liked it. I say that that means that he does not like animals. And if you don't like animals, you are a not good pro Adipose American candidate. When I waddle up to the touch screen in November to vote, my pudgy finger is not pressing the Romney button! I would even turn down fillet mignon!!


  2. Romney sucks. I think he has plans to force American to get on bicycles all the time, never stop smiling as they spread Moromnism.

    He is one rich fucker and such a flip flopper. Giving out food was a good idea but Subway???? SHEEEESH!! Feeding fatlings that rabbit food is an insult. Vegetables are food eats. He can't even get his flip flopping right. Offering Subway to a fatling is like giving a kosher Jew a pork chop.

    His dog was so scared that it shit all over itself. Mitt hosed the dog down and put it back in the crate. What an asshole!

    He's lost the woman vote too.

    Boom Shakka Lakka Barrack has class
    Hot first lady wanna tap that ass
    Boom Shakka Lakka Obama's the shit
    Book Shakka Lakka fuck you Mitt

    Fat Bastard exits the Democratic convention stage pumping his fist shouting YO BAMA YO BAMA and leaving the crowd in a frenzy. High fives the prez in the wings.

  3. I'm a glutton, and I love food, but as much as I love food, I can not be bribed to vote Republican! No fucking way!

    I don't care if Mitt Romney were to set before me, a stack of T-bone and sirloin stakes 10 feet high smothered with mushroom gravy, I would tell him to shove it all up his ass.

    I'd rather go hungry than to vote Republican.

    Seriously, if the Republicans win, millions of people would go hungry anyway.

    1. Teddy, your are a gentleman and a scholar.


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