Thursday, April 5, 2012

vGrabber Browser Hijacker

I was downloading a video and the fucking program called vGrabber hijacked my browser.

They will have a much tougher time creating malware when all the fingers are chopped off theoretically speaking.

The cocksucking program would not uninstall and it would disappear from control panel after I thought I had uninstalled it. I then used IOBIT uninstaller and it got rid of  it and some other associated files. Then I reinstalled Mozilla Firefox.

I hope someone can locate these fuckers. They need to be killed or maimed treated with the love of Jesus ie "I come not to bring peace, but to bring a sword" (Matthew 10:34). I don't think the authorities will look too hard for who ever does it.

Some people are such assholes that killing them is the best thing. It sends the right message. I am not advocating that anyone do this but if someone did I would be very happy.
Hunt those fuckers down! Contact Anonymous  They can deal with them.

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  1. I think I may know who and where they are Fat Bastard. I will get verification soon.

  2. They have also hacked into the Big Three Podcast!!!

    The best podcast on the internet, they hacked into it. They are talking about shutting it down, even though it is hilarious and awesome. You should check out the podcast, by the way. It's an extension of the cult classic film "Windy City Heat".

    When we find out who the hackers are, we need to turn them in to the police and let them get sent to the slammer!! (If you know what I mean!!)


  3. I'd like to send the Chef after them with a meat clever. Proud found them. They are in Russia.

  4. They are not in Russia, they are Jews from Israel.

  5. Fuck you liar. Vgrabber is Russian.

  6. vgrabber bites!

    1. The best way to stop malware, viruses and spyware is to kill the fuckers who make it.


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