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Fat Bastard VS Pattie Thomas Ph.D. in a NO HOLDS BARRED Debate!

Fat Bastard Challenges Pattie Thomas Ph.D. to a Debate


Fat Bastard VS  Pattie Thomas Ph.D.  in a NO HOLDS BARRED Debate!

Fat Bastard's Mighty Gauntlet

I, Fat Bastard have thrown down the gauntlet an have challenged fat psychologist/sociologist  Pattie Thomas, Ph.D.  to a no holds barred debate right here on the NAAFA blog spot. I, Fat Bastard, left the following missive on Ms Thomas's blog FattyPatties. Let's see if she has the courage to debate me, Fat Bastard.

Note: For our less erudite readers. People with degrees have letters after there names such as BS and we all know what that means. MS mean More of the Same  The letters Ph.D readers means Piled Hire and Deeper accept with a Ph.D. they make you write a doctoral thesis

Here's some background on this sociologist/psychologist sow and gormandizing girl glutton from Psychology Today

Pattie Thomas, Ph.D., is a medical sociologist and co-author (with her husband, Carl Wilkerson, MBA) of Taking Up Space: How Eating Well and Exercising Regularly Changed My Life, a sociological memoir about living as a fat and disabled woman in a society that stigmatizes both. Thomas is one of a growing number of multi-disciplinary scholars who are addressing the cultural stereotypes, stigmas, myths, and oppressive practices based upon persons who do not fit ideal body sizes. One of the seminal authors in the first anthology of this movement, The Fat Studies Reader, Thomas has been actively pursuing social justice for persons of size and supporting the concept of Health at Every Size(r) for over 10 years. She currently teaches Sociology at the College of Southern Nevada in Las Vegas, Nevada. Thomas and Wilkerson also write and create multimedia about coupling when both members of the dyad are disabled. They bring to that project experience as a couple as well as both the sociological and organizational knowledge that they have drawn upon to create a life together.

Now for Fat Bastard's curriculum vitae
I Fat Bastard am willing to give total support the organization that I am in, with the experience and
capability that I have, in order to achieve organization’s goals and create mutual benefits.

Bloat County College of Of Food Science, Hamburger City, IA
Bachelor of Arts, Food Sciences magna cum laude, May 1989

Western Egg Sandwich University, McDonalds, IL
Ph.D., Culinary Psychology and Biological Belching, December 1991

Ovine University, Gourmand, TX
Ph.D., Food Psychology and Advanced Gluttony, May 1993


Fat Kid's Memorial Hospital, Chicago IL
Department of Junkfoodinology, Supervisor: Dr. Gerald "Teddy" Bear
KFC University Medical School, Chicago, IL
Department of Foodiatrics, Advisor: Dr. Belly Boy Research Associate
Perform genetic analysis of mutations causing hormone-independent signaling
of the human gluttony receptor.


IHOP College, FlapJack Heights, IL
 Adjunct instructor

Taught Introductory Foodology with laboratory/kitchen (food biology, genetics panniculus growth and evolution).

Taught undergraduate Pignetics with laboratory. Developed course outline and objectives,
selected specific food to eat, selected required fast food restaurants, wrote and presented menus, and administered Hiemlich maneuvers  and CPR, developed, judged and graded pie eating contests and pig out projects.

American Glutton Society postdoctoral fellowship
Postdoctoral traineeship, Farting Biology Training Grant, University of Chicago
Rotunda Hindenberg Pork Beast Institute Pre-doctoral Fellowship


Founder of NIFAM New International Fat Acceptance Movement and NAFAM New American Fat Acceptance Movement.

Created a simplified  HAES eating plans. EATT (Eat All The Time) and FATT (Food All The Time).

Assisted Reverend Big Lard Ass in instituting the Grazenhiemer Method for Advanced Gluttony.

Working to develop a Chair Aerobics and Combined Eating Program called EFE or Eating For Exercise.

On the board of directors for Reach Back There, a company that is developing a butt wiping device for fat folks who "can't reach back there"

On the board of directors for King Size Coffin a bariatric casket company.

On the board of directors for Vein O Rooter a medical device company that makes vascular augers.

On the board of directors for Mammoth Image Diagnostics that makes medical imaging equipment for SeaWorld and other  Aquatic and Land Whale facilities.

Here's the challenge I Fat Bastard issued to this "womyn":

Mrs Thomas,

I would debate you but one cannot debate a censor.

The immutable scientific facts remain:

Obesity dramatically shortens lifespans.

The behaviors that lead to obesity are a choice.

This is in the spirit of fat acceptance because in the New Fat Acceptance we embrace gluttony and sloth. Our philosophy is simple; gluttony is good and it is a good choice.

I, Fat Bastard broke ranks with the old and dishonest and negative fat acceptance many years ago only to embrace and honest gluttony affirming fat acceptance that encourages fatlings to step out of their gluttony denial and not only embrace their fat but their gluttony as well.

We have returned to a more enlightened time when NAAFA meant National Association Aiding FAT Americans.

If you have the intellectual courage and honesty to debate me then leave a post on www.NAAFA.Blogspot.com We don't censor! We have the courage to defend our beliefs!

Fat Bastard


  1. Handling the medical devices might be challenging to most people. You need to have enough training to make the devices work for you.

  2. I may have poker this sow at a NAAFA convention.

  3. As usual another fat girl is ducking me Fat Bastard. She knows that I Fat Bastard will make a fool of her. I Fat Bastard am wise.

  4. She's a big fat chicken. Fat Bastard would wreck that crazy cunt.

  5. I have no doubt that Fat Bastard would chew her up and spit her out. There are even some things that even Fat Bastard won't eat.

    The leaders of the fat acceptance movement have been ducking Fat Bastard for years. They don't have the belly to battle with Fat Bastard.

    I declare Fat Bastard winner by forfeit.

  6. Mobile Fat BastardAugust 10, 2012 at 1:47 PM

    Hi Glutton Gary and welcome to BFP. Thanks for your support. Fatty Patty doesn't have a leg to stand on, not even an artificial one due to a diabetic amputation.

    I will be challenging more NAAFA style leaders and surrogates to a debate but none like you say Gary with have the belly for it. Most of them would be a snack for me Fat Bastard.


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