Thursday, July 18, 2013

Boycott Florida

There are a lot of reasons to boycott Florida.

1. Rick Scott is the criminal governor of Florida. The moron voters elected him in spite of his extensive criminal past at Columbia HCA.

2. The Casey Anthony verdict. A retarded child hating jury acquitted a slime slut pig whore that everyone knew was guilty as sin.

3. The George Zimmerman verdict: A bunch of racist moron aquitted another child killer.

4. Florida oranges suck. They have thick skins and when you peel them the fruit is small and bitter.

5. They cheated in the 2000 election that put the Bush/Cheney regime into power.

6. Florida is famous for voter suppression.

7. The cost of vacationing there is way way way over priced.

Click her to see how people worldwide are boycotting Florida.
Florida is not a safe place to take your family for vacation as long as Florida law permits a citizen to shoot or kill you for merely looking suspicious, and to do it with impunity. Boycott Florida tourism until this dangerous law is overturned. If the murder of Trayvon Martin isn't enough to get lawmaker's attention, maybe a loss in revenue to the state would be.

Over a thousand signees from South Korea, Italy, and the 49 other U.S. states chimed in to express their discontent with the Sunshine State:

"Florida, clean up your act or I won't be back!"

"Ever thought of seceding? You and Texas would make a lovely couple..."

"Why in the world would we vacation in a place that allows people to kill someone so casually?"

"Clearly the legislative, executive and judicial branches of of state and local government in Florida are not interested in either justice or public safety. I'm never going there again."

Once 2,000 signatures are collected, the message will be sent to the Florida House, Senate, and Governor Rick Scott.

Florida has been a cesspool of coruption for many decades and its largest city is no exception. Perhaps the most important book documenting the moral occification of Miami Florida is Miami A Survivor's Tale by critically acclaimed author and lawyer Frank Abrams and published by Black Mountian Press.

What People are Saying:

"Flailing the air with the sharp-wit of coconut machete words, Frank Abrams cuts the head square off Miami, nestles it under his arm, and boldly walks through the Headless City, talking to himself. Everywhere people stare, eyes dumbed down, as plaintiff cries, barking dogs, gunshots and real estate developers drown together in a sunburned stew of history gone awry. Frank's unique perch as a 1950s-era home boy haunted by a strange calling to get the hell out and his career as a lawyer to the most unusually downtrodden folk in America, give grace and substance to this mass of anecdotes about survival in the City That Never Weeps. No one has captured this history quite like Frank Abrams. Promises unkept, hurricanes unleashed, fraud that makes Baby Doc look like the Pope, drugs and pussy galore, road rage and riots amore, the explosion of multi-cultural egomania -- it's all in this fast-paced manuscript which, at its core, tells the simple story of one family's struggle to survive Miami, ladeeez and gentlemen and children of all ages, as it vanishes before their very eyes." - Peter B. Gallagher, award winning Poet and Writer

Publisher: the Black Mountain Press, Asheville, NC ISBN 9780970016515Library of Congress Control Number: 201394263

Click Here to buy a pre-publication copy with a 25% discount!

Another Big Reason To Boycott Florida
Stand Your Ground Marissa Alexander click here

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  1. Florida need to go. FUCK YOU FLORIDA!

  2. Florida is against warning shots, they prefer it if you actually shoot someone? Huh?

    Also let's not forget that the murderous NFL player, Aaron "Holocaust" Hernandez played for Florida in his college years. He also shot a friend in his eye there in February, and was questioned in a 2007 shooting there as well. Then he made the mistake of murdering 3 people in two separate incidents in Massachusetts.

  3. I used to like Florida because it's shapped like a dick and it looks like it's pissing on Cuba. Right now I wish that Florida would secede and take Texas with it.

  4. Florida stinks.


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