Thursday, August 22, 2013

Commonsense and the Gluttonous Lifestyle

I was surfing the the fatosphere and I came accross a thread by one of our readers that pretty much sums up the state of the gainer/feeder and fat acceptance movement. The title of the thread is Getting Fat On the Cheap which accurately paraphrases an article that Proud FA the Dean of Feederism wrote. This thread was found on Fat-Forums a slutty BBW community.

"The level of lying, denial and hypocrisy here is astonishing.

Fat people are gluttons whether they admit it or not. This is a porn/feeder/gainer site mostly and you liars are invoking phony Christian morality and using lies to justify something that deep down you think is wrong which isn't wrong ie, GLUTTONY!

Maybe the truth is is that you fatlings CAN'T HANDLE THE FAT and that is why you are lying and denying your gluttony and claiming the laws of physics don't apply to your bodies.

You also deny the medical facts of your gluttony. FAT PEOPLE DIE SOONER because of their lifestyle choices. They will deny that obesity is  the result of a choice because they think it's a bad choice. Gluttony is neither a good or bad choice. It is simply a choice. Deep down you people are fat haters because you are denying and therefore condemning the very behavior that made you fat and keeps you fat. Again... YOU CAN'T HANDLE the FAT! Either be fat and take the good with the bad or be lean and take the good with the bad because until we can manipulate gravity, and adress the medical challenges associated with gluttony/obesity you either take the good with the bad or you don't but don't lie about it.

Gluttony is pure Ayn Randian objectivism. Greed self-indulgence is the new morality.  You fatties need to shit or get off the pot and not only embrace the fat but embrace the gluttonous lifestyle that goes with it. Embracing that lifestyle means accepting the reality of that lifestyle. Maybe this will help... You can live a long time with a Spartan life style or you can have a shorter but more abundant life as a greedy and hedonistic glutton which is what your are doing now.  My only popint is is that your should be proud of the fact that with your greedy mouths you are digging your graves one delicious bite after one delicious bite. We all have to die from something so it might as well be something we like.

I stay lean because I like porking fat girls better than eating food and besides us skinny guys can really throw the dick. Fat men in many cases simply cannot pork a fat girl or pork were with the duration, ferocity and endurance of a fit lean guy with good cardio vascular health. When men like me do is a service to these fat girls since fat men have a tough time mechanically porking them. That is why we need slender women for fat boys to bone.  Let these waif's do all the work and besides when it come to eating pussy fat men excell in that area and slender women don't have all that funkiness that fat girls have like chronic yeast infections."

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