Thursday, October 3, 2013

FOX NEWS: Congressman Mark Meadows Anarchist

It's official, even FOX NEWS thinks that Mark Meadows, the architect behind the government shutdown is an anarchist.

In a Sept. 30 report, CNN declares that Western North Carolina freshman congressman Mark Meadows is the "Architect of the brink" and "the man behind the government shutdown." The Republican legislator represents the 11th District, which includes parts of Buncombe County.

Here's some excerpts from the article:

Washington (CNN) -- One of the most prominent developers of the plan that could shut the government down is a little-known congressman who has been in office only eight months.

This newly elected tea party aligned lawmaker downplays his position, saying he has relatively little influence. But in reality, his efforts have pushed Washington to the brink. ...

In August, while lawmakers spent time in their districts, Meadows wrote a letter to his Republican leaders suggesting they tie the dismantling of Obamacare to the bill that funds the government for the next year. ...

Meadows successfully convinced 79 of his colleagues to sign on to his letter. And he went further, leading a group of 40 lawmakers to demand that the continuing resolution, or the short-term government funding bill at issue, zeroes out funding for President Barack Obama's signature domestic policy achievement so far. ...

"For me it's about representing the 749,000 people I was elected to represent," Meadows told CNN in his small Capitol Hill office. He said his constituents want him to fight against Obamacare "regardless of consequences."

... Meadows successfully convinced a reluctant [Speaker John] Boehner to go along with his plan. ...
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