Tuesday, October 1, 2013

ObamaCare Government Shutdown: Follow the Money

Nothing criminals do is ever illogical. You may be wondering why the criminals in Congress shut down the government over Obama Care a.k.a. the affordable health care act. You may think it has something to do with their warped ideology. You may think that their warped ideology is stronger than their love for America and Americans and while that may be true the real reason for the government shutdown and a maniacal desire to repeal the affordable health care act boils down to the lowest common denominator, money.

In the United States one third of what is spent on healthcare goes to cover waste/fraud. With the government regulating healthcare medical fraud will become a federal crime. What that means for the people running corporations is that when they steal from the American people not only will they have to pay the money back but some of them may actually face jail time. To put into perspective how huge the medical fraud in this country is considered our military budget. More money is stolen by doctors and hospitals each year and we spend on our entire military. To put that into perspective, consider the fact that United States spends more on its military than all other countries combined.

Another feature of the affordable care act/Obama care is that there is a threshold on how much overhead/theft insurance companies can have. The insurance companies are all that worried about that because with Obama care more people will be buying health insurance. The problem is that premiums will be going down due to the forced competition. That means that every American that more disposable income. Having more disposable income will be an economic stimulus. An economic stimulus creates jobs. More jobs means a smaller labor pool. Smaller labor pool means better pay from workers. Better pay for workers needs more upward mobility. More upward mobility means more political and economic power for Americans. More political and economic power for Americans is a huge threat to the criminal elite corporations who own most of our government.

Shutting down the government will create a huge economic slowdown. Many government workers through no fault of their own will lose their jobs or be furloughed. This is a huge chunk of money that will not be going into the economy. This will hurt Mainstreet and I Mainstreet I mean everyone from the barber, the grocer, the auto mechanic, the forest ranger, the plumber and everyone else depends on consumer dollars to keep him in business. The ripple effect of what Republicans in Congress have done will be arguably is devastating to the economy as what the criminal Wall Street bankers did when they crashed the economy.

No other industry in the history of the world has been as wealthy, corrupt and dangerous as American medical industry. Consider the fact that healthcare represents nearly 20% of America's gross domestic product. No other country even comes close. Consider the fact that the World Health Organization has ranked American healthcare 38th for quality and safety. Consider the fact that the last major disease cured or eradicated was polio.

When you don't know why something that seems illogical and absurd, simply follow the money.


Medical Schools Are Run By Corporate Criminals!

When your doctor cries poor mouth tell them to shut his greedy lying mouth!

Now do you see why the corporate Rethuglicans don't want the scrutiny that Obamacare aka the health care law will bring? Criminals hate the law.


  1. Ten Cruz is an evil evil man.

  2. He's a total shit head and a traitor.

  3. Texas is rife with corruption. Cruz is only one of them.

  4. Cruz is a liberal plant there to destroy the GOP. It's political theater.

    1. I thought that too but if he is than he plays stupid, evil and mean better than anyone in Hollywood.


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