Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Ted Cruz's Alternative to Obamacare

Ted Cruz is emerging as one of the GOP’s most vocal opponents of Obamacare.

He’s particularly worried that Americans will get “addicted” to healthcare that’s actually affordable, coverage for pre-existing conditions, preventive screenings, vision and dental care for children, better care and protection for seniors, combined with no annual limits on coverage, and the fact that insurance companies can no longer drop you when you’re sick.

This kind of dangerous socialism is something Cruz has seen first hand, following his safe and healthy birth in a socialist Canadian hospital in 1970.

According to Cruz, just a taste of better, lower-cost healthcare will get Americans “addicted” to the sugary sweetness of not watching your child die of an otherwise treatable disease. He’s scared that once Americans realize that their risk of medical bankruptcy has diminished, they may never want to go back to the good old days of worrying that insurance company “Death Panels” will deny their claims or drop their coverage.

To stop this, Cruz is willing to shut down the US government, throw the economy into a tailspin and say a prayer that there won’t be any new pandemics overwhelming the nation’s Emergency Rooms anytime in the future. In his mind, Emergency Rooms are where 30 million Americans should be camped out each day getting their cancer treatments, mammograms and colonoscopies or something.

Or maybe he just doesn’t want Americans to enjoy the kind of quality healthcare he and the Palin family know is available when they need it up in Canada, eh?

Full story: http://www.texastribune.org/2013/08/19/cruz-warns-americans-could-get-addicted-obamacare/

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