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Shrinks Stink: Psychiatrists Rape More People Than Any Other Profession

Shrinks Stink
Shrinks Stink

                                       Shrinks Stink

Shrinks Stink

Shrinks Stink

Shrinks Stink

                Shrinks Stink 

Shrinks Stink       Shrinks Stink  Shrinks Stink 

Shrinks Stink                                         

Shrinks Stink

Drugged up by a shrink!

Drugged up by a shrink!
Drugged up by a shrink!

Fort Hood shooter is a Shrink!

The Dangers of The Psychiatrist's Couch
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Psychiatrists make up only six percent of all doctors, yet they account for thirty three percent of all the sexual crimes committed by doctors. In fact, the percentage of sexual molestation by psychiatrists is thirty-seven times greater than that of the general public. Psychiatrists themselves say that sixty five percent of their new patients tell them they have been sexually abused by their former psychiatrists. Eighty percent of psychiatrists who have sexual relations with their patients do so with more than one patient.

Take the case of Canadian psychiatrist John Orpin. He was convicted of raping and sodomizing his female patients during their drug hypnosis therapy sessions. Orpin counseled his female patients that his penis was itself a healing staff and his anal rape of them "unconditional love."

These cases are horrific, but they are not isolated.

Current estimates are that 150,000 women have been sexually abused by their psychiatrists in the United States alone.

The further toll on these women?

1500 have committed suicide. Another 21,000 have tried to commit suicide.
Another 16,000 ended up hospitalized because of the harm caused from this violation by their psychiatrist. Women are not only statistically in high danger of being raped by their psychiatrists, they are far more likely than a man to be drugged by him as well. A 1994 study showed that women are three times more likely than men to be prescribed drugs for exactly the same symptoms. If drugs don't make them forget a sexual assault by their psychiatrist, 460 volts of electricity through their temples might. Ask the 36 year-old Glendale, California woman who sued her psychiatrist in 1984 for doing exactly that to her for exactly that reason. Ninety percent of psychiatrists are male and it was this group who originally coined the word "hysteria" for a "mental illness." And profitably for the scant $12 of electricity it takes to administer those 660,000 electric shock treatments each year,  psychiatrist receive $5 billion in return. Who Are
These guys?

 These men would seem to be the least likely people we should entrust our mental health to.

have the highest suicide rate of any profession, a rate twice the average of medical professionals.

An estimated twenty five percent commit sexual crimes.

Of 800 psychiatrists convicted of a crime, forty three percent were convicted of fraud, theft and embezzlement.

U.S. Representative Patricia Schroeder, (CO) Chairwoman of the 1992 House Select Committee on Children, Youth and Families, said that she found that psychiatrists have implemented "a systematic plan to bilk patients of their hard-earned dollars, strip them of their dignity, and leave them worse off than they were before they went for help." And those were the patients who were not subjected to any sexual assault.
Women Sexually Abused by Psychiatrists in The USA
Currently there are twice as many female psychiatric patients as men and half of these women are on psychiatric drugs. In fact, in North America two thirds of all psychotropic drugs are prescribed to women.

In United States 660,000 people receive electric shock therapy annually. Two thirds of them are women.
Today it is this male dominated field that labels women with the "mental illness" of "premenstrual dysphoric disorder" ("dysphoric" merely means "ill feeling").As noted, a surprisingly large percentage of these men apparently used their psychiatric licenses to feed their unhealthy sexual appetites-legally.

  Psychiatric License for Abuse and Brutality
Rape is not the only brutality to come out of the field of psychiatry. American psychiatrist Walter Freeman toured the country in his "lobotomobile" hammering ice picks through the eye sockets of his patients. Once the tip reached the frontal lobes of their brains, he would slash the instrument back and forth to destroy the tissue. He described his technique as a "mercy killing of the psyche."

Any other man who brutalized someone in this fashion would be convicted of assault and battery at the least.
Freeman performed 3500 of these "treatments" without a slap on the wrist. Today the psychiatrists use scalpels or electrode implants - instead of Freeman's original ice pick - to destroy portions of the brain and cripple their patients. It's a high tech world now, but this psychiatric brutality is still medieval.

Psychiatry's neuroleptic and psychotropic drugs perform a virtual chemical lobotomy on today's patients as well under the guise of correcting a "chemical imbalance."
Carl Eliot
University of

Never has there been any evidence of a chemical imbalance in the brains of those labeled with mental disorders. There is not a valid test available to determine if a chemical imbalance even exists.

Psychiatrists themselves admit that.

Yet a multibillion dollar business exists from the pens of psychiatrists writing prescriptions for these mind numbing and personality robbing drugs to correct this nonexistent imbalance.

This is fraud far worse than anything Rep. Patricia Schroeder suspected.

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